My New #1 Hack For Zapping Inflammation, Increasing Deep Sleep & Recovering Faster – Earthing (The Most Important Health Discovery Ever?)

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I recently read the book Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever! (and my twin boys also watched the accompanying documentary “THE EARTHING MOVIE“).

Although I already knew about the importance of having an intimate connection with the planet we live upon, this book blew my mind when it comes to identifying one of the best solutions for chronic inflammation, better sleep, enhanced deep sleep, and much more. Since reading it, I've been traveling everywhere with my grounding sleeping mat, wearing my Earth runners every day, and my boys have barely even touched their shoes. In the book, author Clint Ober introduces the planet's powerful, amazing, and overlooked natural healing energy and how people anywhere can readily connect to it. This never-before-told story—filled with fascinating research and real-life testimonials—chronicles a discovery with the potential to create a global health revolution.

So obviously, I had to get Clint on the show!

Clint Ober is the innovator behind the Grounding Movement & CEO of Earth FX Inc., a research and development company located in Palm Springs, California. A series of seemingly unrelated synchronistic events dating back to his early childhood led to a groundbreaking discovery that’s being recognized as the greatest health discovery of all time.

Grounding has now become a massive international movement—causing people to shed their shoes and reconnect electrically to the surface of the Earth.

Clint first learned about grounding when installing cable TV systems in Billings, Montana in the early 1960s. A decade later, he formed Telecrafter Corporation and built it into the largest provider of cable installation services in the United States. This company specialized in the proper grounding of cable installations for safety and TV signal stability.

In the 1980s, he turned his attention to the developing computer industry and partnered with McGraw-Hill to distribute live digital news services, via cable, to PCs. This led to the development of the first cable modem and an increased awareness of the need for proper system grounding.

Following a health challenge in 1995, Clint retired and embarked on a personal journey looking for a higher purpose in life. During his travels, he noticed people wearing plastic and rubber-soled shoes that insulate the body from Earth. He wondered if no longer being naturally grounded could affect us. The question led to an experiment that suggested grounding alone reduced chronic pain and improved sleep.

Thereafter, he developed a working hypothesis: Grounding the human body to the Earth normalizes the functioning of all of the body’s systems ​—​ the body utilizes the earth’s electrical potential and free electrons to maintain its internal electrical stability, normalizing all of its self-regulating and self-healing systems. Over the past twenty years, he has supported over 20 research studies* that collectively demonstrate that grounding reduces inflammation and promotes normal functioning of all body systems.

During our discussion, you'll discover:

-How a near-death experience led to Clint's interest in earthing…6:10

  • Clint grew up in rural Montana; childhood friends were Native Americans
  • “If the pasture is pristine, the cows will be healthy”
  • Grew up with a prevention mentality: look at the cause, not the symptoms
  • Spent 30 years in the communications industry
  • Near-death experience involving an infected liver after a root canal
    • “The next time I die, I wanted my life to be worth more”
    • “Be the opposite charge”
    • “Status quo is the enemy”

-Why a roll of duct tape proved to be the catalyst to Clint's most important discovery…19:40

  • While living in Sedona, AZ, experienced problems with computer crashing; identified static electricity as the problem
  • Intuitive question: Are modern shoes preventing us from grounding with the earth?
  • Began testing the charge in the earth with a volt meter
  • Grounded himself to the earth via metal tape;
    • Static reading on his body went to zero
    • Slept the night without moving (was typically in a lot of pain)
    • Friends reported reduced pain, lowered arthritis

-The early days of Clint's clinical research on grounding the body with the Earth…25:45

  • There was very little research on how grounding with the earth reduces pain and improves sleep
  • Two doctoral students at UCLA helped him design the study
    • 60 participants: 30 grounded, 30 ungrounded
    • Positive results on the participants who were grounded
    • Similar results among those exposed to EMF and not exposed to EMF
  • An anesthesiologist in San Diego was willing to help with the research; he was interested in saliva cortisol levels in patients
    • Cortisol levels went from erratic to synchronized after grounding
    • At 4 am, cortisol spikes until 6 am
    • Everyone's cortisol went up beginning at 4 am (with no other environmental cues)

-What is going on in the body when a person is grounded with the Earth…34:00

  • Dr. Stephen Sinatra
    • “When you're reducing pain, you're reducing inflammation”
  • Led to a different understanding of inflammation
    • Inflammation is caused by neutrophils: encapsulates damaged cell and releases reactive oxygen
    • Reactive: short on electrons
  • We're no longer naturally grounded with the Earth since the advent of plastic-soled shoes in the 1960s
  • When you stand barefoot on the ground, the Earth is negative 20-50 millivolts
  • The Earth has negative ions from lightning, the sun
    • Noon is the high point for the sun exciting the electrons on the earth
    • Imbalance in charge beginning 2 pm (constant lightning)
    • You'll feel the effects of lightning from far away locales
    • The air feels amazing after a thunderstorm because of the negative charge in the atmosphere
  • If the body has a negative surface charge, you can't have charge in a grounded object
  • Clint and Dr. Sinatra's study had the following results (via grounding):
    • Reduced rouleaux formation in blood cells
    • Increased negative surface charge of red blood cells by a factor of 2.7
  • Face and skin color turns pink after being grounded for 20-30 minutes

-What our ancestors understood about earthing and grounding…54:00

  • One of the healing methods for the kidney in ancient Chinese medicine is grounding with the earth
  • Our ancestors didn't need to know about grounding; they were barefoot or wore conductive footwear

-The best surface when it comes to conductivity between the Earth and the body…56:15

  • Concrete, grass, and dirt are ideal; asphalt is not
  • Rocks are good conductors
  • Saltwater is the optimal way to ground; freshwater speeds up the process but is not itself conductive (unless it contains minerals)
  • Springwater has a natural amount of minerals
  • If you can feel the tree and it feels cool, it's grounding; bark inhibits the grounding process
  • Earthrunners grounding sandals
  • Pluggz grounding shoes
  • Earthling grounding strap
  • Diabetes is inflammation-related; you can be grounded and have diabetes

-The length of time required for a person to become properly grounded with the Earth…1:04:04

-How to know whether or not your home is grounded with the Earth…1:10:45

  • Homes built before the 1960s were not grounded; there was no need for it at the time
  • Remodels of older homes don't necessarily have grounding, even though new outlets are installed

-Whether all grounding mats created equal…1:12:15

  • “Ours is an accidental business”
  • Mass production has compromised the quality and efficacy of the mats
  • Clint maintains his products are the best on the market; although he wishes more would get in the business
  • The patches are an athlete's best friend

-And much more…

Click here for the full written transcript of this podcast episode.

