Blue Light Blocking Glasses

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Artificial blue light tricks your brain into believing it’s still daytime and that you should be awake not asleep. This is harmful for many reasons.

Healthy sleep is needed to recharge and repair our mitochondria, the powerhouse in each cell. Evidence has shown that poor sleep and mitochondria dysfunction leads to many health issues such as cancer, Alzheimer’s, obesity, diabetes, autism, autoimmune diseases, depression, and others. Staring at a digital screen strains the eyes, leading to blurry vision, headaches, and difficulty focusing

Ra Optic Blue Light Blocking Glasses were created to help you limit your exposure to harmful blue light.  These lenses specifically target the harmful frequencies emitted by phones, computers, screens and LED lights.

Technology for both day and night.
The most important function of Blue Light Blocking Glasses is to protect our sleep. Ra offers separate glasses for day and night use:

    • Ra's Blue Light Blocking Day Lenses are worn during the day to protect your eyes and uplift your mood. They block all of the most harmful blue light emitted by LED lights and digital screens.
    • Ra Optics Blue Light Blocking Night Lenses help preserve your body’s circadian rhythm and protect melatonin production so you can sleep well, helping you maintain peak performance.

Fashion and Function.
Ra Optics was founded on the belief that you shouldn’t have to sacrifice style for results. They put the most effective lens technology into the most attractive frame styles to date. All Ra frames are made from top quality materials, including ultra-lightweight TR90 and plant-based cellulose acetate.

Ben Greenfield - Ra Optics“You've no doubt heard the news that blue light exposure (especially at night) is now up there with cigarette smoking, sitting for long periods of time, and constant airline travel when it comes to increasing your risk of chronic disease. Scientists worldwide are now warning of the dangers of night-time exposure to artificial, blue light. Ra Optics, is hands down, the BEST blue light protection eyewear I've found.” — Ben

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