The Next Big Anti-Aging Drug: Everything You Need To Know About “NAD”.

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Scientific American recently published the article “Beyond Resveratrol: The Anti-Aging NAD Fad“, an article that proposes that…

…”recent research suggests it may be possible to reverse mitochondrial decay with dietary supplements that increase cellular levels of a molecule called NAD (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide)”…

…and also that…

…”the mitochondria in muscles of elderly mice were restored to a youthful state after just a week of injections with NMN (nicotinamide mononucleotide), a molecule that naturally occurs in cells and, like NR, boosts levels of NAD”…

Since that article was published I’ve received an onslaught of questions about this mysterious molecule called NAD.

It just so happens that a friend of mine, Thomas Ingoglia, known as one of the best NAD scientists on the planet and is also in contact with the best NAD clinicians on the planet – both with decades of experience second to none. I consider Thomas himself to be one of the most knowledgeable and frequent users of NAD I’ve ever met, and one of the few that has been playing around with NAD in combination with cryotherapy, blueberry extract, hyperbaric oxygen and other “biohacks” to completely turn him around from being bed-ridden sick and losing half his family in a car crash to being in the best health of his life, including crushing his first Spartan race with me last year (prior to which took high doses of NAD).

Problem is, most NAD clinical researchers are all underground at the moment. The FDA doesn’t look kindly at NAD supplement companies and integrative doctors, they are quite skeptical of naturopathy, and their first impulse is to turn these things and others into patentable drugs because that’s the language the FDA speaks. Plus, NAD can be dangerous. Thomas even knows a guy personally (ironically, a Phd in toxicology that poisoned himself due to his own error) who hospitalized himself experimenting with the substances we’re going to be talking about in this podcast episode. So you need to proceed with caution and with the formal clinical information Thomas has opened my eyes to.

Along with Thomas, today’s podcast features Dr. Ross Grant, Phd. Dr. Grant is perhaps the most prolific authors in the field of NAD, and he specializes on NAD in the brain. He started researching NAD research back in 1994 while being laughed at, when no one was doing NAD research.

Dr. Ross Grant is Clinical Associate Professor at the University of Sydney Medical School and CEO of the Australasian Research Institute, Sydney Adventist Hospital. A biochemical pharmacologist with a Ph.D. in Neurochemistry/Neuropharmacology, Dr. Grant’s research is focused on NAD – specifically the role of oxidative stress – e.g. emotional stress, diet, and exercise – and NAD metabolism on brain cell death and cellular degeneration. A secondary interest is in the effect of exposure to novel nutritional components, such as polyphenols, on human cellular response to oxidative stress, with a goal of detecting and correcting early degenerative biochemical changes associated with aging-related degenerative disease.

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Dr. Grant is a member of the Australian Society for Medical Research (ASMR), Australian Neuroscience society (ANS), Australian Society of Clinical & Experimental Pharmacology and Toxicology, Nutrition Society of Australia (NSA). With forty-eight articles published in peer-reviewed scientific journals, Dr. Grant is perhaps the most prolific author in the field of NAD research.

In addition to Dr. Grant, we are joined by Dr. Philip Milgram, MD, from the NAD Treatment Center in San Diego, California. Dr. Milgram recovered from his own challenges with addiction and now helps other people in recovery from addiction, specifically by using NAD protocols. He trained in 1991 with Vernon Johnson, the man who coined the term “Intervention”. He was certified as a Prevention Specialist by the Certifying Board of Alcohol and Drug Counselors (CCBADC) in 2001, and has three degrees in counseling from UCSD; in Counseling and Interpersonal Communication, Alcohol and Drug Counselor and Advanced Intervention.

