NuCalm Performance Package

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NuCalm lets me get a 20-minute intense period of relaxation even when I can’t nap. I use nearly every day, particularly during travel and on airplanes. It includes an app with “music” – which is actually neuroacoustic software that delivers frequencies to your brain which take you down to theta brain wavelength.


NuCalm is a safe, proven neuroscience technology that quickly relaxes you without using narcotics or controlled substances. NuCalm naturally brings your body to the pre-sleep states characterized by deep relaxation and idleness. NuCalm leverages biochemistry, neurophysiology, and physics to suspend the mind and body in parasympathetic nervous system dominance – the only state that allows your body to recover, heal, and rebuild.


The NuCalm is a next-level cranial electrotherapy stimulation device that uses both a cream and mild stimulation to help your brain interrupt the adrenaline and cortisol release by mimicking what naturally occurs in your brain right before you sleep.

The Performance Package includes:

  • Lifetime subscription to the NuCalm neuroacoustic software library
  • NuCalm Microcurrent Stimulations Device (CES) – Blue
  • Pin Lead Wires for NuCalm CES
  • Pack of NuCalm Neuropatches – 20 pack (100 uses)
  • Bottle of NuCalm Essential Calming Cream (100 applications)
  • 2 Rechargeable 9-Volt batteries for the CES
  • 9-Volt battery Charging Station
  • NuCalm Premium Personal Eye Mask
  • NuCalm Machine Washable Eye Mask for Sharing
  • NuCalm Performance Travel Bag
  • NuCalm Overview – Trifold Pamphlet
  • NuCalm App Getting Started Card

NuCalm is a patented, all natural meditation inspired technology, clinically proven to manage stress and fatigue.