Introducing KionU: A New Coaching Certification From Ben Greenfield That Transforms You Into A Mind, Body & Spirit Expert.

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I get it.

There are a lot of certification programs out there. It seems like a new way to tack on a few alphabet letters after your last name, pick up a coaching skill, or become certified by an academy, an institute, an association or a host of other certifications popping up every day.

Heck, look at me – even I spent many years of my life making myself this fancy little alphabet soup:

“Ben Greenfield MS, CSCS, C-PT, C-ISSN”


What do all those letters mean, anyways? They mean I have a Master's degree in exercise physiology and biomechanics, a certified strength and conditioning coach certification from the National Strength & Conditioning Association, a personal trainer certification from the National Strength & Conditioning Association and a sports nutrition certification from the International Society of Sports Nutrition.

But let me fill you in on a little secret: none of my certifications or studies taught me what it truly means to achieve a whole, balanced, smoothly-operating mind, body and spirit – or how to actually teach that to others. It's only been two decades of having my nose buried in books, attending conferences, racing and working out in the trenches, cooking, guinea-pigging fringe techniques, diets, and supplements, spending thousands of hours interviewing the world's leading experts and spending an additional thousands of hours each morning immersed in the latest human science research that let me to the lion's share of the knowledge that now rolls around inside my head.

Fortunately, I eventually recognized that no matter how much alphabet soup one has after their last name, it never truly transforms into learning what you need to know to enhance your income, produce positive and lasting change in the life of others, or decode the wonderful human machine.


See, most personal training licenses, nutritionist certifications, advanced degrees or any other high-falootin' credentials tend to be single-minded and only focus on one aspect of health, such as fitness or diet or the absence of disease. Additionally, many of the online certifications out there include tons of beginner “fluff”, such as memorizing all the vitamins, minerals, and amino acids – but lack practical, in-the-trenches information. As a result, it's not uncommon for certification programs to attract people with little background in health and fitness, who really just want a couple letters to put behind their name for some credibility. And I don't know about you, but I don't really want someone working for me or working with me who paid to pass some “open-book” weekend certification.

What about you?  What about professionals who have worked their butts off to get a legitimate personal training certification or nutrition certification or dietitian degree or medical degree or physical therapist education or chiropractic degree or any other formal education, and want to take their practice to the next level?

What about the people who want to learn what they can do when the “basics” don’t work for their clients or their patients or themselves?

What if you’re looking to not just get people to a healthy baseline, but actually help them optimize every aspect of their health – including diet, fitness, sleep, hormones, gut health, relationships, sex, their environment, their longevity and even their soul purpose, fulfillment and happiness?

What if you want to be able to understand and apply everything there is to know in the wide realm of wellness optimization – including self-quantification, blood/saliva/urine/stool testing, biohacking, anti-aging, power, speed, strength, balance, mobility, gut health, cognitive function, neurotransmitter balance, hormones and a host of other parameters?

What if all this information was available in one systematized certification that incorporates every shred of knowledge I've learned over the past two decades?

That’s why I created KionU.

Introducing KionU

Now, don't get me wrong. I really do not think you can or should be working to help people optimize their bodies or brains or souls if you've never worked with people one-on-one, boots-on-the-ground, right there with them in the flesh and blood.

See, before migrating into the arena of being a speaker, an author, a podcaster, a blogger and an online coach, I spent nearly a decade in the trenches operating brick-and-mortar personal training studios, along with an exercise physiology laboratory, high-speed video camera biomechanics facility and triathlon camp business. Prior to that, I spent many summers working as a strength and conditioning assistant and managing the wellness program at the University of Idaho, completing a practicum at Duke University working with NFL athletes, teaching kids sports camps and doing anything but online work. Heck, I was fourteen years old when I began coaching tennis lessons in my local neighborhood (that's how I saved money for college).

But an online education, and even working with clients or patients virtually via the internet, is something that can and should enter the picture once you've already put or are in the process of putting in your “time in the trenches” and have attained a legitimate certification from a respected institution or rigorous online training – such a personal training certification from the NSCA, ACSM, ACE, NASM, etc., or a medical degree, or chiropractic or physical therapist training, or a registered dietitian certificate… you get the idea.

At that point, you're ready to put the icing on the cake and really take things to the next level. And that's why I created KionU.

To give you a really clear idea of why I decided to launch this all-inclusive coach certification program in which I teach you – a fitness, nutrition or medical professional – everything I know, I'm going to give you an example of what I think you really should be able to do if you're working with someone to balance and enliven their mind, body and spirit. Meet Kevin…

The Example Of Kevin

Meet Kevin.

