The Future Of Wearable Sensors.

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In today's premium podcast episode, I interview Pierre-Jean, the co-founder of Echo Labs. Echo Labs has developed a wearable sensor that can measure what's in your blood using spectrometry (which means that this wearable can measure actual molecules in your bloodstream), along with heart rate, blood pressure, hydration, heart rate variability, sleep and more. 

You'll find out:

-New technology that allows you to get an accurate heart rate and heart rate variability score without using a chest strap…

-How the molecules in your blood can tell you whether you are burning fats vs. carbohydrates…

-How a wearable can detect your level of hydration…

-Which markers are most important to detect if you want to measure your rest and recovery…

-How an accurate heart rate variability could potentially be calculated without a heart rate monitor

-How a wearable can measure aerobic performance…

-And much more!

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