In addition to NAD Treatment Center, Dr. Milgram served as the original Medical Director of Confidential Recovery and the Pemarro Detox Center. He has also served as the Medical Consultant for The Soledad House Recovery Home for Women and ABC Recovery since they opened. He is a member of the attending staff at Scripps Memorial Hospital in La Jolla and Board Certified in Obstetrics and Gynecology. Dr. Milgram is a member of The American Society of Addiction Medicine, the California Association of Addiction Medicine, International Doctors in AA, Like-Minded Docs Addiction Medicine, The American College of Preventive Medicine, the American Society of Anti-Aging Medicine, and the American Nutraceutical Association.

During our discussion, you’ll discover:

-An easy explanation of what exactly NAD is and what it does inside your body…

-The protocol Thomas used to go from being addicted to opiates and chronically fatigued to completely healed…

-How NAD can break addictions to alcohol, food, opiates and more…

-The relationship between anti-aging and NAD…

-The important difference between Nicotinamide Riboside vs. Nicotinamide (NMN) vs. NAD+…

-The best way to “flood your body” with NAD, and why grapes and blueberries are so important when it comes to your NAD levels…

-What kind of compounds, foods and lifestyle strategies enhance the effect of NAD…

-How NAD can increase your time to exhaustion during exercise by over 15%…

-How Thomas used NAD to enhance his performance in a Spartan race…

-The best way to test your own NAD levels…

-How NAD can be used in the treatment of Lyme Disease…

-The best resource for people to delve more into NAD research…

-And much more!

Resources from this episode:

Nicotinamide supplements (be careful with dosage on this, as we discuss in podcast!)
Nicotinamide Riboside supplements (dosage also discussed in podcast)
Thorne Resveracel (resveratol + NAD)
NAD⁺ infusions are an experimental treatment, and do not have FDA approval and haven’t been fully evaluated. To the best of our knowledge there are no lasting problems. This IV therapy has been around for decades but it has mostly been underground. Over ten thousand patients have had NAD⁺ intravenous treatment  but this is not a panacea and not everyone is going to have positive results.
Do you have questions, comments or feedback for Dr. Grant, Dr. Mingram, Thomas Ingoglia or me? Leave your thoughts below and one of us will reply!

69 thoughts on “The Next Big Anti-Aging Drug: Everything You Need To Know About “NAD”.

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Has NAD been tried yet to treat COPD? I have COPD, have never smoked, but have had numerous pneumonias, including fungal infections, so there is a lot of scar tissue. I currently use oxygen for sleep and for exercise, and I can tell that my strength and endurance have decreased in the past few months.

  2. Jack Black says:

    These NAD IV clinics in the USA are all part of the William Hitt clan. William Hitt was a Quack and a fraud. Contact Attorney Jenelle C Prins for more information on him. I’d stay far away from these NAD IV clinics.

    “California attorney Jenelle C Prins, who has investigated Hitt, reports that “William Hitt does not have any undergraduate or medical degrees. In 1987 he was sued by the State of Texas, Case No 87 27882, for fraudulent practices. In sworn documents filed with the court, he admitted that he had no degrees of any type (except for one from what Hitt called ‘a paper mill’, known as Walden College).” Prins reports that the University of Colorado, where Hitt once claimed to have been awarded an MD in 1952, “has no record of him”.

    And what of that Nobel Prize? Hitt claims to have won the Nobel Peace Prize while a member of the International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War. This is false, she says.

    The International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War corresponded with me and stated that Hitt had never been a member. Hitt has recently changed his story to say he was a member of the Mexican delegation to the International Physicians et al, but I checked this claim as well and it is also false.”

    Hitt claims to have won a “prestigious Eli Lily Award and several other awards. “I called Eli Lily and spoke with a woman there who researched Hitt’s claim,” says Prins. “First, Eli Lilly does not give out a prize. They do, however, provide grants, but no grant was ever awarded to Hitt.”