He’s poised in front of his bathroom mirror: frowning, concentrating and flexing all at the same time as he stares at and analyzes his thirty-two-year-old body. For the past five years, he’s lived as a self-described health seeker, and has even been accused of being a “woo-woo fitness geek”. But it’s certainly been an uphill, frustrating battle of perusing random recommended books, scrolling through fitness blogs and experimenting with diets spanning low-carb, low-fat, low-gluten, low-dairy, low-lectin and definitely low-taste. Yet his body still doesn’t feel “right”.

At his desk job as a materials engineer, Kevin scrunches the glasses up his nose and squints at the computer monitor as his afternoon brain fog sets in. He’s never actually done that triathlon he keeps saying he’ll eventually do, and his gut rumbles with a mild, distracting bloat all through the day. Despite some success at hacking and upgrading his body and brain, he still feels empty, and he’s considering signing up for his eighth ayahuasca retreat so that he can keep working on finding his purpose. He's also considering opting for a ten-day Vipassana meditation, which he just heard on a health podcast is a better way to truly discover how to live the adventurous, joyful, fulfilling life he craves and hasn’t yet found.

But deep inside, Kevin wishes there was some resource that he could use to cut through all this confusion – a mentor or a coach he could follow without needing a doctorate degree in human science; a way to gain research-based information, experience and instructions that could finally help him to look, feel and perform the way he knows he can, without wasting his time or using old-school, inefficient techniques.

Enter the KionU Certified Coach.

Upon beginning to work with a KionU Certified Coach, Kevin will begin to feel and perform the way he’s always sensed that he, as a remarkable and complex human being, should be able to. He’ll find that his willpower, cognition, decision-making, and focus can all be biologically enhanced, without the need for thousands of dollars, extreme biohacks, or an advanced mind-training vacation. With a new, sharpened mind, he’ll then go on to see how simple it is to truly get the body he wants while enhancing power, speed, mobility, balance, and stamina. He’ll crack the code on optimizing hormones, fixing digestion, easily determining his unique perfect diet, and never wasting a second in the gym again. He will also learn the elusive and true happiness the world’s Blue Zones and longevity hotspots have discovered, along with exactly how to experience that same happy life for himself with simple spiritual tactics such as gratitude, love, relationships, purpose and meaning.

Ultimately, by working with a KionU Certified Coach, Kevin will have transformed himself, his body and his mind – now truly capable of stepping out the door, into the sunshine, prepared to experience the ultimate joyful, adventurous and fulfilling life.

What Makes A KionU Certified Coach Different

So what makes a KionU Certified Coach so uniquely capable of being able to help Kevin, or anyone else, experience what it's like to look, feel and perform like a truly whole and balanced human being?

What makes KionU unique – and what other coaching and certification programs are lacking – is the full spectrum of detailed instruction on everything from the nitty gritty biochemistry, biomechanics and physiology of fitness, to spirituality and longevity, to business advice and income enhancement, to behavior modification and psychology, and beyond – all presented in an immediately practical and applicable way that takes into account all different learning styles. KionU's one-of-a-kind curriculum includes:

-How to personalize diet and supplement regimens for any client or patient…

-How to motivate and create lasting behavior change in clients…

-A scalable, systematic approach to helping people…

-In-the-trenches advice on building a massively successful health, fitness and wellness business, including marketing, growing an audience and beyond…

-Real-world, detailed case studies and applications, including quantification and testing of all health parameters that affect your clients and patients…

-Full, detailed instruction on performance, longevity, recovery, fat loss, digestion, brain, sleep, hormone optimization and more…

-An emphasis on the importance of spiritual growth, the health of the soul, happiness and purpose, rather than the relentless pursuit of six-pack abs, a top WOD time or the finish line of a race…

-And much more!

In summary, a KionU Certified Coach is fully equipped to ultimately teach and empower their clients and patients to be able to optimize their mind, body and spirit, but to do it in a personalized way that is sustainable for anyone to maintain. KionU graduates will be able to help people “put the pieces together” from one single program, rather than having to single-handedly search the globe for information, or brave the expense and hassle of hiring multiple coaches. KionU Coaches will be able to look at every person individually, identify the holes in their physical, mental, and spiritual health, and equip them with everything they need to address those gaps – whether it's through optimizing their sleep, tweaking their diet, dealing with gut issues, mending relationships, finding their soul purpose, changing up their fitness routine, or addressing the host of other human parameters addressed in the KionU certification program.

In other words, KionU is a world-class personalized coaching certification in mind, body, and spirit optimization.

