How I Healed My Low Back Pain Naturally: Part II

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Here's a sneak peek of the latest episode at Get-Fit-Guy.

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Here's what we have from this week's episode “How I Healed My Low Back Pain Naturally: Part II“.

In last week’s episode, I shared with you the best exercises, workouts and treatments that I used to heal the debilitating injury I had  while doing my simple morning workout of practicing jump-rope double unders. In this episode, I’ll talk about the specific gears, supplements, books and resources that I poured myself into to get me back in shape, in no time!

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2 thoughts on “How I Healed My Low Back Pain Naturally: Part II

  1. Awesome tips! I have followed some and it definitely helped alleviate by back pain. Would be following your blog from now on. Keep it up!

  2. dave says:

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