    “We learnt of his falsity when one of my clients returned from treatment for Hepatitis C in Mexico,” says Prins. “When she went to her regular doctor to check her viral load, her levels were higher than when she went to Mexico.” Prins says that in this and several other cases, “Hitt doctored test results”…”

    The James Randi Educational Foundation

    1. Jack Black says:

      The South African’s and Dr. Abram Hoffer were the ones who started NAD therapy. You can download a NAD therapy Manual from this website

  3. Anne C Murphy says:

    I can attest that NAD/niagen oral supplementation @ 1,000mg a day, combined with pterostibine and A catalyst (I’d name but the FCC would kill me), was probably the most game changing for me over the past five years. I do see how it fixes dopamine imbalances, increases stamina and serves as an overall regenerator. For anybody who has ever struggled with chronic fatigue, Lyme etc., it also appears to give a mitochondrial regenerative boost that is sorely needed in those I’ve recommended to. I’m not sold on IVs. 20,000 dollars is ludacris. I’ve seen the studies with oral supplementation and I’m convinced if it does not work at the 250 dose, to go up to the 1 g. I’m on a high dose again recovering from a concussion, love the recovery time and am sold. Best content on the Internet as usual too, BG (Murph)

    1. Jack Black says:


      Truthfully I think these NAD IV therapy clinics should be shut down. For one they say they are in brain restoration and charge $1000-1300 a day but they do NOT even measure NAD or neurotransmitter levels before or after treatment. They are just ripping off affluent families with junkies at this point. Sure a junkie will say he feels better after 10 days of treatment but what are his ACTUAL NAD or Neurotransmitter levels post treatment? Until these clinics start doing clinical trials showing actual DATA I’d stay away from them. Yes they MIGHT help but charging $1300 a day for what $75-100 at most for supplements is ridicules.

    2. Rodney Bridges says:

      Anne can you give us a hint what the catalyst you use is?

  4. This podcast was the 1st I’ve listened to that actually answered the exact questions I had, and presented clear answers that guided my decisions. I’ve begun taking Niacel based on getting the information I was seeking. I appreciate the presentation of cutting edge research translated into user friendly, specific information. The overall discussion helped me understand and distinguish the reasons for and against choosing the products. I come from an all medical family, including 2 of my own sons who are physicians. I am the one the family depends on for supplement and cutting age research, and this podcast gave me confidence in my recommendation to my family of NAD.

  5. Mary Jean Flood says:

    My husband has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. He is and has always been into physical fitness. We want to protect his cognitive functions.What brand of NAD is the best or would you suggest a NAD treatment center for I V NAD near Louisville Kentucky.

    1. Hi Mary Jean, I would suggest you have a listen to the podcast above and then check out the resources section for the brands I recommend as they are all in there. Hope that helps!

  6. Olwen McNeill says:


    I am contacting you for my 72 year old father, he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s just over two years ago now. Before this he was incredibly fit and healthy.

    I want to know if this treatment can help with a condition like this?

    1. Contact Tom via his website above. He will fill you in. He has some very good ideas about Parkinson's for sure. I am not a doctor and this is not to be taken, interpreted or construed as medical advice. Please talk with a licensed medical professional about this. These are just my own personal thoughts and not a prescription or a diagnosis or any form of health care whatsoever.

  7. Jonathan says:

    Hi Guys,

    Great show, while listening to the information about NAD and how it helps with oxidative stress, I wonder if this would be helpful to someone with Cystic Fibrosis, as the lungs are constantly being damaged and this may help?

  8. christian j pasquariello says:

    I wouldn’t discount oral NAD either. I used Jarrow’s NAD for three days and was able to cut my opiate intake in half during those three days with ZERO consequences, and I’m talking a long acting opiate not a short acting one, the long being much tougher to taper/quit. I’m now taking half of what I was and am trying to figure out if I should stop the NAD for a week, then blast it again or keep taking it daily?

  9. solomon bashi says:

    Is there a difference between Nicotinamide Mononucleotide (NMN) and Nicotinamide such as in the below link:….

