FlexPulse PEMF Therapy Device

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Price: $1,290
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Recover faster, think clearer, feel better!

FlexPulse™ allows true regeneration to take place without side effects. Pulsating magnetic frequencies help your mind and body recover and rejuvenate faster! As a magnetic brain stimulation device, FlexPulse PEMF enhances mental wellness & sharpness.

The FlexPulse™ is unique from other PEMF systems because it was developed based on more than 15 years of stem cell research, alongside decades of brainwave entrainment research. By increasing our body’s production of stem cells, the FlexPulse™ allows for true regeneration to take place, safely, naturally, and without side effects. Specially selected brainwave entrainment frequencies mimic the patterns of the brain to help you become alert or feel relaxed, based on your needs at the time.

PEMF therapy using a FlexPulse PEMF device is the most comfortable and easiest way to detox as well as experience cellular regeneration life-long.

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