A Big Announcement (& The Moment You’ve Been Waiting For)…

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Yes, I know I’ve been a bit of a “mystery man” lately.

For example, two weeks ago, I released this post about how I’ve come to a growing realization that in my own personal journey – over the past two decades of living in the trenches of the fitness industry – I’ve come to the conclusion that exercising and “fitness-ing”…or toeing the starting line of a race…or setting a new PR in the gym or on the track…or finally getting my body fat percentage perfectly dialed in…

…is pretty dang meaningless if I’m not happy and fulfilled with true balance among my performance, digestion, recovery, brain, sleep, hormones, family life, spiritual health and beyond.

Then, a week ago, in this post, I told you that – starting now – my own personal mission is to create and deliver to you the experience of living an adventurous, fulfilling, joyful and limitless life with distinct purpose and meaning.

And now comes the moment I know you’ve been waiting for. It's time for me to announce what it is I’ve actually created for you.

It's called “Kion”.

Yes, Kion.

And if “Ki” sounds familiar, there's a reason for that, especially if you're familiar with concepts such as Chi or Qigong.

As a matter of fact, this concept of Ki relates to the very first tattoo I ever slapped on my body. As a testosterone-infused 19-year-old college student, I wandered into a tiny tattoo parlor in a back alley in Moscow, Idaho and hired a hippie dude named Caleb to ink an enormous tribal sun tattoo across my entire right shoulder.

And in the center of that tattoo – surrounded by a swirl of intense blood red and deep blue patterns designed to represent fire and water – was a symbol: the Japanese Kanji symbol for something called “Ki”. This bad-ass tattoo was to be my life force, my energy and my body’s source of internal power –  a source of power that I’ve since tapped into for everything from the famed 72 hour Agoge Race at 38 degrees below zero in the backwoods of Vermont to a dozen of the hardest Ironman triathlons on the face of the planet to days upon days spent suffering through Navy SEAL training for civilians on the beaches of the Pacific Ocean off the coast of San Diego.

After all, Ki is dang powerful stuff.

Perhaps your only experience with the concept of Ki comes from seeing Bruce Lee ghost punch an unlucky villain in an old Hollywood flick or seeing a relaxing Qi Gong workout advertised on a gym bulletin board. But the fact is, Ki goes far, far beyond old karate movies and elderly and seemingly frail yogis and monks performing early morning, swirling and swaying hand-waving workouts at a park.

See, each of the great spiritual traditions of the ancient world recognized the existence of a fundamental life force that permeates the universe and sustains all life. The existence of this universal energy has been accepted cross-culturally and has formed the basis of every major spiritual worldview. The Egyptian priests called this energy Ka, the Indian rishis named it Prana, the Bible’s prophets referred to it as Ruah, the Greek philosophers knew it as Pneuma, the early Christians alluded to it as Spiritus, the Chinese defined it as Chi and the sages of Japan deemed it, Ki.

We steeped in modern pop culture have our own versions of Ki. We know it as “The Force” in Star Wars, “The Flow” in extreme sports and the “The Chakra” in classic Street Fighter video game lore. It is an invisible yet discernible energy that permeates every human body and powers every vital function – from mind to body to spirit. And to be a fully optimized human, you must have complete Ki, which means reaching peak performance for your mind, brain and nerves, your body, flesh and sinews and your spirit, inner being and happiness.

But for some baffling reason, our present-day health, medicine, wellness, fitness, biohacking, self-help, anti-aging, self-quantifying world has almost completely forgotten about optimizing Ki. Sure, the energy of Ki can be even more subtle than the invisible air we breathe, and perhaps that’s part of the reason why it has slipped out of our awareness. Or perhaps Ki slipped under the radar of modern knowledge because of its close association with religion and the woo-woo. If the wisest sages of the ancient world were to suddenly materialize in our contemporary society and spend a few days examining our achievements, they would most certainly marvel at our technological advances – our self-driving Teslas, our smartphones and our virtual reality headsets – yet they would be equally perplexed by our blatant ignorance about the optimization of the life force that flows through every human body and sweeps across the entire planet.

It’s high time people possessed a blueprint for tapping that power and discovered how to connect with it, nourish it, feel it, taste it and experience it for the rest of their long and fulfilled life. Ki is your go-to source for optimizing life force, achieving a plane of higher existence and realizing the full potential of the human machine in a way that becomes almost effortless – including increasing your intelligence, decoding sleep and sleep cycles, maximizing symmetry and beauty, building muscle and burning fat, having mind-blowing sex, defying aging, and acquiring true and lasting love, longevity and happiness.