Resources from this episode:

Check out Clint's indoor grounding products at Ultimate Longevity. You'll get FREE* 2-day shipping (as long as the order is over $99) and a FREE* copy of the Earthing paperback book by Clint Ober (included with every Ground Therapy Sleep Mat purchase). Plus all orders get 3 bonus videos available online for immediate streaming or download (access link provided on order confirmation page)!

– Clint's book “Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever!

Root Cause movie

Earthrunners grounding sandals

Pluggz grounding shoes

Earthling grounding strap

Note from Ben: “I didn't even have time, today, to delve deeply into ALL of the over 20 peer-reviewed research studies that have been conducted on grounding, but I do want to at least give you a comprehensive list of the vast results that have been seen in the research, so far – impressive results have been seen when it comes to inflammation, pain, stiffness, circulation, blood pressure, blood viscosity, HRV, vagal tone, cortisol, stress, anxiety, depression, tiredness, fatigue, energy, mood, blood glucose, immunity, sleep, thyroid function, metabolism, serum electrolytes, wound healing, athletic performance and recovery, and more. There have also been anecdotal reports of improvements in autism, Parkinson’s, MS, PTSD, autoimmune conditions, and pet health, just to name a few. But I'm going to put all that below! Enjoy!”

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173 thoughts on “My New #1 Hack For Zapping Inflammation, Increasing Deep Sleep & Recovering Faster – Earthing (The Most Important Health Discovery Ever?)

  1. Ian says:

    So there’s no way you can get zapped by stray electricity from other appliances or anything through your earthing equipment even though it’s only connected to the ground? There’s a lot of conflicting information on this online. There has been talk of manufacturers including an OHM resistor built into their products. The question is, can you trust that they will have them? I’m not sure how tightly these products are regulated or inspected. Especially with amazon and hearing about possible fake sellers on there

  2. Jakub says:

    Hi Clint,
    What do you think about this article:


  3. jeff spera says:

    Hello, I have a clearlight sanctuary Y infrared sauna, what would be the best way to ground I side the sauna, I can easily run a copper wire into the earth. Thanks!

  4. valerie Ang says:

    I have heard that grounding reduces your neutrophils? Has that been proven?

    1. Clint Ober says:

      Go to and look under research tab for studies related to Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) ….and other related studies

  5. RungaCliff says:

    Thank you Ben and Clint.

    Apart from establishing a new paradigm in health science, this would change or even invalidate many studies that haven’t controlled for Earthing. For example, studies comparing health or longevity outcomes of vegans/vegetarians versus omnivores. More vegans/vegetarians spend time in a garden and are otherwise generally more health conscience, getting more time outdoors, perhaps walking at the beach, etc., than omnivores…particularly those eating the SAD. Or studies of mice, for example. In real life mice have far more contact with the earth, but not in lab studies. How might this effect the outcomes? Would fewer mice get inflammation mediated diseases if they were in that natural environment when the diseases were artificially induced? Like Alzheimer’s, for example?

    I used a voltmeter to measure my body voltage with and without Earthing. Not Earthing I measure about 9 volts in my bedroom. When I use my cotton half sheet with bare leg contact my reading came down to about 2.4 volts. But using the carbon mat under a cotton fitted sheet my reading came down to about 0.4. Even fully clothed my body voltage was much lower than with bare skin on the sheet. Can I assume that a lower reading means that I’m getting more of the earths electrons?

    I could swear I listened to this episode on YouTube but I can no longer find it there.

    1. Jack says:

      Or maybe people on plant based diets have better longevity because meat dairy and eggs are harmful. I like Ben but he is completely ignoring the science on this. Also, vegan is an ethic not a diet. Being vegan means you don’t support animal cruelty. Being plant based for health does not mean you are vegan. I know this is unrelated to Earthing but just have to point out these things.

      1. clint ober says:

        Hi RungaCliff,

        Thank you for sharing.

  6. Greg says:

    Hi Clint/Ben,

    Does the mat need to be slept on without clothing in order to be effective? Curious if both a fitted sheet on top plus typical pajamas would inhibit the effects.


    1. clint ober says:

      see RungaCliff above….
      Amount of clothing may effect level of conductivity but you will still receive the overall effect and benefits of grounding…
      If your health is significantly compromised you may want to limit amount of nightwear. experiment…

  7. Adam Fiddler says:

    Hi Clint,

    I have no doubt that grounding is effective, but I have a question on whether or not certain areas of the modern power grid and will compromise the beneficial effects and how to work around this if so:

    I recently had a building biologist out to check the home that I’m staying at, and he found that the electrical source to my bedroom outlet was producing a lot of transient voltage spikes (also known as “Dirty Electricity”).

    Do you have any ideas for how to use your products to ground while sleeping without being exposed to Dirty Electricity?

    The obvious option would be to physically connect the sleeping mat to the Earth outside of my bedroom window, but the ground in my yard has a similar problem due to the power grid.

    – Adam

    1. clint ober says:

      Hi Adam,

      Here is a link to a paper that addresses the claims of Dirty Electricity.
      Here is an additional paper that speaks to the antenna effect and EMFs… (when your body is NOT grounded, it is an antenna that attracts and becomes charged with household electric fields (EMFs). This would be equally true for radiating transients from refrigerators and other appliances in the home.

      Please let me know if you would like additional information or resources.

      Best, Clint

  8. Troy says:

    What’s the SAFEST way to ground my ice bath?

    1. Clint Ober says:

      Patch kit….ground yourself with patch … this would be the safest as groundtherapy ground cords have a built in safety resistor….

  9. Howard says:

    Hi Clint,

    Would your mats work outside US if I use a mail forwarding service and then plug the mat into a US-to-EU socket adapter?



    1. Clint Ober says:

      Get the groundtherapy patch kit and ground yourself with yes

      1. Howard says:

        Forgive me for assuming, but I’m not sure if this response was intended for me, Clint. Might there be something wrong with the comment function?