How KionU Works

Over the course of the 20-week KionU certification process, students will be engaged in weekly lessons delivered live by me (Ben Greenfield) in an approachable and relevant way that can be instantly and practically applied to real-life scenarios for themselves or their clients.

KionU Coaches will get exclusive content on dozens of mind, body and spirit topics, many hours' worth of additional resources that include instruction of blogging, podcasting, building an audience and income enhancement, along with monthly Q&A's, masterminds, and a private KionU community group

In addition, coaches will receive access to full use of the Kion logo, super-affiliate status for Kion products and steep wholesale discounts, the ability to receive clients directly from Kion’s coaching funnel (meaning we generate business for you and refer clients to you), continued educational modules presented by me and other experts, and everything else necessary to not only effect lasting change in the lives of patients and clients, but also massively enhance their income and business platform while still having ample time for friends, family, hobbies, social life, other business pursuits, fitness goals and everything else they need to live a joyful, fulfilling life themselves!

Who Is KionU For?

KionU is catered to and designed for health and fitness professionals who already hold a current certification or level of licensure, and have a basic understanding of health, fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle fundamentals. This includes, but is not limited to, personal trainers, nutritionists, RD's, MD's, ND's, chiropractic doctors and physical therapists. It's a course specifically developed for individuals that want to take their practice or business to the next level and discover research-based solutions for whole-human optimization that incorporate both ancestral wisdom and modern science.

This program provides every last shred of the training and resources necessary for becoming an all-encompassing, holistic health and wellness coach with the ability to assess and optimize all aspects of people's lives and guide them to their full potential – whether that's completing an Ironman triathlon, shedding a few pounds, becoming a biohacker, deciphering their supplement drawer, fixing their gut, or simply living a long, joyful life.

The science-based, cutting-edge modules – a collection of all the knowledge I've amassed over the past two decades and worked with a professional education team to transform into a done-for-you curriculum – provide a foundation of knowledge on all aspects of the mind, body, and spirit, helping coaches build a purposeful and successful coaching practice that truly changes lives.

But the information and education in this program go beyond simply learning exactly how the human machine works and how to fix it. I also share my content-creation, podcasting, blogging, business-building and other income-enhancing secrets that can help take a humble bank account to the next level. KionU Coaches will learn all the modern strategies they don't teach you in business school, medical school, or in an average health certification program, that can be applied to an online business, a brick-and-mortar empire, or both.

In other words, KionU is right for you if:

  • You're a skilled health professional who has a desire to go deeper and be that person folks come to when “nothing else is working” to move the dial on their fitness and health.
  • You’re successful in your field and have the basics down, but you want to know how to help your clients realize their full potential. You want to be able to motivate others to create lasting behavior change and achieve lifelong health.
  • You realize the importance of personalized health advice, and you understand that there’s no one-size-fits-all answer to health. You’re looking for non-dogmatic, science-based information that will help you tailor your approach for each unique individual that walks in your door or contacts you online.
  • You're a specialist in the health arena who wants a well-rounded education that your fitness, nutrition, or medical certification didn't give you. You have a realization that there’s more to health than just exercise and diet. In other words, you want to learn how to help others in all realms of human optimization, incorporating mind, body, and spirit.

As a KionU Certified Coach, you will understand how to redefine human health, performance and longevity as a combination of mental, physical, and spiritual optimization, and become fully equipped to achieve that for you and your clients or patients.

You'll discover how to combine ancient wisdom with modern science to empower others to achieve a limitless life. You'll discover how to teach others to access their inner Ki – and get everything they need, inside and out, to live a joyful, fulfilling and adventurous life. You'll build a successful and purposeful coaching practice that truly changes lives. You'll get the skills to help anyone achieve optimal health – no matter where they’re starting.

People need clear, science-based, no-BS health information now more than ever, and you'll be poised as a KionU Certified Coach to truly change lives in a way that goes far beyond simply burning calories, taking probiotics or tweaking macros. You'll be a complete and total expert in all aspects of health, performance and longevity. My goal is to equip and empower you via this program to be able to do exactly what I do day-in and day-out in my personal business.

Ultimately, KionU is unlike any other certification available. You’ll learn to personalize each client’s diet, exercise routine, sleep schedule, and lifestyle based on their unique genetics, activity levels, and lab biomarkers – helping them reach their full potential in life.

How To Apply To Become A KionU Coach

Not everyone can become a KionU Certified Coach. As mentioned above, you must be a certified health professional, such as a personal trainer, nutritionist, registered dietitian, physician, chiropractic doctor, physical therapist, etc. (some exceptions may apply).