Ki is the flow of energy that permeates and sustains all living beings.

Ki allows you to accomplish things that would be impossible without it.

Ki is a massive reserve of power, a great resource inside everyone.

Ki is what you tap into to live a bold and daring life. To have mental and physical strength. To have the determination to live a disciplined lifestyle.

Ki is enabling. It is energizing. By tapping into your Ki, you access the swelling potential within yourself. Ki is everything you need, inside and out, to live a bold, limitless life. To achieve every dream that you’ve ever had to your mind, your body and your spirit

So what do you think?

Are you ready to get your Ki on?

I'm about to unveil everything I've been working on behind the scenes for the past two years. Simply enter your email address below and you'll be one of the first to have access to it all.

40 thoughts on “A Big Announcement (& The Moment You’ve Been Waiting For)…

  1. linda says:

    Hi Ben,
    You may be interested to know about liyan. I think “Ki” and liyan are one and the same.
    “liyan” in the ancient indigenous culture of the Yawuru.
    The Yawuru people are the native title holders of the land in and around Broome in the West Kimberley of Western Australia.
    Indigenous Australian’s culture dates back some 65,000 years.
    Yawuru people still exercise their traditional culture.
    Mabu liyan is a Yawuru concept that means ‘strong spirit’, ‘good feeling’ and ‘positive wellbeing’.
    Connections to family and community, to the land, to culture and traditions,are all fundamental to how Yawuru feel about themselves, and their sense of a good life.
    Let me know if you would like to know more.
    gala mabu (Yawuru for thank you)

  2. Perry says:

    There is a question in relation to chi/prana I’m really interested in hearing your response to as a self-professed Christian.

    You seem comfortable to conflate the Holy Spirit with the pagan chi concept. You see some warrant from the biblical “ruah” which has as part of its semantic range the concept of breath and rush. You also seem comfortable manipulating it through yogic type practices (breathing, meditating, channeling, kundalini). However orthodox Christianity understands the Holy Spirit to be sovereign and personal, not manipulable and impersonal. To try to manipulate the Holy Spirit through yogic practices has been condemned by the bible and historic Christianity. Many Christian would say such practices run the risk of invoking Satanic influences, even if they may initially seem efficacious. How do you square all of this?

    1. I have an upcoming podcast with Toby Sumpter on this. Stay tuned! Releases soon!

  3. Mick says:

    Sounds exciting. The energy and zest you bring to new learnings coupled with the super practical application you make of them will help us make some of the spiritual more accessible.

    Looking forward to the new adventure

  4. Aleks says:

    Good luck with the new direction, Ben. Will follow your journey.

  5. robin maisel says:

    Can you clarify what we will be signing up for up for? Does this cost money?

    1. Just free, cutting-edge content and solutions as part of a new website and brand I'm creating!

      1. Michelle Silbernagel says:

        Are you hiring?

  6. Marc says:

    Looking forward to it Ben.

    KI was a really hot topic late 80’s and early 90’s. Tons of books came out during that time….

    Like other “real” things that we struggle to comprehend with our “intellect” parts of the brain….people love to dismiss what they don’t understand.

    I believe you’re on the right track and excited to follow along with you once again as you “explore” :-)

    Said it before but here goes again ” clearlight sauna best friggin gift/purchase we’ve given ourselves in our lives…… ir has literally changed our lives and our bodies”


  7. Tanya says:

    So excited

  8. Brittney says:






    James Fell JAMES FELL


    Enough with shooting coffee up the ass.

    It was as a little over two years ago. My aunt was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Her physician described this type of cancer as one that “comes as a thief in the night.” That’s because there often are no symptoms with cancer of the pancreas until it’s too late. And what the thief steals is life.

    Cancer sucks, and so does the treatment. But it doesn’t suck so bad it can’t be made worse by the cluelessly well-meaning pushing some bullshit.

    When my aunt was diagnosed, someone who will remain nameless said, “If she starts on a ketogen—“ “STOP TALKING RIGHT NOW!” I interrupted them. “Just … don’t say another word.” I knew my aunt had only a short time, and I didn’t have time for hearing bullshit cancer “cures.”

    Want to know who else doesn’t have time for them? People with cancer.

    Often, it’s an organization profiting off the desperate via selling pseudoscience. And they get free promotion from the gullible. As I was researching this piece, a friend coincidentally posted this on Facebook:

    “Do people really think that nutrition can cure terminal cancer?”

    One person, who is a real estate agent rather than an oncologist, commented: “Yes. Nutrition will prevent cancer and it will heal cancer. However the disbelief will hinder any possibility. They say you are what you think AND you are what you eat AND you are who you believe you are. Recipe is worthiness, faith, and whole foods.”

