The Do-It-Yourself Guide To Using Heart Rate Variability Testing to Track Your Stress and Nervous System Health

Published on June 21, 2013

In this BenGreenfieldFitness Phone App insider interview with Ronda Collier, the mastermind behind the SweetBeat heart rate variability testing phone app, we delve into how to use heart rate variability to track your nervous system…

…and even though I've definitely covered heart rate variability (HRV) in previous podcast episodes and articles on this website, this interview gets into some of the more advanced stuff, and the really practical ways to get the most out of your HRV testing so that you can truly know the exact status and health of your nervous system.

If you find yourself confused by some of the terms and science behind HRV training, or you want to really maximize your ability to track your stress, your recovery and your nervous system, then this episode is for you.

Topics that Ronda and I discuss include:

-What is a heart rate variability power frequency graph?

-What is a low frequency domain, what is a high frequency domain, and how do these relate to the health and function of your sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system?

-How to know if your body is rested and recovered, and how to know if you have been exposed to too much lifestyle, emotional or exercise stress.

-The ins and outs of using the online dashboard at the BeatHealthy website to track your HRV, share information with a coach and interpret your charts and stress trends.

-And much more!

You'll need the free BenGreenfieldFitness phone app to access this interview.

During the discussion, we reference using heart rate cohesion training from the Heart Math Institute, and also the breathing techniques in the book Body, Mind & Sport Book by John Douillard. We also reference Ronda's personal analysis of my own nervous system damage, which I report in this blog post on back-to-back triathlons.

So how do you begin tracking HRV? For SweetBeat HRV monitoring you need: SweetBeat phone appchest strap, and Wahoo ant+ adapter


If you have a wireless HR monitor like the Polar H7 all you need is the SweetBeat phone app, without any special adapter.

Finally, if you want more resources on HRV testing, check out the podcast episode “What Is Best Way To Track Your Heart Rate Variability” and my article “Everything You Need To Know About Heart Rate Variability Testing”.

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  1. Ben…for those of us interested in this technology and have an Apple device/iPhone is not an option, what can we do and/or use?

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