EmPack Weighted Backpack – Portable, Convenient Exercise When You Travel

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The EmPack is the first and only backpack ever designed that doubles as a weight training pack!

The unique, built-in reservoirs and portable, water-fillable weights included with the pack allow you to add weight and incorporate this pack into your daily workout routine, your airport travel exercise, or any workout you may do in your backyard, basement, park or wherever else you want your backpack to double as convenient workout equipment.

The portable reservoirs make this perfect for travel. These reservoirs can be filled with sand or water! You can fill them in your hotel bathtub or sink, the ocean, or in your garage. This replaces the need for constant upgrades in your equipment, and as you get stronger, you can simply add more water and more reservoirs!

In addition, the military-grade durability of the EmPack allows it to withstand serious wear and tear, including the most rigorous travel and weather. The EmPack is all about freeing your fitness so you can workout on your terms: get strong anywhere you are and never get stuck with a bad hotel gym again!

Multiple features make this pack the the ultimate travel and lifestyle bag, including:

– Durable backpack straps that are not only comfortable and sturdy, but removable for when you are ready to turn this backpack into the ultimate training pack.

– An easy access front pocket that is just as convenient as a fanny pack.

– A laptop sleeve.

– An extremely spacious main compartment for clothes, books, or a weekend out of town.

This “regular” backpack quickly transforms into an amazing training pack. It includes 6 handles to allow for endless training possibilities, with the two most used handles made with sturdy tubing for optimal holding.

There is a separate sleeve directly behind the laptop sleeve for when using the included water bladder to keep in a stable position without compromising the affects of training with an unstable load. There is total capacity in this pack for four water reservoirs at 15 pounds each, for a total training weight of 60 pounds. If you decide to use sand instead of water (e.g. you're at the beach, on vacation, and you want to squeeze in a workout), each reservoir holds 21 pounds, for a total weight of 84 pounds! These reservoirs are extremely compact for when not in use, making them easy for travel and to take wherever you go.

The military grade material makes your pack throwable, droppable, and life-proof, making the EmPack perfect for everything from airport rows and swings to park squats and lunges to backyard overhead presses and beyond! You can now get fit easily – anytime and anyplace.

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