    I replied to her: “May I ask, what are your opinions on modern medical cancer treatments such as surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy?”

    Her reply? “I think that they are controlled by money and greed at the foundation of it call. The folks who pay for the Research are those who build wealth from the medications. Again, many principles would have to break down, many high paying jobs would be lost and many egos will be bruised if we just got off the medication wagon and got on the Meditaition airplane. Cancer and all diseases are signs of healing that needs to happen.”

    On that same post, a construction worker commented: “I heard detox tea does wonders.”

    Another commenter: “Cancer thrives in an acidic environment. If you are able to keep your body in an alkaline state cancer can’t grow or survive. It’s literally that simple.”

    Another realtor commented: “Most cancers are caused by a vitamin deficiency, brought on by the removal of foods in the last 100 years that are high in nitrilocides (or Vitamin B17).” This guy was pushing eating apricot seeds to prevent and cure cancer, despite the high risk of cyanide poisoning.

    I’m not going to dissect the various types of bullshit cancer cures, because a book or three can be written on this crap. Rather, I’ll state a simple fact: Pseudoscience doesn’t cure people. There is no grand conspiracy to hide the cure for cancer. The only hope people have is via scientifically proven methods, including surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy.

    Granted, none of these are fun. Sometimes they extend lives, sometimes they save lives. And when you convince a cancer patient to opt out of that which is scientifically proven and instead use a bullshit “cure,” you might as well shoot them in the head.

    Stories abound of the person who had the highly treatable form of cancer, yet opted for quackery, then got worse. By the time they made the decision to use real medicine, it was too late. The decision to use quackery killed them.

    I want to share with you the stories of two real people who have been undergoing science-based cancer treatments for years to stay alive. Despite having no interest in hearing about bullshit “cures,” they hear about them all the time. It takes a toll.

    Alexis Rhoads with her family.

    Alexis Rhoads

    Alexis was diagnosed with “triple negative” breast cancer in February 2013. It was shortly after the birth of her third son; she had just turned 34. Triple negative, Alexis told me, “is the trickiest one to treat. Triple negative has no ‘target receptors’ so has the worst prognosis,” she said.

    Alexis, who lives in San Antonio, Texas, had a full round of chemotherapy, radiation, a double mastectomy, and reconstruction. “Then they found a growth in my abdomen in May 2014. That means stage IV, or incurable/terminal cancer. They treat you with chemo as a way to extend your life.

    “I would have been dead in months if I would have gone any other route.”

    But that was three-and-a-half years ago. By not listening to woo-fuck-quackery and instead using modern medicine, she is still alive today to be with her three children and her husband.

    Yet this does not stop people from telling her to try an alternative.

    “I’ve heard them all. Gerson therapy with juicing and coffee enemas, the essential oils, ketogenic diet, vegan diet, alkaline water, no sugar (don’t you know that sugar causes cancer?!), and I’ve seen many people in our stage IV groups online go to the Oasis of Hope (an alternative cancer treatment center that uses unproven methods and charges several thousand dollars per week) in Mexico and be told how well they are doing there. But then they pass quickly.” Because of this, and to have ammunition when trying to convince others to avoid Oasis of Hope, Alexis has done a lot of online searching into patients of this “hospital,” and discovered no verifiable miracle cures. Only death.

    Alexis explained that most friends and family promoting alternative treatments come from a good place. “They are desperate to save you,” she said.

    “Trust your oncologists,” she said. “Get a good team and please get taken care of. Your family wants to see you well, please don’t make them regret supporting a treatment that is just extortion from the desperate; from those who are selling a lie.”

    Carrie LaZarre

    Carrie is currently in hospice in New York, nearing the end of her life. She was diagnosed over ten years ago, in July 2007, with colon cancer.

    “They gave me two to five years, tops,” Carrie said.

    Carrie LaZarre, visiting the Alps, summer 2017.

    She began treatment right away. Getting surgery first, followed by radiation and chemotherapy to keep her alive. She had another “groundbreaking surgery” in 2009. “It was risky and intense and 10 hours long,” she said, “But that surgery bought me seven years. Chemo was obviously a big part of staving it off too.”

    What does Carrie say about the 10 years since her diagnosis?

    “I have lived my life to the fullest. I looked forward to everything.” She traveled to places like Hawaii, Spain, and earlier this year went parasailing through the French Alps.

    When it comes to bullshit cures, Carrie has heard it all, from extreme diets to acupuncture. She also told me of a blind date she went on last year. He didn’t know she had cancer and stated he practiced “healing yoga.” Then he told her about the “healing power of sacred sound.” He told Carrie “it could cure anything.”