        I wonder if I can buy the bed grounding mat kit, and ship it to EU via something like MyUS, and then use the mat with an adapter.

        1. Flow says:

          Go to and purchase with EU adapter there. Seems to be Clints exact products for the EU market. I use them too and am pretty happy with them.

  10. Brandon says:

    First and foremost thank you for this podcast and the products. I looked for the answer to my question but couldn’t find it but I did find the link and the password to the video that you gave. THANK YOU!!!!

    My question is this – At night I turn off the breaker to my room because we sleep close to an electrical outlet. No there is nothing plugged into, we don’t use lamps and I want the minimal amount of EMF near me when I sleep. Turning off the breaker and sleeping with the sleep mat will I still be considered grounded? It could be the dumbest question ever asked and that’s why I can’t find my answer on google. LOL

    I have been using a grounding mat for a month now and there have been a lot of benefits. I just purchased your sleep mat and I will be purchasing your grounded mat as well. Thank you for the book and videos clint.

    1. Clint Ober says:

      Hi Johnathan… thanks for sharing…. now you know why I get up every morning and do everything I can to share the benifits of grounding… best….

    2. Clint Ober says:

      Yes….. ground is not turned on or off with breakers.

  11. Bob says:

    Is the so called barefoot footwear conductive? Is the brand Leguano earthing?

    1. Clint Ober says:

      Will investigate and report


      1. Clint Ober says:

        They are not conductive and will not ground

  12. KELLEY STARK says:


    Curious if your products are being used in the MLB , by pitchers in particular, for recovery, healing, etc…? I just bought the mat and patches for my son, who is a HS baseball player always struggling with one pesky injury or another. Very curious about use at higher levels of the game.

    1. clint ober says:

      Hi Kelly,

      Yes, earthing is used by many MLB players. The only full team using Earthing on a daily bases that I can mention is the Arizona Diamondbacks. There are many high profiles athletes in other sports that speak widely of the use of earthing, like Aaron Rodgers. However, here is a link to a video produced at the Tour de France that speaks well about athletic recovery…
      Patches are best for pitchers…

      Best, Clint

      1. clinton ober says:

        Hi Kelly… forwarded wrong link…. please go here… best, clint

      2. KELLEY says:

        Thanks for the response Clint. I will be testing your products and reporting back to you. Mostly anecdotal, I’m sure, but results are results and I hope they can make a difference. Thank you.

  13. Jonathan says:


    I’ve always been an active and heaöthy minded person. The last years my health started to slowly deteriorate and I’m only 26. I’ve tried pretty mu h everything I could afford that I’ve heard of from your podcasts Ben, and nothing has helped except cbd (which recently became illegal in Sweden) so I was back to being sick after just having discovered cbd. I tried lighting, diets, cold/warm therapy, supplements, breathing, you name it. I considered quitting school because I couldn’t function.

    I tried grounding myself and I’m one week in. I am 100% back to normal. I also have an oura ring and to corroborate my sleep and recovery is back to normal. Sorry for the long post but your podcast and Clints work saved my life. No doctor and only 1 friend and my mom has believed me, but I’m just happy cuz this has chsnge the outlook of my whole future. I Owe you everything!

    1. Clint Ober says:

      Hi Johnathan… thanks for sharing…. now you know why I get up every morning and do everything I can to share the benifits of grounding… best….

  14. Flow says:

    Hey guys,
    is there any chance to get a discount/save shipping for

  15. Sulvas says:

    As this product theoretically decreases inflammation and latest research suggests tinnitus comes from brain inflammation, any success out there with people silencing tinnitus using this product (or earthing in general)?

    1. clint ober says:

      yes …many people over the years have reported reduction in tinnitus from sleeping grounded.

  16. Christina says:

    Hi Ben/Clint,

    This may be an obvious question, but will grounding still be effective if I’m wearing a smart watch or holding my phone in my hand, or will this mess with the electric flow of my body with the earth?

    1. Clint Ober says:


      1. Clint Ober says:

        Wrong answer…. right answer… will not interfere with grounding

  17. Rhonda says:

    Hi Clint

    I purchased your grounding mat for under my feet at my desk. I am curious if I can also use it in my infrared sauna?

    1. Clint Ober says:


  18. Kendall says:

    Clint or Ben – Does the Ground Therapy Sleep Mat play well with a Chilipad? I currently use a Chilipad (amount other things) for better sleep and am curious if anyone has experience pairing the two. Does the mat negate the cold effect if placed on top? Does the mat lose its affect if placed under the Chilipad?

    Great episode!

    1. Nathan says:

      This has been covered numerous times in other comments

    2. The grounding mat contains carbon, which is conductive, so it will hold temperature of chili pad.

  19. Nathan says:

    Hi Clint,

    Thank you for the interesting information.

    I’m looking to buy a mat in Australia but the options are limited. I found a store but I’m unsure about the quality. Are you aware of any suppliers in Australia? This looks similar to your mat…

    Thanks again

    1. Matthew Craig Steen says:

      I live in Australia and I just bought one from Longevity (clints company), delivery was prompt and the product is A grade. I suggest buying from there and supporting the OG of grounding.

  20. Banjo picker says:

    I didn’t see it answered and I am not finding much online. Is there any risk of the ground mats becoming a hot wire, either with faulty wiring elsewhere in the house or say a lightning strike at or near a house?

    1. clint ober says:

      no chance of a grounding mat becoming a hot wire, unless the hot wire in the electrical outlet were connected to the ground port. If this were the case, the outlet would not work for lamps or appliances. Further, if it were on a grounded circuit the breaker would surely blow. Further, all ground cords for biological use contain a built-in 100K ohms resistor. And know that mats are a single point ground… there is no circuit. If a circuit were created by touching a live wire, the 100 K resistor would prevent any harmful current flow. If you have more question regarding this subject, please let me know.


      1. Banjo picker says:

        Thanks for the response Clint, that one point was the sticker before buying one of your mats. Obviously, I am no electrical engineer!

        Thanks to Ben for keeping your fans informed on therapies outside standard american medicine.

