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Barefoot and Buck Naked: The Lost Healing Power

Since the dawn of time, all the footed creatures of the Earth ran around barefoot all day and slept buck naked on the Earth at night. Well, for you literal readers out there, nocturnal creatures ran around barefoot at night and slept buck naked during the day — but you get the point.

While we were still following this wise practice, we could outrun any animal on the planet and possibly even leap a tall building in a single bound — but since there weren’t any tall buildings back then, we don’t know for sure (Don’t believe it? Check out Weston Price’s accounts of indigenous people published in 1939).

Then someone had the great idea to create the shoe — which eventually led to the creation of the HIGH-PERFORMANCE shoe with a cushy, synthetic rubber sole that insulated us from our ‘skin-to-skin’ connection with Mother Earth.

That “high performance” shoe has rendered us sick, weak, unable to sleep, and riddled with pain and inflammation.

Then — one day — a guy had an ah-ha moment while sitting on a bus stop bench that caused him to realize that what he had thought had been a string of seemingly unrelated events weren’t actually unrelated after all. In fact, they were quite interconnected and synchronistic. This realization led to the revelation of the concept of grounding.

That was over 20 years ago. Today, grounding for health (also referred to as “earthing”) has become a massive international movement — causing people to shed their shoes and reconnect electrically to the surface of the Earth — and many have called it The Greatest Health Discovery of all time.

If you don't do anything else, watch this 15-minute documentary short film for a quick overview of the fascinating discovery and impressive science behind grounding.

So… what the heck is grounding and why is it important?

The surface of the Earth is negatively charged, which means it holds a vast, seemingly infinite supply of free electrons. When you’re in contact with the Earth, you absorb these free electrons through your skin. Scientifically, you are actually equalizing your electrical potential with the earth, which means if you’re electron-deficient, you’ll be soaking up electrons through your skin when you connect to the surface of the earth.

Wondering if you could be electron deficient? If you live in a modern culture, chances are you’re electron deficient.

What happens when you soak up negatively charged electrons?

The electrons…

  • Act as powerful antioxidants that neutralize free radical damage, which wipes out inflammation, reduces pain and stiffness, and much more. Medical science now recognizes that all disease is caused by inflammation (typically chronic, long-term inflammation).
  • Return the body to its correct, healthy (native) charge. This improves blood viscosity (eliminating sticky blood), which in turn increases circulation and blood flow, by increasing zeta potential.

The negative electrons you absorb negatively charge your blood cells. When your blood cells all become negatively charged (like they are meant to be) they electrically repel each other — so they no longer clump together.

That’s why people who are on blood thinners need to monitor their blood viscosity when they routinely ground, because over time they will need less blood thinning medication and will eventually no longer need blood-thinning medication at all. This is also the case for people who take blood pressure medication, because lowering inflammation of the vascular system lowers blood pressure at the same time.

Being disconnected from the earth has devastating effects…

You can see that by being “disconnected” our bodies have become riddled with inflammation and our native electrical state has been seriously compromised.

Now that we’ve covered two of the basic underlying benefits of grounding, let’s see what over 20 peer-reviewed studies tell us grounding can do.

Over 20 peer-reviewed research studies have been published on the health benefits of grounding.

The results have shown significant improvements in…

inflammation, pain, stiffness, circulation, blood pressure, blood viscosity, HRV, vagal tone, cortisol, stress, depression, anxiety, tiredness, fatigue, energy, mood, blood glucose, immunity, sleep, thyroid function, metabolism, serum electrolytes, wound healing, athletic performance and recovery, and more.

Plus, there have been anecdotal reports of improvements in…

autism, Parkinson’s, MS, PTSD, autoimmune conditions, bone density and osteoporosis, and pet health, just to name a few.

BTW: If you don’t see your issue listed above, don’t be disheartened. There are many factors that have not been scientifically studied, yet. Remember, inflammation plays an enormous role in just about every health issue that exists, so there’s a good chance grounding can be of benefit to you, too.

Check out this woman’s inflammation reduction shown in her before and after thermography images…

To dig in deep, view study summaries and full versions of the research here.

So what’s the best way to get started?

Now, of course you could get these results if you spent your life barefoot in nature and slept naked in the dirt, but let’s face it — most people aren’t going to do that. But the good news is… all of the research that’s validated the benefits of grounding has been conducted using indoor grounding devices, which you can easily and conveniently use while you’re sleeping and working indoors.

Not all indoor grounding products are created equally though.

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