Recipe of the Week – Chocolate Peanut-Butter Ice Cream

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Everybody loves chocolate peanut-butter ice cream. But there is a healthy alternative.

Check out the website It is a very useful website that I mention in this week’s podcast episode. NutritionData allows you to gather nutrition labels and very specific information for every food on the planet. Here’s a screenshot of one brand of Peanut Butter ice cream:

And that’s just 170 grams, which is about 3/4 cup. Not much.

So here’s the alternative that you can do yourself at home:

1. Take 1/2 a container of plain low-fat or fat free yogurt (about 60 calories).

2. Add 1/2 a tablespoon of almond butter or peanut butter (50 calories).

3. Add a tablespoon of Hershey’s chocolate or Ovaltine OR 1/4 dark chocolate bar for added texture (50 calories).

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4. Freeze for 20 minutes and voila! Chocolate-peanut butter frozen yogurt with less than half the calories and far less saturated fat and sugar.

Enjoy your new-found dessert.

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