  21. DeGroot Kevin says:

    I’m going to set a baseline for the next 30 days using my Whoop. Then I will sleep on this mat for 30 days. All I can do is see if there is a difference. I have some soreness in my feet from standing a lot at work, and I will observe any changes, but this is more difficult to measure and probably not of significance.

    1. clint ober says:

      pain is the easiest of all to measure… you know when you are in pain and you know when you are not.

    2. Michael Harrison says:

      Can you be grounded with flip-flops or is there a way other than barefoot to be grounded outside?

      1. clint ober says:

        google grounded footwear, antistatic footwear or conductive footwear… get soft toe… steel toe are too heavy

    3. David Putterman says:

      Kevin – how did your experiment turn out?

  22. Jakub says:

    Is there any difference between being connected to the Earth or being connected to the grounded outlet inside the house? From what I’ve heard, magnetic field of the Earth also somehow regulates circadian clock inside every one of us. Thank you for the reaction.

    1. clint ober says:

      technically there is no difference being connected to the earth via outlet ground and standing barefoot on the earth.
      the frequencies of the earth to the body would be the same. for more information.


  23. Tab says:

    Got my sleep pad setup last night and put it under the sheet. Does the fitted sheet cut down on the effect of the conductive pad or not?

    1. clint ober says:

      the sleep mat is designed to be placed under you fitted sheets. A normal cotton or poly cotton sheet will create some resistance between the body and the conductive mat, for a few seconds. As you lie on your sheet, your body will hydrate the cotton fibers in a few seconds and create a conductive path between your body and the grounding mat. You are then well grounded.

      Some individuals, whos health is significantly compromised, report lying directly on the mat with good results.

      please let me know if you have more questions.

  24. Jakub says:

    Hell Clint,

    I use Groundology mat right under my laptop on the eorking desk and I sit in open space office with dozens of other computers, wi-fi routers and other evil stuff. Is mat actually working among these circumstances or it’s just making an EMF issue worse? Do you have any other recommendation how to minimize harmful effect of working in open space based on grounding solutions?

    Thanks for your reaction, Jakub

    1. clint ober says:

      Please read pages 3 through 6 of the attached. It will give you a better understanding about how grounding shield you from environmental electric fields.


  25. Michael Dinovitser says:

    Hi – Could you please comment on the attached article which discuss the danger of using grounding products unless located in places of low level EMF pollution. I am considering putting a mat in my bed however I live in a high rise apartment where grounding to “clean earth” is not possible and using a socket may have some residual feedback?…


    1. clint ober says:

      Hi Michal,
      Yes…. here is a paper that is posted on the Earthing Institute web site that clearly addresses Jeromy Johnson’s claims.
      if you have any questions about grounding and EMFs please contact me.
      Also, if you have the time, you would find the Earthing Movie quite enlightening.
      Password: earthing

  26. Dena Zimbel says:

    My question concerns the use of a sleeping mat when training to try and build muscle and connective tissue strength. From what I know of the the inflammation response, we do need this acutely to generate tissue repair and rebuilding. Does sleeping on the grounding mat dampen the positive effects of inflammation at all? Thanks for an interesting and informative podcast you two!

    1. clint ober says:

      here is a study that was published by Dick Brown with UofO, regarding effects of grounding the body after exercises. It will answer your questions as the effects of grounding in preventing inflammation and thereby promoting improved recovery after exercise.

      there are a host of related studies at the earthing institute web site,
      further, grounding is widely used by a host of professional athletes to improve and promote better and faster recovery.


  27. Justin says:

    Question about grounding while camping… It seems that one of the major benefits of camping is getting in contact with the earth. But when sleeping in a tent, you’ve typically got the tent floor, ground pad, and sleeping bag between you and the earth. To what extent do these materials prevent you from maintaining a true earth potential as you sleep? Must one sleep directly on the earth to reap the benefits?

    Thanks for addressing all these questions Clint!

    1. clint ober says:

      With a sleeping bag that is on a mat and tent floor, you are totally insulated from the earth.
      Yo would need to take an earthing mat and place in your sleeping bag with a ground wire leading outside the tent to a simple ground rod in the earth.

      I know, it sounds absurd.


  28. LAURA JACKSON says:

    My husband and I are very excited to try these products. We bought 2 of the mats, 2 of the sleeping mats for our king size bed, and the patch kit with extra patches. We slept last night for the first time on the sleeping mats. Both of us slept very well. My queston is: I also have an IMRS 2000 mat, probe, and pillow. Can you tell me what the difference is? We use the IMRS mat for 8 minutes, 2 times a day. I was trying to figure out the technology differences then these new grounding mats? My husband has is recovering from a severe TBI with a DAI after being struck by a hit and run driver while riding his bicycle. We have been on a crazy journey of recovery. We have been using many alternative therapies and tools for recovery. Here is our story.

    1. A IMRS 2000 mat does not ground you. It is an electrical device. and uses electrical frequencies that are generated electrically with AC current from your electrical outlet.
      A grounding mat is not an electrical device and only plugs into the ground port of the electrical outlet – it requires NO electricity.
      Check out the 15 minute movie at – click on the “Watch the Movie” button in the black area at the top right side of the webpage.
      If you have more questions contact us at Ultimate

  29. Michael Dinovitser says:

    Hi – are your products compatible with/shipped to Australia ?

    1. Yes! …and we DO ship to Australia. We will work with you via email to find the correct adaptor for you, too!

  30. Mr_zoloha says:

    Hi Clint,

    My wife is pregnant and is due next month. She loves the outdoors but never walks around barefooted or grounds with the earth. However, i ground as often as possible and still feel that it’s nowhere early enough. So, I’ve purchased enough ground therapy sleep pads to cover out king size bed as well as a universal mat. After two nights my muscle recovery is notable w/ less stiffness and aching in the joints.

    My main question is, about the GT patch kit, would it be a the ideal GT method for my wife’s recovery after birth or is the bed mat and universal mat do essentially the same thing. I’m sure it’s easy to say the patch kit will do wonders but could you tell me some benefits of the patch vs the mats? Thanks!

    1. clint ober says:

      The patch is primarily for quickly reducing acute inflammation and related pain. The reason patch is faster in reducing pain is that you can place the patch on or near the site trauma. This provides a shorter path to ground = faster results.

      she will appreciate the patch both before and after delivery.