  10. dana mcdonald says:

    my son is 32 and 6 yrs ago doctors got him on benzos for anxiety which started in early childhood….with no warnings of what was to come….he now struggles with extreme anxiety and depression…we are looking for something to literally save his life….will NAD help…

    1. Hmm…for anxiety CBD might be more up your alley. Check this out:

  11. steph says:

    Brand new research on human trials says oral worked well… which is in direct conflict to what the guy on this podcast kept saying…

    “Each participant received single oral doses of 100 mg, 300 mg, or 1,000 mg of NR in a different sequence with a seven-day gap between doses. After each dose, blood and urine samples were collected and analyzed by Brenner’s lab to measure various NAD+ metabolites in a process called metabolomics. The trial showed that the NR vitamin increased NAD+ metabolism by amounts directly related to the dose, and there were no serious side effects with any of the doses.” “This trial shows that oral NR safely boosts human NAD+ metabolism,”…

  12. george stanko says:

    Does NAD HELP WITH Dimentia?

  13. Lana Fatima Djagaeva says:


    I’m holistic RN and just been expose to NAD info and it fascinates me.

    How can I get trained and help people that so much in physical and emotional pain.

    I’m all about alternatives.


  14. Kate says:

    If we live in Sydney can we somehow volunteer to be involved in dr grants trials?

    1. You best contact him directly about this one!

      1. Ben,

        I’m at the right now. It’s my second day. I’m here for mental clarity. I have been taking prescribed Adderrall for the last 5 years and my focus deteriorated over the years due to inconsistent generic Adderall. Blue Cross sent me a letter stating that they would pay for name brand Adderall because they were noticing problems with their insured members. I decided to stop that poison all together. NAD_+ is the real deal. My focus has already returned, but I’m going to stay two more days to solidify my gains. I met you at the 1st bulletproof conference and I am the guy that Ted Harty mentioned regarding Wim Hof in your podcast on freediving. I was trained my him a couple of years ago. You are killing it with your latest podcasts. Keep up the good work. If you will be at the BP conference in Pasadena next month I hope I get to say thanks. You and Dave are helping millions. Cheers. PS. For your audience. Keto-salts blow adderall away. Can’t wait for keto-esters to hit the market. Please let me know when they do. I’m sure you’re on top of that subject. Thanks again!!

  15. Craig says:

    Very interesting.

    Coupla questions.

    Just outta curiosity, what sort of dosages are being administered intravenously?

    Did I hear right that they were a 7hr drip?

    It was mentioned how one person hospitalised himself. Where there any specifics on how he did this?

  16. Roni says:

    I wanted to know if anyone has every used the NAD to treat severe concussions?

    1. Yes, Springfield Wellness Clinic (who we consult with) has had some experience with concussions. Paraphrasing Springfield: “We have certainly had a few patients with concussions. We had a patient with nine concussions. He had considerable damage to his eyes (detached retina). He had a tremendous response from the IV NAD. We also have had an NFL football player get success.”

  17. René Pothetes says:

    A GREAT podcast Ben. I love the quality of guest and information you continue to share.

    Based on the 500-1000mg daily recommended dose of NAD Riboside – which brand are you going to try ?

    1. Probably Niacell but stay tuned.. <a href="http:// .“ target=”_blank”> <a href="http://.” target=”_blank”>.

      1. imoseyon says:

        That’s exactly what i ordered after listening to your podcast. :)

  18. Jennifer Ortiz says:

    Thanks for the information. How does this all tie into your discussions about large does niacin/sauna protocol for detox?

    1. Different effect between niacin and NAD. I'd still use the protocol at for the sauna stuff…

  19. Leila Fahim says:

    Hi Ben

    Thanks for the great podcast!

    What do you recommend for skin reaction, flushing, and tingling from Vit B3 Supp other than taking it with food?

  20. Phil Krueger says:

    Hi Ben, Great podcast!!! I am interested in the supplement therapy. Are there any guidelines that would help align us to right dosages or caveats that tell us we are taking too much?

