Qualia Nootropic (The “God Pill” For Mental Performance, Brain Growth & Cognitive Enhancement)

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When it comes to popping pills and using biohacks and self-quantification to make your body and brain smarter, research has indeed proliferated. There is a dizzying plethora of scientific findings focused on individual neurotransmitters, mechanisms, parts of the neurotransmission cycle, cell walls, receptor sites, brain/blood flow, and hundreds of other isolated variables.

In other words, there are lots of parts and plenty of “findings” and “mechanisms.” But to date, there exists no prevailing meta-theory of the complex interactions that make up the whole of cognitive enhancement. Many various disconnected insights have so far fallen short of addressing the complex dynamics of all the interacting parts. For this reason, most nootropic, smart drug, and brain biohacking products are developed to narrowly optimize one aspect of cognitive capability, only to have unexpected drawbacks, deleterious side effects, and impacts on other areas.

By performing a principled meta-analysis and synthesis of existing research, the folks at Neurohacker Collective have cracked the code when it comes to understanding the complex dynamics and emergent homeostatic relationships within the brain, and from those insights they have yielded a truly advanced complex meta-theory of cognitive enhancement, and one mighty pill combo called “Qualia Mind” that combines all the most effective and research-proven brain-enhancing compounds known to humankind.

In his groundbreaking article on Qualia, Ben Greenfield calls this new nootropic “The God Pill”, and in his interview with the creator and designer at “42 Different Ways To Build A Better Brain, The Problem With Modern Smart Drugs, Hacking Your Neurons & More“, Ben takes a deep audio dive on the exact components of this extremely unique brain-building and cognitive performance-enhancing compound.

Each ingredient included in Qualia Mind is based on a whole system design methodology. This means that Daniel and the team at Neurohacker Collective have taken singular care to understand the specific effects of 28 different ingredients and how they combine with each other to affect the mind, brain, and body interface.

They pulled this off by engaging in a rigorous examination of something called “neuropsychopharmacology“, an interdisciplinary science that combines psychopharmacology (which is the study of how chemicals affect the mind) and neuroscience (which is the study of the neural mechanisms that chemicals act upon to influence behavior).

They then performed a comprehensive analysis of neuroscience research to determine the underlying regulatory hardware responsible for mediating the desired subjective and performative effects they wanted to get out of a pill. Along the way, their goal stayed constant: to magnify all normal and healthy physiologic pathways and processes, with the goal of evolving a more robust and complex neural network and regulatory system functioning.

The end result was 28 different ingredients split into 7 different categories, and below you will find a full list of Qualia Mind's ingredients and categories. You can click here for very intense, nitty-gritty details about why they included these specific compounds in this stack and to read more of the research behind the formulation.

Category 1: Nootropic Compounds.

Psychoactive and neuroactive chemicals that play key roles in modulating receptor sites, synaptic enzymes, membrane structures, cerebral perfusion, biogenic processes, neuroendocrine regulation and more.

Category 2: Choline Donors.

Active forms of choline donors that work through different pathways in the peripheral and central nervous system to support acetylcholine levels, along with the other synergistically stacked cholinergics (acetyl donors, acetylcholinesterase inhibitors, racetamic compounds, etc.)

Category 3: Amino Acids

The building blocks for key neurotransmitters and hormones, and agents that are part of the processes of cellular energy production, osmoregulation, signaling, antioxidation, neurogenesis, and neuroprotection.

Category 4: Neuro-Vitamins

Key limiting factor vitamins in specific activated forms required for major neuroregulatory and neurodevelopmental processes.

Category 5: Adaptogen Extracts

Herbal adaptogens are concentrating active compounds while maintaining complex synergistic co-factors – supporting adrenal/HPA regulation, long-term potentiation, AMPK activation, neurogenesis, catecholamine production, tissue regeneration, and many regulatory functions.

Category 6: Neuro-Minerals

Limiting factor minerals required for major neurochemical regulatory processes in forms that are bioavailable and can cross the blood-brain barrier.

Category 7: Neuro-Anti-inflammatories and Antioxidants

Synergist compounds that support nutrient transport and utilization, cytokine and eicosanoid modulation, neurotrophin factors, redox reactions, cholesterol regulation, and much more.


And lest you think these raw ingredients are sourced from out-dated, giant wooden bins in China where they're getting sprayed with ethylene oxide and other preservatives, then take heart.

These folks are using, for lack of a better phrase, high quality s&*t.

For example, all the Qualia ingredients are chosen based on the strong empirical basis of their safety and efficacy. They take into account several kinds of research: Phase II & III university and clinical trials, quantified self-research data, and over 40+ years international research on nootropic stack formulation.

All the ingredients are tested for heavy metals, mycotoxins, pesticides, and other forms of environmental toxin, and ensured to be at levels far lower than FDA's cGMP requirements. No silica, magnesium stearate, animal, or toxic binders or fillers are used.

They use only high-quality raw ingredients, many of which come from patented sources and are considered “best in class” in the supplements industry. (e.g. BioPerine piperine, pTeroPure pterostilbene, etc.)

They concentrate each ingredient to the highest potency and bioavailability currently commercially possible, and all their herbs and botanicals are standardized for potency and purity of active ingredients. Every single ingredient that Neurohacker Collective uses arrives from a supplier with a Certificate of Analysis (CoA) ensuring its purity and potency. Then they go a step further and batch test every ingredient coming in by using the most advanced chromatography and spectrometry in the industry.

All their nutraceuticals are in the most biologically active form for the purpose intended (i.e. methylated, acetylated, phosphorylated, L-form, D-form, etc), and they also have a research & development lab where they produce and test dozens of iterations of their nootropic formulations. They have had over 2 years of internal testing demonstrating safety and efficacy, and have consulted dozens of doctors, researchers, and formulators in the development of Qualia.

  • Yes, it's vegan.
  • And gluten-free, lest you not want bread with your smart drugs.
  • Non-GMO? Check.
  • No artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners.
  • Hydroxypropylmethylcellulose (HPMC) vegetarian capsules. Fancy word for fiber, basically.

If you've seen the surreal smart-drug movies such as “Limitless” or “Lucy” you probably have a sense of what may one day be possible, at least if you your friend gives you a secret drug while you're facing unemployment and a girlfriend's rejection, or you're being captured by Japanese terrorists. Qualia isn't quite like what you see in these thrilling movies, but its the closest thing to a “magic pill” movie experience that's out there. Which is especially impressive considering that it is legal. And readily purchasable.

A God pill?

Mmm…that's a bit too potentially blasphemous and offensive for us to label it as such.

But a “magic” pill?

We'll take it.

And now you can too.

Finally, should you be a soccer mom or college student or bartender scratching your head about whether this is something that no folks other than professional athletes or hard-charging CEOs or insane biohackers would ever take, then please know that Qualia is not just some “natural” Modafinil or Adderall alternative for fringe rich people or self-quantifying guinea pigs. Scientists, artists, creators, entrepreneurs, activists, parents, and students of every kind are now using this stuff. Qualia is designed for anyone who wants to do meaningful things with their life, have deep and profound experiences, and fully optimize their capability towards those goals, even if it means lucid dreaming, late night sex sessions, and achieving zero e-mails in your inbox at an unfair rate of speed.

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