  31. Heidi says:

    Hi thanks for a great podcast! I’ve also been researching PEMF, can you tell me if grounding and PEMF have similar healing properties, if one is better than the other, or if they complement each other. Also, would the sleep mat be suitable to use as a yoga mat (not heated). Many thanks, I look forward to sharing your teachings and products with my (future) clients once my Wellness business is up and running in the near future!

    1. clint ober says:

      PEMF and Earthing are very different. PEMF is a pulsed magnetic field that perturbs water molecules and excite electrons in the body. I have no working knowledge of the reported healing effects of PEMF treatments.
      Grounding is about connecting the body with the earth to hold the body at earth’s electrical potential.
      Earth maintains a slight negative charge which is considered earth potential.. When the body is connected to the earth via a grounding device, the body equalizes to earth potential and becomes and maintains earths negative charge( -20mv). When the body maintains a negative charge, (a phenomena that occurs naturally when standing barefoot on the earth,) inflammation in the body is instantly subsides. Further, charge (inflammation) can not exist in an earth grounded body. The healing properties of grounding are more about reducing and preventing inflammation. May be worth while to watch the Earthing Movie for more insight. Think they have a link to it on the site.
      The grounding mat would technically work well to ground your body during Yoga, but for functionally better performance I would wait until the grounded Yoga Mats come out this fall.

  32. Rebecca Patterson-Kohler says:

    Hi Clint. I really enjoyed this podcast and I’m wondering if the sleep mat can perhaps help me. I developed tinnitus twenty three years ago at the age of 25. I’d had a sinus infection and woke up with an intense ringing in my right ear (think kitchen smoke detector). I’m now 48 years old and I still have it. It has never stopped. I’ve tried everything from supplements to putting oil in my ear…you name it. I would love your thoughts on this. Thank you, Rebecca

    1. clint ober says:

      here is a report that will be of great interest…


  33. Manish Shah says:

    Hi, is using a wrist strap provide similar effects as using the matt or a patch?

    1. clint ober says:

      would need more info about the type of wrist strap… if it is a standard ESD strap it would have similar effects…the difference with the Ground Therapy Patches or Mats would be the resistance in the cord…for instance, ESD type cords are shorter and have a built-in 1meg Ohm resistor… Ground Therapy ground cords are 15 to 20 feet long with a built-in 100K Ohms resistor.

    2. Ultimate says:

      Hi Manish,

      Clint’s comment about the resistor means you would receive more health benefits from the mat or patches because the resistor is design for the best possible “grounding for health” outcome. Industry wristbands are designed to protect technical equipment. Although they (wristbands / mats & patches) both do the same task the mats’ and the patches’ resistor is designed to ground YOU for health benefits.

  34. Doug D'Alexander says:


    Wondering if I should remove my Eight Sleep mattress pad or can this grounding pad work in conjunction or by chance is the Eight Sleep pad acting as a grounding pad BC it’s plugged into the outlet?

    1. clint ober says:

      Just read about the Eight Sleep mattress pad. There should be no interference with Eight Sleep system when using a Ground Therapy Sleep Mat as it primarily measures and tracks movement.. The GT Sleep Mat is thin carbon mat that would be placed over the Eight Sleep System and under your fitted sheet.

  35. Jacob Taskinen says:

    Hi Clint/Ben – Does the material or thickness of your bed sheet affect the effectiveness of the grounding sleeping mat? And Clint – Would you suggest sleeping directly onto the mat or is having it understand the fitted sheet just fine?

    Thank you!

    1. clint ober says:

      the mat is designed to be placed directly under your fitted sheet. A normal cotton or poly-cotton sheet is best. Flannel sheets may inhibit conductivity. When you lie down in bed your body perspires sufficient to hydrate the cotton fibers making a conductive path between your body and the Ground Therapy mat. Humidity in the air also hydrates or dampens cotton fibers and adds to their conductivity..

      Some individuals who are experiencing elevated levels of inflammation and chronic pain report sleeping directly on the GT mat is best for more rapid recovery. So this suggest that it is an individual choice where experience will guide you more in making a choice.

      Hope this helps,


  36. ben says:

    Regarding walking in nature (or “shinrin-yoku” as forest bathing is known in Japan).. any concern that walking barefoot may put you at risk for contracting a parasite through the feet? On a recent Stem Talk podcast episode, they talk with Dr. Dickson Despommier on how hookworms can penetrate unbroken skin!

    1. Steve says:

      Just received the universal mats I ordered. Can I leave my socks on or does it have to be bare feet? Tough to take socks off at work

      1. clint ober says:

        works fine with leaving socks on… feet quickly sweat and hydrate sock, making then very conductive.

  37. Deets says:

    Still don’t see an answer to is it better to have direct contact with the mat, or place it under regular bed sheet?

    I would think directly on it.

    1. Deets says:

      I see where Clint says best under the sheet, but also says direct leg contact in a response.

    2. clint ober says:

      the mat is designed to be placed directly under your fitted sheet. A normal cotton or poly-cotton sheet is best. Flannel sheets may inhibit conductivity. When you lie down in bed your body perspires sufficient to hydrate the cotton fibers making a conductive path between your body and the Ground Therapy mat. Humidity in the air also hydrates or dampens cotton fibers and adds to their conductivity..
      Some individuals who are experiencing elevated levels of inflammation and chronic pain report sleeping directly on the GT mat is best for more rapid recovery. So this suggest that it is an individual choice where experience will guide you more in making a choice.
      Hope this helps,

  38. Ward says:

    Why does Ben keep talking about a ‘fat discount code’ (he just mentioned it again on Instagram) when there is no code available? Wanting to pick up some products but thinking I will just wait.

    1. I don't think I mentioned a discount code. I said explicitly in the show that it wasn't a code. Let me know where you're seeing this, and I'll get it fixed.

  39. Scottie says:

    Hi Clint,

    Are you still affiliated with Are those products different than your site? Would there be a discount code for Looking into the fitted sheets, or would advise against them and recommend the carbon mat from your site instead? Thanks!

      1. clint ober says:

        I would highly recommend the carbon sleep mats. they will last for years and they are 100% conductive.
        the cotton silver sheets that earthing provides are 8% silver. For many people the silver oxidizes and shortens the mats conductive life expectancy.

