Podcast Episode #1, 2 & 3: The First Official Audio Release

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July 8, 2008 Podcast


1. Introduction: “What to Expect in The BenGreenfieldFitness.com Podcast”

2. Interview: Preview of Upcoming Interviews

3. Workout of the Week: Round & Round

4. Book Review: Run With No Pain

5. Nutrition: Healthy Chocolate-Peanut Butter Ice Cream

6. Special Topic: Preview of the National Personal Training conference


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3 thoughts on “Podcast Episode #1, 2 & 3: The First Official Audio Release

  1. Sara H. says:

    I don’t know if this is the official place to give a review, but I’m doing one here anyways!
    I’m a new listener/BG fan and heard Ben say on one of his podcasts that his wife had gotten rid of a fungal issue on her skin. I assumed it was probably the same issue I developed since I got pregnant in 2005. The skin issue sometimes went away, but always came back! Nothing and I mean nothing fully got rid of it! I heard Ben say his wife got rid of her skin issue by eating coconut yogurt. After searching and searching I finally found coconut yogurt and within days my fungal issues in my skin fully cleared up and as of now, hasn’t come back!! I was always a Greek yogurt eater and eat it everyday but have switched to coco yo and may never go back just because it cleared my fungal condition away!!! You have no idea how happy I am that listened to that podcast!!! I enjoy all the great info I hear on your cast and will continue to listen as long as you have one!!
    Thanks so much!!!

  2. Clark Dynek says:

    Hey Dr.

    I’m a new listener. Love the show. So much amazing content. I’m here on your website trying to go back to the beginning, but I can not listen to your first 3 shows. Any way you could send me those via email, or direct me to a link that is still active. Thanks, keep fighting our national apathy!

    One love.

    Clark D

    1. Wow! Those are from 2008. I don't know where the files may have gone but there is a lot more relevant content on the site now anyway. Oh and – I am not a doctor https://bengreenfieldfitness.com/ben-greenfiel…

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