    “He said every disease, every sickness, could be controlled by listening to different gongs and chimes in a series of sacred and ancient patterns. if you let yourself open up to a new dimension you could heal yourself.”

    So, she told him she had cancer. “The SOB said that if I really wanted to get rid of it, I could start immediately. It made me feel really angry.” Then she felt sorry for him for lacking the ability to think rationally.

    We spoke of so-called Gerson therapy. “These creeps prey on the terminally ill or those folks scared of traditional treatment, which then pulls them away from a real chance of survival, especially if it’s early stages.”

    Carrie told me of a friend diagnosed with colon cancer who embraced alternative treatments. He went to Mexico for Gerson therapy at a price of $5,500 a week. “It focuses on massive amounts of raw vegetable juice consumption, followed by coffee enemas. And, of course, you have to buy all the supplements.”

    Her friend was initially diagnosed as stage II. A year later, having embraced alternative treatments and not using modern medicine, he was stage IV. What happened then?

    “He got his ass to an oncologist,” Carrie said, without hint of a pun. “He got the surgeries, the chemo; he said goodbye to his anus/rectum. Luckily, he not only survived, but the dude went into remission! Of course, he credited that with the initial Gerson therapy and not modern medicine.”

    Another bullshit cure is one that many people promote without even realizing it’s a bullshit cure, and the harm it does to patients dealing with cancer.

    “Tons of people talk to me about ‘positive thinking’,” Carrie said. “After a few years that one really got to me.” Some believe a positive attitude helps fight cancer, but, “No oncologist ever told me that positive thinking did squat.” She gets frustrated with constantly being told to “battle” or “fight” her cancer. After a while, with long-term cancer, “you just deal,” she said.

    Why does this language matter? In the words of a pediatric oncologist:

    Fighting/war language is not helpful when you are talking about cancer. If you set yourself up for a war with cancer and it doesn’t respond in the way you had hoped, or it relapses, then you have to talk about “giving up” or “throwing in the towel.” If a person dies, it doesn’t mean that cancer “won.” Instead, if you frame it differently from the beginning, you can allow someone to change the goals of care in a dignified and courageous manner. Source

    That source also quotes another physician who states the fighting mentality has the consequence of blaming the victim if they die, because they supposedly didn’t fight hard enough.

    Also from that source: An obstetrician who had been through cancer treatment said:

    I can tell you that I just glazed over when people said to fight. It was one of the most passive times in my life—just doing what was recommended. I needed fortitude, resolve and support…but fighting was way out of my capability…Every person experiences cancer in their own way. Insistence on “fighting” is not respectful of the patient’s right to make decisions that they choose.

    “Other than making sure that what you do adds to the quality of your life, there’s very little you can do,” Carrie said of being told to fight. “And that frustrates and scares the hell out of people. I’ve struggled with that a little. Is it battling, or is it doing the best you can? It’s how you look at it, I guess. I stopped the ‘warrior’ thing early on. It was just too exhausting. When you live with cancer for years, it’s a marathon. If you sprint, you burn yourself out.”

    Instead of telling cancer patients what they should do, listen to them; ask what you can do for them.

    Being a pusher of bullshit cancer treatments is being a thief. If they take your advice over that of real medicine, you’ve likely contributed to stealing their life. If they ignore you, you’ve still stolen their precious time.

    “I’m at the end of my life,” Carrie said, “but I’m thrilled I’ve lived this long.

    Don’t stand in the way of a cancer patient’s thrills. They may not have much time left to waste.


    1. Jim says:


      I hear what you said but why do you cut the possible solutions as mutually exclusive? Because of that you promote total Oncology solution as the only solution. That in itself is pretty arrogant.

      So general health and well being have nothing to do with successful outcomes?

      My god your diatribe involves an even more extreme and unreasonable solution to Cancer.

      Agreed that Under many circumstances Surgical, and Radiation/Chemo are life saving interventions, particularly stage 2 colon cancer. But to ignore nutrition, alternative/conjunctive treatment is as irresponsible as what you accuse.

      Concept of ready-fire-aim usually ends in disaster, If you are a health care professional I hope you re-evaluate your absolute condemnation of alternatives.

      FYI- I am not involved in any way in any alternatives, but I do have a story about a whole group of specialists pushing drugs and procedures as treatments to my long list of gut issues. Getting Gluten off the plate (2009) got rid of 100% of the issues, I dropped #100 and started full distance Ironman triathlons. If I would have listened to the white coat brigade I would have a gastric bypass, and be still on a half dozen medications. 8 years later the #100 is still off, Last 40 is coming off much more slowly, muscle mass preservation is my goal now as I near 60.