        1. Jakub says:

          Hello Clint, you mean Earthing Grounded Silver Sleep Pad? Unfortunately, it’s sold out. I am from Europe so I can’t order from Ultimate Longevity. Do you have any other sleep mats recommendations? There are many products all over the internet, how do I know that they are safe (EMF shielded)? Thanks

  40. Julio Cortes says:

    I was so excited that I went and bought a mat. Unfortunately when I tried to apply the discount code, it did not work. I am planning to by a bunch of products and would love to have the correct code, can someone help.

    1. No discount, you get free shipping among other things listed in the shownotes.

  41. Nicki says:

    Can you wear the grounding shoes in an airplane flight? I was thinking, that when I travel, I could start grounding once I landed. But I wasn’t sure if I would become an antenor while flying. (I am not sure if I am confusing things here)

    1. clint ober says:

      if you are not grounded, your body is an antenna for all low frequency environmental electric field… would not matter what shoes would be when on an airplane…. on an airplane the issue would more likely be the static electricity that builds on your body throughout the flight from tribo charging (body vibration and movement in your seat)… to resolve, just take a shoe off and place your foot on the metal runners that hold the seats in place. You can leave your sock on. The runner is connected to the chassis of the plane which will ground the static charge on the body… you will feel better during flight and after.

      1. Claire S says:

        Fascinating! Thank you for this!!

  42. Bob says:

    Do you ship to Europe? If not what european product do you recommend?

    1. clint ober says:

      Yes, they ship to Europe….

  43. Pam O'Donnell says:

    Hi Clint, picked up 2 mats for my husband and I. I was wondering if your whole body needs to touch the mat for the benefits while sleeping? I sleep with pillows under my knees so most of my legs are not touching the mat. I also am trying to heal a torn hamstring so wondering if it would be beneficial to have my legs touching?

    Thank you!

    1. clint ober says:

      More is always better when it comes to grounding. However what may help most with a torn hamstring is the Patch. It is the product that most athletes and performers use for acute injuries, when they have to recover quickly to stay in the game. To the question about leg contact with the pad… yes it would be good to have your legs in contact with the mat during recovery.
      some sitting bare feet on the earth time would be great also.

      1. Pam O'Donnell says:

        Thank you for the response! I’ll definitely get the patch as well!

  44. Rick says:

    Just picked it one your bed pads and ran some tests. Holding a working hair dryer to increase body voltage and using my voltmeter found it works great on top of the bed reducing body voltage to almost zero. However, the vinyl surface is not something you want to sleep on. Next tried it under the sheet and while it does reduce body voltage a little, it doesn’t go anywhere near zero like it does on top the bed. Easier to just wear a grounded wrist strap to bed. Returning the pad

    1. clint ober says:

      Grounding is not about reducing EMFs. However, reducing EMFs is a phenomena that occurs naturally when an object is grounded. The purpose of grounding is to maintain the body at earth potential in order to reduce and prevent inflammation. Further, to maintain the body’s internal electrical stability for proper functioning of the body’s self healing and recovery mechanisms.

      the mats are best placed under the sheet and serve to maintain the body at earth potential during sleep… the time when the body heals and restores itself.

      Hope this is of some value to you.


      1. Rick says:

        Clint, I’m not talking EMFs, this is just grounding. I use the hair dryer to merely increase the body voltage to better test the grounding product. If I go outside and do the same test the once my bare feet contact the ground body voltage goes from about 6 volts to zero while holding the hair dryer. It does the same with your pad if I touch it directly. However, under a simple cotton sheet the voltage reduction is much smaller goes to about 3-4 volts. Been using a desk pad and wrist strap for years, but wanted something for my wife and thought the bed pad would be a nice option. Unfortunately, my testing says it’s not that effective

        1. Ward says:

          Rick, what about not using the hair dryer to increase the body voltage and just testing the baseline potential with no mat, mat under sheet, mat over sheet? Curious what the values look like without pushing them up with the hair dryer. Also, is your sheet pure cotton or does it have some polyester in it? Guessing no poly.

          1. Rick says:

            Ward, Tried w/o the hairdryer but base body voltage is only 2+ volts. Touching the mat directly it goes to zero like it does with the hairdryer, but with the mat underneath the sheet it only drops to 1+ volts. Pretty sure the sheet has no polyester, but was wondering that myself so tested the mat underneath a 100% cotton shirt and got the same result. I’ve been wearing a wrist strap for years to bed and going forward will probably just keep doing that. I believe strongly in Earthing to the point that when I built a new house a few years back I put in a separate grounding circuit throughout the house connected to steel rod driven 6 feet in the ground.

        2. Joshua says:

          Would also like to hear Clint’s response to this question. Just bought my sleep mat. I want to make sure I’m fully grounded with a sheet over the mat.

  45. Forrest Simmers says:

    Would you recommend the grounding mat or the patch kit?

    1. clint ober says:

      patch kit for acute situation … Mats for sleep and recovery

  46. Bob says:

    How thick is the sleep mat? Does it go well with latex mattress?

    1. clint ober says:

      about 6mm thick… single size mats work best placing one on each side if the mattress.

  47. Tad says:

    This seems like a viable Canadian company creating the same quality of product:
    For those of us north of the boarder, is this a viable alternative?

    Thanks :)

    1. clint ober says:

      for those in Canada they will serve you well….

  48. Jack says:

    Do you have to ground on grass? What is the affect on standing on tile in a home, pavement, cement?


    1. clint ober says:

      grass, soil, sand, cement, earthen tiles, are best in that order. Ceramic tiles in the home are not conductive.
      cement pavement is conductive, asphalt is not.

  49. Spyrel says:

    Clint, I hope you’re still checking these and can provide some guidance about “when the earth is sufficiently the earth”.

    I live in an apartment building in NYC with a small backyard. Yesterday after listening to your podcast I stood barefoot and laid down on the grass in the back yard for a half hour or so. Then I realized that if I dug a hole in my backyard I’d eventually hit a subway tunnel, and some huge sewer pipes, electrical pipes, etc. So I was wondering if I was really standing on “earth” that was sufficient to provide grounding.

