The Health Benefits Of Eating Raw Dairy, Raw Eggs, Raw Beef And Raw Chicken.

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My guest on today's show eats raw.

And I'm not talking raw kale and carrots, but rather raw meat.

She eats raw meat. A lot.

Yep, that includes raw dairy, raw eggs, raw beef and even raw chicken.

Her name is Melissa Henig, she is a health coach and nutrition enthusiast who leads what she calls a “raw lifestyle” and in her new book “Raw Paleo: The Extreme Advantages of Eating Paleo Foods in the Raw“, she makes the claim that raw foods are powerful medicine and offer a distinct health advantage over cooked foods.

During our discussion, you'll discover:

-What made Melissa start eating raw meat…[8:05]

-What a typical day of raw eating looks like for Melissa…[10:00]

-Why Melissa says our brain and nervous system need raw fat specifically…[12:30]

-How you can prepare raw chicken safely…[21:35]

-If you need to be concerned about parasites in raw meat…[24:11]

-Why Melissa says probiotics in raw meat are naturally detoxifiers…[27:00]

-Why many probiotic capsules can have some issues…[35:35]

-Whether raw meat is really higher in amino acids…[42:30]

-How raw protein may be easier to digest and does not impose a load on the kidneys…[46:00]

-Why Melissa eats a small cube of raw cheese through the day…[49:55]

-Whether the avidin in raw egg whites depletes biotin in your body…[52:45]

-Melissa's take on the idea that “cooking” is what set humans apart and allowed us to have a bigger brain and smaller gut…[41:30]

-Whether Melissa cooks *any* foods…[57:05]

-And much more!


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20 thoughts on “The Health Benefits Of Eating Raw Dairy, Raw Eggs, Raw Beef And Raw Chicken.

  1. Hey Ben, great show, have you actually tried the raw chicken yet? I find it intriguing and terrifying at the same time.

  2. Wow this podcast was very interesting. I thought shr was kind of crazy extreme and made me wonder if there was an orthorexic-tendancy. I watched on TV about this guy who only ate raw meat and the relatives were very concerned and it was like an intervention. But I remember the guy saying he felt so good, maybe that’s what attributed to his compulsion, and the other thing is that I think he only ate raw meat, nothing else. Listening to this was mind-opening though and I am excited to eat some raw eggs and see how my energy feels. I try to not cool my eggs very much anyhow. I already LOOOVE sushi, and love eating slabs of raw fish. I would be willing to try other raw meats if I was able to get it as fresh and clean as posible.

  3. That was really interesting. If you really want to get more info on Raw Meat eating, you should really go over to Randy Roach’s site. You’re familiar with Randy Roach Ben? He wrote Muscle Smoke and Mirrors, but he’s been following a Raw Meat and Dairy diet for years and has a series of episodes on his Raw diet. Some of the interesting things with his experiences have to do with bodybuilding performance

  4. Hi Ben, I’m Intrigued by what was discussed. Though there seemed to be little scientific method in the claims, I do think knowing your body, thus having a baseline to compare, can lead to true discovery. My question is, if one were to kill a chicken, are there immediate health benefits in eating the meat immediately, or must some fermentation/time take place/elapse before the most health benefits can be attained?

  5. Great article! Anyone interested in this stuff should definitely check out the book Everyday Roots. It teaches you how to replace all of the harmful chemical products in your life with organic ones. It’s completely changed my life and how I feel everyday :)

    Heres a good article about it:

  6. Hey Ben,

    Cool podcast! It was very enjoyable and thought provoking. I think it’s great when you interview someone with a unique perspective. Quick question. In the show you guys discussed mainly beef and chicken, how about other meats? I know some cultures eat raw lamb. What about pork, specifically? Also, the Maasai drink raw blood, how does your guest feel about that?

    Thank you,


  7. My gosh. I am open to try most things, but am concerned about eating raw meats without having sold science backing it up. The interview with Ms. Henig scared me because she really didn’t seem to have done her homework, and her argument was frequently “I do it and I feel great”, even at one point saying something like “I am the science”. Which of course she isn’t, not just because she is an n of one, but because she had a vested interest in giving credibility to what she wrote in the book. Which is why I don’t really know what claims are credible and what claims aren’t (e.g. I find it hard to believe that raw proteins are easier to digest, simply because the heat breaks bonds between molecules).

  8. I wonder what your own thoughts on this are, Ben? I think it’s good to look at things from the evolutionary perspective and useful to sometimes have that as a starting place, and I’m very open to different concepts or ideas but to me this did not seem quite scientific. It may very well be that there are indeed benefits to raw dairy and eggs and maybe even meat but I did think this was taking it a bit too far to me. Most of the arguments seemed pretty abstract and kind of mythological. Of course there’s nothing wrong with basing one’s food choices on personal beliefs or unproven concepts, everybody’s free to do as they wish. But to me just because our ancestor didn’t do something like take probiotics etc is not really a reason to not take one, or just because meat was eaten raw before man learned use fire doesn’t mean we should do the same. The evolutionary perspective is good, but I don’t think new innovations are always bad (in fact, I think they are most often incredible useful). Don’t mean this in a bad way, would just be interested to hear what you thought of this yourself. Did also appreciate you pointing out some things and questions that I had in mind when listening and sort of playing devil’s advocate a little bit.

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