    Thank you,
    Phil Krueger

  21. gina says:

    I know there are products on the market, for example Elysium, but I thought they said it doesn’t work taken internally, except by IV or shot? Did I understand that incorrectly?

  22. Brent says:

    I want to hear more on MTHFR ( have the gene thats means i need more Methylated B Vitamins ) and NAD
    he started to talk about it and then went on to something else.

  23. Pam says:

    Would this product be good for chronic insomnia?

    1. Again, research needs to be done.

      We see that sleep patterns get reset in clinical practice with NAD+ IV administration. Definitely. We personally have had an improvement in sleep with NAD therapy at the NAD Treatment Center (

      On a theoretical level, Dr. Ross Grant thinks that sleep cycles are connected to NAD levels as well. For a heavier explanation, he cited the following: “In the suprachiasmatic nucleus, biological rhythms are maintained by a central clock of around 20,000 pacemaker neurons.¹ These neurons can degenerate with age and oxidative stress. NAMPT/NAD drives the circadian clock feedback cycle through SIRT1 and Clock:BMAL1². As the NAD levels oscillate over the circadian cycle the activity of SIRT1 oscillates linking the metabolic state of the cell through an epigenetic mechanism to the circadian clock.¹”

      In other words, NAD might be epigenetically running our internal clock.

      1. Nature Reviews Neuroscience 14, 69-75 (January 2013)

      2. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta [2010, 1804(8):1584-1590]

      There are over 100 cited causes of insomnia. It seems that NAD administration is extremely effective in many of these causation so, and less effective in others; for example in some psychiatric states.

      But someone ought to do a study on NAD levels in that part in the brain before and after NAD administration. There are over 100 cited causes of insomnia. It seems that NAD administration is extremely effective in many of these causation so, and less effective in others; for example in some psychiatric states.

  24. John gillen says:

    Well done Ben great work regards to Ross if you talking to him as your comments continue to grow thought I would let you know I have been treating clients with intravenous NAD+ in London for over 4 yrs at or best regards. John Gillen Director.

  25. Jill Baillio says:

    Great podcast! I’ve been wanting to try Nicotinamide Riboside for a while but have some MTHFR mutations that give me pause. Would supplementing with Nicotinamide Riboside have an adverse impact on methylation? My (possibly uninformed) understanding is that Niacin reduces methylation. For people who are undermethylators would this be a problem or is this different enough from Niacin not to be so?

  26. Todd G Holubitsky says:

    Great podcast as usual. What about the intra nasal form?

    1. Contact or 844-NAD-PLUS for further details.

  27. gina says:

    Ben correct me if I’m wrong but the Thorne Niasafe is not the form of NAD that’s recommended for home use/

    1. No it is not. That would be resveracell. Niasafe would be for niacin/sauna hack I talk about at

  28. DANIEL L SHEEHAN says:

    Check out Elysium Basis at

    Nicotinamide Riboside and Pterostilbene supplement.

    My experience (n=1) is positive after 4 months.

  29. Alistair says:

    Ben, another great podcast. Your recent podcasts have all been interesting and it seems they’ve been building on each other, with cross overs here and there and this one was just, well, stunningly informative. Ever since I’ve read so much about this stuff to gain further understanding and something jumped out at me…….since you are very open with your blood results and tests, your recent cortisol podcast for example……thought I’d run this past you……

    You’ve said that you have high cortisol and had various other markers tested to try to pin down what may be the cause. One of the hacks you do is infra red sauna and high dose niacin. It was noted on the podcast by one of your guests that niacin is a precursor to NAD but too much of it can block sirt 1, so inhibiting the effects of NAD…not the desired outcome. I’ve read that high dose niacin can also lead to insulin resistance, notably in the liver and to liver dysfunction. You’ve commented that you have a genetic predisposition potentially to diabetes and on your cortisol podcast your guest analysing some of your bio markers suggested possibly a problem in your liver for further investigation. I’m only putting this to you as you’ve shared so much of your blood work with listeners that it appears I have access to your medical records! You no doubt will be aware of this but maybe not and thought it may be a useful experiment for you to try……..quit the high dose niacin and re-test possibly? Possibly not, too, I know. I’ve overdosed on your podcasts recently and geeked out too much maybe? But maybe there is a link? Anyway, looking forward to your next show……cheers