    Indeed, this “hollow earth problem” exists throughout NYC. Here are three specific examples I’d like you’re thoughts on:

    1. The Backyard example above. You’re standing on grass but say 20 feet below is a subway line or sewer line, etc.

    2. Rooftop. You’re standing on grass, but that grass is on the roof of a building that has had a few feet of topsoil placed on it (so that there is a lawn on the roof – increasingly common in NY).

    3. Landfill. You’re standing on grass in a park that abuts the Hudson river. The park is made of landfill that was just placed there to extend the shore and create the park.

    Would all of these be effective? Would some be better than others?

    Thanks very much.

    1. clint ober says:

      to a large degree all scenarios would effectively conduct earth’s electrical potential, so ling as the earth you are standing on is connected in anyway to the rest of the earth. Remember, electricity travels equally in all directions at all time near the speed if light. Hope this makes sense… if not ask more…thx

      1. Spyrel says:

        That helped. Thanks much Chris.

        1. Spyrel says:

          Sorry, I meant “Thanks much Clint” :)

  50. Jason says:

    Would all leather sandals have the same affect as earth runners? They mentioned grounding was one of the benefits because the all leather was conductive.

    1. clint ober says:

      Leather soled shoes will only conduct earth ground potential after they have been worn long enough for body perspiration has slightly saturated the leather… as time goes on body salts from perspiration will also saturate the leather soles and help to make soles more conductive. Day on a leather soled shoe will not be conductive unless you saturate with water.

  51. Evan Reichelt says:


    My father was diagnosed with ALS a year ago and participated in a double blind Stem Cell Study that he just finished. From our observations things don’t appear to be going well, but the person overseeing my father during the study said she has seen a lot worse progression in others participating in the trial. I am ordering the two pack of twin mats, one for me and one for my father. He has been experiencing hypersensitivity and was hesitant to jump into the patches. He has been resistant to most things since the trial and figure the mat would be a good place to start and see if he sees any relief. I will take notes and update once he has used it.

    1. clint ober says:

      would strongly recommend wearing patches on feet or hands … he can test them for just 30minutes and experience the results… the adverse effect he is experiencing is from an aggressive immune response… the number one thing that rounding does is to reduce the inflammation and calm the nervous system. Mats will work well but patches are best for acute flaring situation.

  52. Mike says:


    I understand that there is a common situation which occurs where earth is not at ground potential because the AC power lines in the area use the ground as path for return current. This has been observed in the behavior of farm animals (cows that don’t produce milk).

    So the ground under your feet is carrying current. By grounding you could be attaching yourself to some non-zero electric potential. This does not sound like a good idea.

    Maybe if there were a way to know if the area you are grounding to is really ground?



    1. clint ober says:

      Hi Mike,
      Please peruse the attached paper addressing the subject.
      if you have any specific question there after. I will answer in detail or put you in direct contact with Gaetan to address issues scientifically.
      Best, Clint

  53. Matt DiDonato says:

    Hi Clinton,

    How does grounding compare to a magnetico sleep pad (see link: Are we accomplishing the same thing with grounding as with static magnets?

    I have a magnetico and wondering if we can use a grounding mat with the magnetico sleep pad.

    1. Michael Harrison says:

      Can you put one of these under a chili pad and would it have the same effect?

      1. Rick says:

        I have a chlli pad on order so wonder how i could use both under would not work hopefully over it might conduct enough heat

      2. clint ober says:

        the grounding mat contains carbon which is the conductive. Carbon will equalize with and conduct, and hold temperature of chill pad.

    2. clint ober says:

      Magnetics and grounding are not the same. Grounding is about connecting the body to the earth to prevent inflammation and to stabilize the internal electrical functioning of the body’s self healing mechanisms.

      There would be know interference between a magnetic mat and a grounding mat as long as the grounding mat is placed on top of the magnetic mat.

      a magnet with go through anything.

  54. Bryan says:

    Was wondering if I turn the twin size mat to cover both sides of the mattress will if ground both my wife and I, or should we just a mat for each of us. I have a cal king bed. Thanks

    1. clint ober says:

      I use a single mat for each side. works best for me.

  55. Thomas says:

    I really enjoy most of your podcasts. I get the need to sell stuff. Clint however seemed pretty less then knowledgeable on a few things, starting with the body circulates body once a minute…not several minutes. If he is speaking as a scientist or pushing the benefits of getting the electric field better into your blood…he should probably know the details better. No question it’s good to actually ground but he’s preaching overkill. Same deal with how much he is pushing people were always grounded in the past and weren’t sick. Come on man….life expectancy is way higher now then it was historically.

    1. clint ober says:

      Hi Thomas,
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Will check my comment on minutes. Think everyone knows that circulation is generally less than a minute based upon heart rate. Have no understanding of comment related to getting electric field into blood. Further, people, as the population at large, live longer today due to antibiotics and an abundance of food and medical care, but nearly all suffer from degenerative, inflammation related health disorders, like Alzheimer’s, arthritis, autism, cancer, diabetes, MS, Lupus, Parkinson’s and a host of others. People in ages past died young, as a whole, due to infectious disease, famine, war and death at birth. Many caveats could be thrown in but I speak here in essence. Trust, I am not a scientist, but that I did hired the best researchers at some of the best universities to research the biological effects of restoring the body’s electrical ground. (Over 20 peer reviewed and published papers). Would never have spent twenty years and the fortune to took to bring this knowledge forth if I even thought for one minute that it was not the most important thing that we as humans can do to restore basic natural health.

      I beg that you please watch The Earthing Movie and then would like for you to share your comments again.

      Best, Clint

  56. John S says:

    Does Lightning play a role in the practice of a grounding mat in bed? If the mat is plugged in, would lightning strike or potential power surge or outage impact the practice? Sorry, if posted elsewhere.

  57. Rob says:…

    Can you comment on the problem of the body becoming a conductor for EMFs when grounded?

    1. Rob says:

      Disregard…I see Clint’s comment now.

    2. clint ober says:

      Having spent thirty years in the communications industry, I love answering this question.

      There is much additional information available at


  58. Chris H says:

    Does anyone know if and how the Ground Sleep Mat would work alongside a ChilliPad in the same bed?

    1. clint ober says:

      answered above

  59. Michael Solberg says:

    I’m a huge believer in grounding. The night I first slept with a grounding sheet, my nightly panic attacks and insomnia vanished completely.

