Podcast Episode #84: Chinese Medicine & Why Sugars Don’t Add Up Right on Food Labels.

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In this March 3rd free audio episode: An interview with a Chinese herbologist, food labels, how much fat should you be eating, exercise-induced nausea and more on glycerol.

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This eye-opening audio interview with Roger Drummer, is not just about Chinese herbal medicine. It is an expose on how to effectively treat a host of chronic diseases while gaining massive energy and performance benefits. Roger Drummer is one of the best kept secrets in natural medicine and health enhancement, and during out interview he shares his non-run-of-the-mill tactics and philosophies that will change your life, including:

The “three treasures” of Chinese herbal medicine and how they can help you feel more energy…

Why Roger says that 90% of all disease is stress and chronic inflammation related…

As a Chinese herbologist how Roger would approach health conditions that ravage our society…


Our deadly habits, why are they deadly and what can we do about them…

How Chinese herbs can actually enhance sports performance and sports recovery…

How Roger squeezes 42 pounds of Chinese herbs into something called Tian Chi

To listen to an archive of Roger Drummer's radio shows, click here. In addition, you can find out more about Roger's Tian Chi herbal formulation by clicking here.


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Listener Q&A

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Listener Chris asks: Hi Ben, When I look at nutrition labels, I often notice a big dispeaity between the sugar content and total carbohydrate. Doesn't the liver  basically convert carbs to sugar for the muscles? I guess what I'm  ultimately asking is while I'm looking out for low sugar content in  food, should I also be concerned about total carbohydrate content if  it's significantly higher than just the grams of sugar.

Listener Sofi asks: I've been wondering recently if I am getting too much fat in my diet. Don't get me wrong, its primarily the good fat..nuts, avocados, flax and whatnot…So here is what I am wondering: if my TOTAL calorie intake is kept where it should be, is it possible that getting too much of those calories from good fat is having a negative effect? I am way beyond believing its as easy as calories in/calories out, because all calories are not created equally. For this reason, I don't eat much refined sugar, get my veggies and don't buy things that can live forever on my shelves…But I have this funny feeling I may be going into good fat overdose. So, would you be able to shed some light on how this could be effecting me? Also, if I'm eating 1200-1700 calories (depending on exercise, etc), how much of that should really come from fat?

Listener Elsa asks: Why do I have a “want to throw up” feeling after my weight training session?

Listener Joan comments: In a podcast you aired a couple weeks ago, you mentioned that you use Hammer's Liquid Endurance for hot weather competitions.  That, of course, is a glycerol-based product. In Hammer's latest Endurance News issue, they note that glycerol has now been prohibited by WADA.  Hammer actually no longer has Liquid Endurance available. If you want to read the article….its in the January 2010 issue.


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3 thoughts on “Podcast Episode #84: Chinese Medicine & Why Sugars Don’t Add Up Right on Food Labels.

  1. Lance Mateas says:

    Great podcast!
    Good explanation on label reading. I know their tricks and I still get trapped occasionally. Dietician and nutritionist Jeff Novick (and former Kraft employee) does a great presentation on label reading:
    I enjoyed the Chinese herbalist interview, since I once studied acupressure and a little Taoism. He focused a lot on stress, so maybe in another podcast you could address mental training such as meditation that might help mitigate stress and cortisol response. I thought his cholesterol comments were strange, as he claims that cholesterol is not the issue, but antioxidants are. Yet animal foods contain no antioxidants, and plants contain no cholesterol. So I’ll stick with Rich Roll and Brendan Brazier and go plant based.

  2. Chuck says:

    Thanks for information about the sugars and ingredients on a nutrition label. That was really eye opening to think about the ingredients added in place of trans fats and how they could be just as harmful. I also liked your explanation of how the order in which ingredients are listed on a product may not reflect the true total amounts of sugars added to a product.

    With nutrition being such a dynamic area of study, what resources do you use to stay on top of the latest information? You always have such great and up to date information.

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