The Best 10 Minute A Day Workout – How To Massively Increase Bone Density And Muscle In Just 10 Minutes (& Biohack Extreme Fitness Levels)

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A few weeks ago, a friend emailed me and said:

I just got off the phone with John Jaquish, PhD, the inventor of something called the X3 bar. He is an inventor, author, and scientist who stumbled upon his life’s mission to promote bone health and advance osteogenic loading research after his mother was diagnosed with osteoporosis. Determined to help her and others suffering from musculoskeletal conditions and pain, John developed amazing biotechnology devices that increase bone density, strengthen muscles, and improve stability while reducing injury risk.”

The email went on to describe how you could use John’s research to increase your bone density in just 10 minutes a week, and how you can put on more muscle in less time by leveraging John’s biomedical engineering wisdom – and this thing called an X3 Bar that he invented.

So I looked into Dr. Jaquish, and also got an X3 Bar for myself to play around with. Turns out, he began his experience in life sciences after being told by his Mother that she had been diagnosed with osteoporosis. John, in an effort to help his mother, created a device to place axial loading through bone to safely cause osteogenic loading events. The device was to trigger the effects of high-impact loading, but without the risk of injury.

After successfully reversing his Mother’s osteoporosis, as part of his doctoral dissertation in biomedical engineering research at Rushmore University, he conducted four years of testing with human subjects focused on user comfort, biomechanics, and optimal musculoskeletal stimulation. Next, the device he designed was put into production, and has since been placed in over 240 clinics worldwide. Osteogenic loading has now helped over 12,000 individuals with their bone health. Published data has shown, treatment with this osteogenic loading device has resulted in over 14% gains in bone density in both the spine and hip over one year of once-weekly treatment.

Dr. Jaquish is currently advancing osteogenic loading research and speaking worldwide about its implications, as well as developing other biotechnology devices and products that will aid in the advanced health and wellbeing of people all around the world. He currently sits on the Board of Directors of American Bone Health, and the editorial boards of the Journal of Steroids and Hormonal Science, and Diabetes Open.

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During our discussion, you’ll discover:

-How John developed an osteogenic loading device to fix his mother’s osteoporosis… 7:40

-How the X3 Bar came to be invented and the fascinating science behind it… 12:56

-The use of variable resistance training to get 3x increases in power and strength… 20:25

-The special kind of elastic bands that John integrated into the X3 Bar… 23:50

-The effect of variable resistance training on growth hormone and testosterone… 36:13

-What kind of workouts you would do on it if you’re doing the 10 minute workout once per day… 49:05

-What John’s 10 minute 1x/day workout looks like… 50:31

-Ways that you can “biohack” variable resistance training with tools such as vibration, blood flow restriction, balance board… 58:29

-And much more!

Resources from this episode:

The X3 Bar – use code “Ben” to get an instant $50 discount

Power Plate vibration platform

A list of Osteostrong locations

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16 thoughts on “The Best 10 Minute A Day Workout – How To Massively Increase Bone Density And Muscle In Just 10 Minutes (& Biohack Extreme Fitness Levels)

  1. James says:

    Any word on how it affects fascia in any length of time studied? Or is this all about the myofibrillar hypertrophy (sometimes the sarcoplasmic)?


  2. David Weinstein says:

    I am a fan of OesteoStrong and the x3 bar. However using them in conjunction with whole body vibration may be problematic. Based upon some research from the Russian space program presented at the Bulletproof conference I was intrigued by Whole Body Vibration Plates and, in fact, worked out on the Power Plate. However the multi-direction vibration did not seem like it was helping me. After reading the a study by OSHA and Clinton Rubin I changed my tune. Clinton Rubin, a biomedical engineering professor at State University of New York at Stony Brook, says he believes excessive vibration may cause brain damage. Along with brain damage, the vibrations can also cause blurred vision and hearing loss. These dangers and problems can occur with prolonged exposure to the vibration plate, according to Rubin. Specifically he believes that vibrations over 1G can be problematic; most popular plates vibrate at 8G.