    1. Curious to know your experience since the first night. Thanks.

  60. Deanna Wees says:

    Is there a special code for ordering off Clint’s website?

  61. Justin says:

    1) When grounding on grass or sand, is there any difference in effectiveness between standing on your feet or laying down with the entire body in contact with the ground? In other words, are the feet somehow better suited for absorbing free electrons than the rest of the body?

    2) Is beach sand as effective for grounding as grass or dirt?

    3) Does moisture matter? Will wet grass/sand facilitate electron transfer better than dry? If so, to what extent? Thanks!

    1. clint ober says:

      1. feet and hands are most conductive.
      2. all are fine, moisture would be the factor
      3. Moisture in soil make for better conduction / a grounded, ground cord or ground wire conduction would be constant and at the potential of earth at point ground rod is driven into the earth.

  62. Ayman Morrar says:

    Is the bed mat meant to be slept on directly or do sheets go over it?

  63. Clinton Ober says:

    Clinton Ober says:
    September 7, 2019 at 9:00 pm
    first… addressing comments regarding grounding mats being bad for you if there is so called dirty electricity in the wiring. The following paper, posted on the Earthing Institute site, addresses the grounding misinformation that abounds on the internet.

    second … the amount of people or the size of the building would not effect grounding. the issue would be the age of the building and if the electrical outlets have a working ground system. may be best to contact building electrical engineer to confirm. you can also purchase an outlet ground checker at home depot for around $6.00 that will test for ground and correct wiring. old building built before 1950 often do not have built in ground systems as they were not required when built. options are to install your own ground rod and ground cord or to connect to any cold water copper pipe in the unit. Hope this helps.

  64. Clinton Ober says:

    first… addressing comments regarding grounding mats being bad for you if there is so called dirty electricity in the wiring. The following paper, posted on the Earthing Institute site, addresses the grounding misinformation that abounds on the internet.

    second … the amount of people or the size of the building would not effect grounding. the issue would be the age of the building and if the electrical outlets have a working ground system. may be best to contact building electrical engineer to confirm. you can also purchase an outlet ground checker at home depot for around $6.00 that will test for ground and correct wiring. old building built before 1950 often do not have built in ground systems as they were not required when built. options are to install your own ground rod and ground cord or to connect to any cold water copper pipe in the unit. Hope this helps.

  65. JOHN CALLAGHAN says:

    How do we ground ourselves if we are at sea on a ship.?

    I spend 5 weeks on 5 weeks off.

    Any suggestions…


    1. Clinton Ober says:

      Ask the ships electrical engineer if electrical outlets are grounded to the hull. Otherwise contact with any unpainted metal that is connected to the hull would be grounded to sea potential which is the same as earth potential….

  66. Giovanna says:

    How long do the grounding mats last? The bed and or portable ones.



    1. Clinton Ober says:

      the carbon sleep mats should easily last at least, as long as your mattress. the main value of the carbon sleep mats is that the conductivity will last the life of the mat, where as the silver in the early versions of grounded sheets would oxidise and stop conducting often within the first year of use.

      The portable carbon based surface mats (uni-mat) , with normal use will last for years. the carbon will conduct as long as the mat is not destroyed by acid or fire.

  67. Andrew Pagakis says:

    I fell for this baloney years ago, never did shit for me

    1. Clinton Ober says:

      would need a better description of your actual experience in order to properly address your comment… looking forward to hearing from you.

  68. john says:

    Does a biomat ground you?

    1. Clinton Ober says:

      the bio mat does not ground you

  69. Brian palmer says:

    Can grounding be used with, at the same time as earthing.

    1. Brian palmer says:

      Forget the last comment. Can grounding, earthing be used with PEMF.

      1. Clinton Ober says:

        yes grounding can be used during PEMF treatments. but for the grounding mat to properly ground you, it would need to be placed over the PEMF device. The grounding mat will not interfere with workings of the PEMF device.

  70. Patrick says:

    should grounding mats be placed under or over chilipad? if both grounding and chilipad are effective and sleep is such a long period of the day, how can you best combine them?

    1. Bryan Frase says:

      I would like to know as well, combining chilpad with grounding

    2. Clinton Ober says:

      in order for the grounding mat to effectively ground you it would need to be placed over the chilipad. the grounding mat is thin and contains carbon which would also conduct chilipads temperature, so there would be no interference of effectivness of chilipad.

  71. Andrew says:

    Every now and then I read something about grounding mats being bad for you if there is dirty electricity in the wiring. I live in an old college dorm. Would the amount of people, size of the building, or the old wiring Cause problems for me if I was to use a grounding mat?

    1. A Listener says:

      I have a similar concern. Just when I’m convinced that I want the grounding mat/patches, I stumbled on and it raised my concern. I hope Mr. Clinton Ober can come back and address our question.

      1. clinton ober says:

        There is a plethora of adverse comments on the internet regarding use of a grounding mats. Many EMF consultants and Dirty Electricity Filter promoters actually claim that grounding mats turn you body into an antenna that attracts harmful EMFs which cause a host health disorders. The link below is to a paper written by Gaetan Chevalier, PhD that address these and other popular internet claims adversarial claims about grounding. Please visit research for much additional information.
        Beware of Earthing Misinformation Paper

    2. Nick says:

      @Andrew, I have read the same thing many times. Recommend doing it the old fashion way as much as possible.

    3. clinton ober says:

      Hi Andrew,
      There is a plethora of adverse comments on the internet regarding use of a grounding mats. Many EMF consultants and Dirty Electricity Filter promoters actually claim that grounding mats turn you body into an antenna that attracts harmful EMFs which cause a host health disorders. The link below is to a paper written by Gaetan Chevalier, PhD that address these and other popular internet claims adversarial claims about grounding. Please visit research for much additional information.
      Beware of Earthing Misinformation Paper

    4. clinton ober says:

      There is a plethora of adverse comments on the internet regarding use of a grounding mats. Many EMF consultants and Dirty Electricity Filter promoters actually claim that grounding mats turn you body into an antenna that attracts harmful EMFs which cause a host health disorders. The link below is to a paper written by Gaetan Chevalier, PhD that address these and other popular internet claims adversarial claims about grounding. Please visit research for much additional information.
      Beware of Earthing Misinformation Paper

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