    2. Shira says:

      Hey, potty mouth–spare us your B.S.–especially such a big dump of it.

  9. Lisa says:

    Can’t wait to hear more about it!!

  10. Genia says:

    So proud of you Ben. I was recently out west and found my self talking to someone about HRV and Infrared Saunas–just 2 of the tools you introduced into my life. My new friend asked me how I knew about this stuff and I said from my hero, Ben Greenfield. And, she said “you’re kidding, I have a friend who talks to me about Ben all the time, but he calls him “my savior.” Thank you Ben for all you do and all you try to do. The quality of my life and my family’s life has been enhanced by you. You are one of the only people out there that I trust for quality and varied information. I wish you and your family everything good as you enter this next phase.

  11. Dennis says:

    I wish I had more Ki. More power and more energy. More Ki would definitely help me excel in akamai class. I am so ready to get my Ki on.

  12. Sven says:

    Hi Ben,

    Thanks for that awesome update! Sounds like great stuff is coming up and I can’t wait for it.

    Quick question: When exactly is the gratitude journal coming out? I pre-ordered but haven’t gotten any updates ever since.


    1. The Christian Gratitude Journal is now available for sale. Head to <a href="http://www.ChristianGratitude.com” target=”_blank”>www.ChristianGratitude.com to claim your copy!

      1. Sven says:

        But what if I pre-ordered? I already paid for it so I should get it delivered without any other payments, right?

        1. Yes. If you want to be sure, please email [email protected]

  13. Nick says:

    This is just an announcement that yet another announcement is coming. Either say something or dont, but please stop saying you’re going to be saying something.

    1. Stu H says:

      Nick… chill out brother. Yes, Ben made an announcement that something new was happening. And he gave us the chance to opt in. Or not. Did you enter your email address? If so, you’re obviously interested so yours was a silly comment. If you didn’t, then it doesn’t matter to you, and again, yours was a silly comment.

  14. Christine says:

    You’ve peaked my interest!

  15. michael says:

    im ready for ki!

  16. Can you give me a video review?

    and This is a really good post.Thanks For sharing.

  17. Peter Eckman says:

    I am 61 years old and have been following what you are striving to achieve (I think) with your vision of KION. My message to you is that it takes approximately one lifetime to achieve and understand the balance of life (KION). Good luck with your quest and I look forward to following it.

    I have not missed participating in at least one endurance competition for the past 45 consecutive years. I actually have raced in at least one triathlon for the last 35 consecutive years. Meaning…….theses endurance events help me get close to the perfect balance in life that I think you are calling KI.

    So I agree that great health is one of the necessary ingredients for KION.

    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  18. Gary Baddeley says:


  19. Ben Shatto says:

    Interesting stuff. Can’t wait to learn more.

  20. Click bait says:

    KI-ng of click bait.

  21. Steve Carter says:

    Thanks for the invite Ben – looking forward to it

  22. Keith says:

    Sounds interesting

  23. Chris Guest says:

    Hi Ben

    Thrilled that you are combining all the elements of ‘LIFE’ – what you research, discover and share is unique! I started listening to you 3 years ago after randomly googling ‘trialthlon training’ for my son. Since then I have devoured your podcasts and articles, taken on board advice about workouts, supplements, smoothies and mushrooms and explored more on the microbiome, light, earthing ….the list is endless :-) and felt so included when you’ve covered spiritual and mindfulness topics (although I’m not sure if you’ve embraced Reiki, Brainwave Entrainment or EFT much as yet) which is a strong element of my life! (see what you think of the work of Jeffrey Gignac who I rate as a very authentic and talented guy with a similar thirst for sharing his discoveries with people to help them to be their best selves.

    Anyway, so excited to be on this journey and very grateful to you for so generously sharing so much detailed knowledge and experience. Rock on Kion!!!

    1. Definitely a believer in the power of Reiki!

  24. Joschka says:

    Been waiting since you dropped the first hints that something is coming ;)

  25. Elan Sun Star says:


    Excellent choice. time to progress to the Source of resourcefulness

    new book and audiobook soon? Yes?

    A larger field like this adds more possibilities.


  26. Denise says:

    Lifeforce Ki sounds very interesting. I have enjoyed your podcasts of varying topics. With any change, there is apprehension. I hope you keep bringing Fitness hacks and tips to us.

    Sometimes, without support of your circle of family/friends, the “woo woo” spiritual information is hard to implement .

    1. Agreed. Thank you, Denise.

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