    1. Hi David. Thanks for the info. Do you have a link to this study?

      1. David weisntein says:

        There are two reports; this is the link from the article written by Clinton Rubin

        And here is the link to the OSHA report that deals with working conditions but is relevant

  3. leslie riven says:

    Really Ben I can’t believe you’re even giving this light of day. Ive been reading your stuff here and up until this guy, been giving you some room when your offer to help sell products at a discount to you reader. but when I read this I couldn’t hold back, Im sure John helped his poor old mother. But have you looked at his website, and the claims? He’s pushing muscle growth not so much bone health. I’ve been around for some time now, but this is just a recycle of past B-&^%# Back in the day Mike Mentzer sold us on a 1 rep work out and you’ll look like Mike in 30 days , will where is Mike today DIED. Blah Blah Blah. Ive been looking at your stuff thinking wow this guys onto something here, but when I see you helping promote products like this, and this is not the only one I seriously question your intentions.

    1. Jeff says:

      I purchased the X3 bar after listening to the podcast. It’s awesome. I’m cancelling my gym membership.

  4. John Mills says:

    The biggest complaint on the X3 Bar I’m reading almost everywhere is the $500 price tag. Even a $50 discount isn’t going to help. He’s probably going to have reduce it down to $199 or something to move them. Maybe just selling the bar alone and let others DIY the base and bands? I don’t know. While it does look interesting. I’ve more tools/techniques/methodologies in my training toolbox I know what to do with that can get me similar results. There are dozens of bio-hacking tools to spend that $450 on.

  5. Austin Barbee says:

    Great Podcast and the most costly for me, just ordered one! Super stoked to see how it helps me with Xterra series.

  6. Ludwig says:

    I had actually gotten one of these X3 bars around October 2017, when my gym membership was running out, and I never re-upped at the gym. I use this thing in my office (have a door), and I love it. Plus, I’ve made gains I never experienced before. So I highly recommend this thing. I know it’s a lot to pay, but if you see it as a substitute for several years of a gym membership, with a lot more convenience and time savings, then it starts to make a lot more sense.

  7. Chris M. says:

    Typically I don’t comment, but on this one I have to. A $500. pole with bands and a foot plate, really? Does it come with the magic quartz crystals as well? Even for you Ben, this a stretch, pun intended.

  8. robby says:

    Hey Ben,

    No idea if this would help or not but I have 7 year old twin boys that were diagnosed with constitutional growth delay. Basically they will be short stature and in the zero percentile until sometime in high-school. Not a lot of info out in the web but to really just wait it out. I’m not one to wait it out. If there’s something that is low risk and healthy for the boys to do with a possibility of a extra growth spurt then I’m willing to give it a go.

    I’m wondering if the vibration platform is safe for kids and could help.

    I love the podcasts and any advice would be greatly appreciated!


  9. Nancy Mickelson says:

    I’ve been diagnosed with osteopenia from treatment related to breast cancer. Does the X3 Bar build bone as well as muscle? There are no clinics near me, unfortunately, so I can’t try the Osteogenic loading device at a facility.

  10. Jack says:

    Great podcast! I can’t for the life of me find the literature between layered latex and no latex bands though. Any links?

  11. J says:

    Thanks for a great podcast Ben!

    Would it be possible to get a discount code to for your european listeners?

    1. I'll see what I can do and get back to you.

  12. Bill Montgomery says:

    As someone who was diagnosed with Osteopenia about 8 years ago (doc said cause I am male it is really Osteoporosis because measurements were developed for females) I found this podcast possibly life saving. I emailed the local facility. I wonder if insurance covers any of it? Probably not. It does give me some hope.

    Also want to buy that muscle building X3 Bar, but will need to wait for a while.

    In the last few podcasts I have picked up so much valuable information. The under desk elliptical!!! Another lifesaver. And that cool health retreat in the Alps.

    Thanks Ben!


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