kyBounder Mat (standing desk mat that burns calories all day long)

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The kyBounder is a springy, soft and supple standing mat designed for daily use. It's reactive material allows your foot to sink in deep…

…and then the mat gently springs right back to its original position – creating a unique floating sensation that is like an active memory foam for your feet. Because of this unique action, the kyBounder encourages your body to constantly make tiny muscular adjustments and movements in your feet, core and hip muscles in order to maintain balance and posture. This rebounding effect also causes these muscles to tense and then relax, burning calories and exercising the muscles in your feet, legs and core all day long.

When you use a kyBounder at a standing desk, it improves your balance, coordination and all-round core fitness, all without taking up any extra time at all. The kyBounder comes in Standard and Plus sizes.

The kyBounder Plus is slightly large and more versatile, as it is water-repellent and can be used while wearing shoes, making it ideal for the bathroom, kitchen or where it is most popular – workbenches, counters in shops, post offices and banks. The Plus is the exact mat that Ben Greenfield personally uses at his standing workstation, and features in his video “How Should You Stand At A Standing Desk“.

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