    1. Yes, I will be retesting, etc. Stay tuned!

  30. Tammy Trew says:

    Hi Ben- fellow Washingtonian (:

    I just wanted to tell you that this has to be one of my most favorite and informative podcasts that I have heard from you so far! I cannot thank you enough for this information. I have recently been reading about NAD+ and have been curious but to hear about it from two amazing experts and then the testimonial from someone who has improved their health greatly from it was incredibly interesting and makes me hopeful. I have been suffering from chronic fatigue for a while now, my sister has fibromyalgia and ankelosing spondylitis for which she has been taking pain medicine (opioids) for quite a long time. Both of us also suffer from MTHFR so this podcast was very interesting for both of us. Will be keeping an eye out to see if anyone up here is doing this intravenously!

    1. In our opinion, NAD therapy is extremely efficacious for those who take opiates. We shot this video yesterday. This patient was a listener of Ben Greenfield’s podcast and has just finished treatment of NAD therapy for opiate use. We see tremendous responses with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue. Feel free to contact the NAD treatment center ( for more details. He is so satisfied with the results, that he is willing to talk to others about his experience.

  31. Greg says:

    Thank you Ben, and your guests, for another thought provoking podcast. It was mentioned the nicotinamide on its own is dose dependent, too much can inhibit certain pathways but the right dosage increases NAD. The better oral supp being the riboside variant. If looking to increase NAD+ without nicotinamide supps another precursor that was mentioned is vitamin B3. So could high doses of vitamin B3 in food or as a supp achieve the same thing… stimulate a natural production of NAD+, in otherwise healthy people? High dose IV NAD+ is recommended to swamp the body for people with ill health but in healthy people, not necessary, maybe? Or is vitamin B3 too dose dependent, too much causing inhibition of similar pathways that nicotinamide interrupts? Looking forward to your next podcast………thank you

  32. Miles Pelton says:

    Has research on NAD evaluated the reaction on persons afflicted with Fluoroquinolone Toxicity (adverse reaction to fluoroquinolone antibiotics)?

    1. Tom Ingoglia says:

      To date there is no published research on IV NAD therapy and fluoroquinolone toxicity, an adverse reaction to synthetic antibiotics called fluoroquinolones (eg. cipro, levequin). And some have theorized that FQ toxicity is linked to mitochondrial dysfunction. However, the NAD Treatment Center has treated patients with fluoroquinolone toxicity. Hear Case Mandel’s road to recovery from fluoroquinolone toxicity.

  33. Jon says:

    Ben, great podcast. Do your guests have any thoughts about oxaloacetate? Dave Asprey promotes it. I think it also goes by the name of BenaGene.

    1. Joe says:

      I was wondering about this as well.

  34. Mike says:

    I’m still a little confused about the difference between Nicotinamide, Nicotinamide Riboside, NAD, NAD+, etc. Is it all the same thing?

    1. Tom Ingoglia says:


      Nicotinamide and nicotinamide riboside (NR) are both precursors to NAD, as well as nicotinic acid and tryptophan. There are various reasons why the metabolic pathway for tryptophan to NAD is inferior.

      NAD is the same thing as NAD+. Also, NADH is the reduced form of NAD. That is, it’s the used up version. The different forms of NAD mentioned are metabolized and absorbed differently through the digestive system.