If that defines you, then you are eligible to join the Charter Launch of KionU here, which begins July 25th, 2018. The application process is opening soon, but slots will fill up quickly, and we are only accepting a small number of applicants into the first graduating class. For more information, enter your email below or click here to go to the official KionU website and fill out the form there.

Leave your questions below, and I promise to reply. In the meantime, you can click here for even more information on the Charter Launch of KionU, and to become one of the world's first-ever KionU Certified Coaches!

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19 thoughts on “Introducing KionU: A New Coaching Certification From Ben Greenfield That Transforms You Into A Mind, Body & Spirit Expert.

  1. Asher Eichert says:

    When will the next KionU course begin?

    1. Hi Asher. Please reach out to the Kion team directly: support (at)… thanks!

  2. Heidi Jorgensen Begeot says:

    Will there be a KionU in 2021? If so, what are the dates?

  3. Jon Meuret says:

    Hello Ben. My current goal is to provide health coaching adjunctly with endurance/strength training for masters athletes. I have been competing for 25 years in just about every endurance sport out there, but feel that adding this discipline would greatly improve my clients athletic performance and over all health. I have a B.S. in Biology with minors in Chemistry and Medical Parasitology. I also hold a D.D.S. and practiced for 15 years. After this I obtained an Enology certificate from WSU and owned a vineyard and winery in Walla Walla, WA for over a decade, but recently sold those entities. I know the NBT folks and was given a few suggestions. Yours was one of them to check out. After stewing over what health coaching program to take and yours seems to tick all the boxes. When will your program become available again. I look forward to hearing from.

    1. We're looking to relaunch in early 2020. Stay tuned for updates!

      1. Jon Meuret says:

        Thanks for the reply Ben! Till then I will continue listening to podcasts and getting through your books. Really looking forward to your next one. Keep it coming!

  4. Rose says:

    Hi Ben,

    I have been following you for awhile and have bought some products you have recommended such as blue light blockers, emf protectors for the bed. I have another brand of supplements that I am very happy with.

    Is it required to exclusively recommend Kion supplements and products as a Kion Certified coach?

    Thank you,


    1. It is not required, but it's encouraged :)

  5. Ben says:

    Want to grow and learn more.

    At 55 my health and abilities are doing well.

    Most of my clients are searching for optimal health,

    I want to give it to them.

    Can this be the fulcrum ?

  6. Karan says:

    Hi ben ,

    Saw your course. Id love to join but 5k is not an affordable amount for me at the moment. Later after 3-5 montha id be cool dishing out the dough. You said it a ‘live course’ so would the course only happen from july to December and people need to apply now? Or can we apply like a few months down the line and start watching prerecored videos from the older online class you did ? I mean if i started in october and finished march next year. Hope i made sense..

    1. There will be one course this year. If you can't sign up for this one, there will be another the following year.

  7. Tiffany says:


    I am a USAT Certified coach, I have been studying nutrition, mindfulness, training theories, and many other topics related to coaching, training and health as it relates to endurance sports and fitting life in with the desires of the heart. I have been digesting the information you put out there and using Kion supplements since before Kion’s existance. Other than my USAT cert I am not certified but I do work boots on the ground starting up my coaching company. I am very interested in your course as I feel it meets a lot of the criteria I have been searching for, with all info in one place. Am I too new to the field, not having any “real” letters behind my name, or is the course something that I would “qualify” for? Thanks so much. Love what you do!

    1. Tiffany, it couldn't hurt to submit an application!

  8. Nick Ortego says:

    How is this program compared with your previous Superhuman Coach program? I completed that one and it really upped my ability to help my clients optimize their lifestyle outside of training sessions. I’m interested in this one.
    Thanks for all you do.

  9. Jaime says:

    Do you consider a B.S. in nursing a health professional?

    1. Absolutely! Sign up for more information and apply once the application process opens.

  10. Simone says:

    Hi Ben. You have my attention re your new UKion coaching program. Unfortunately I am not a person who fits into the categories you mention. I am a health & fitness enthusiast who has followed you for a couple of years & have adopted many of your suggestions /recommendations such as purchasing an infra red sauna, intermittent fasting (ocassionally), using Kion supplements, Kion Coffee, etc so you could say I’m a massive fan. I do competitive bodybuilding (figure category) & am a full time police officer. I crave the knowledge you provide for a health filled life. I am not on Facebook. Is there an alternative option for us non-personal trainers, etc to access your course or are numbers going to be too tight which I totally understand?

    1. Simone, definitely still check out the opt-in page and enter your email address to get more information. You can certainly still apply when the applications open as we might be making some exceptions for certain individuals. Thanks for your interest!

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