      Nicotinamide riboside seems to be the most bioavailable form through the small intestine, but this process isn’t 100% efficient. Plus, supplementation of NR does not have a long history of decades like NAD+ but has a lot of recent human studies. There is also a major issue relating to the salvage pathway of NR. This can limit not only sirtuins produced. The problem with NR is that it lacks the adenine and the dinucleotide. People still feel the response of NR (for example, greater energy or depression relief).

      NAD treatment Center feels, intravenous NAD is far superior. IV NAD by-passes the digestive process by administering the NAD straight into the circulatory system. This allows the NAD to reach the cells directly and promptly. Plus, the dose in the IV is much higher. True, NAD lacks some human research, but there have been tens of thousands of people that have done NAD IV therapy because it does not need FDA approval since it is a natural vitamin.

      Finally, the clinic thinks the responses many people have from NAD is just so much more positive. People report long-term (years) positive benefit: physical energy, daily mental energy, anxiety, depression, drug craving help, pain minimization among others.

      See for yourself:

  35. Derek says:

    So the supplements mentioned in the episode are Nicotinamide and Nicotinamide Riboside… but if I go to amazon or iherb and search for “nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide”, there are products that contain just Panmol, which is:

    “NADH (Reduced Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide), is the metabolically active form of Vitamin B3, also known as Niacin. NADH is essential for the production of cellular energy (ATP) from glucose and fat. Therefore, the more NADH a cell has available, the more energy it has available to operate with optimal efficiency. NADH is also directly involved in neurotransmitter production, the maintenance of genetic integrity, and the support of proper immune system function. Although NADH is normally unstable outside of the body, Panmol NADH uses a patented process to naturally preserve its effectiveness, thereby delivering stable and bioavailable NADH to the body.”

    Any thoughts on this type of supplement vs the two Nicotinamides mentioned in the podcast?

    1. NAD can be supplemented through several products. Be careful because there are differences between claims and products. NAD levels can be increased with Nicotinamide Riboside and is generally poorly absorbed with oral NAD. NAD is available in a high quality product through a pharmacy in Louisiana via an intranasal spray, and an oral NAD preparation. You require a doctor’s prescription. Dr. Milgram, from The NAD Treatment Center can usually authorize this product for those who request it, after answering a few questions. It is apparent that, in most cases, just oral or intranasal supplementation is inadequate to restore initial depleted NAD levels. Patients generally have had significant improvement only after an initial flooding with NAD by intravenous administration, followed by oral or intranasal therapy with known high quality NAD supplement. These are protocols provided by only a few clinics in the USA. Be careful not to use NADH, and there are products which provide very little NAD through the oral route.

  36. James says:

    So how does Elysium’s supplement rank as far as these NAD supplements go?

  37. Derek says:

    Great podcast!

    But a bit complex for laypeople… do you have a few bullet points on how-to-supplement-NAD-for-dummies?

    1. We actually discuss this during the episode in terms of dosage, etc. for the supplements I have listed in the resources, but Thomas may have more tips….

      1. James says:

        Thanks for the podcast, Ben. Have you seen Thorne Research new NAD supplement? I am wondering if there is any promise to it.

        1. quite possibly…I'm looking into it so stay tuned!

    2. Jared says:

      I was wondering the same thing it would be cool to have the details of the dosage info side noted I got confused between the two types and then considers I might have to listen all over again and or scroll around to figure those details

  38. Linda says:

    What is the Dr.’s name in Louisana regarding NAD – NMN? Can’t figure out how to spell it to look it up.

    1. Dr. Richard Mestayer’s clinic is located in Louisiana. Their website is: .

      Thanks to his wife, Paula Norris Mestayer, a psychotherapist, Springfield Wellness Center has the longest running clinic providing NAD in the USA. Paula is the pioneer that helped introduce NAD to America in 2001. About 1,000 patients have come through their doors. The NAD Treatment Center ( works with Dr. Mestayer to continuously improve NAD treatment protocols for various clinical indications and further research in NAD therapies.

  39. Jeremy C says:

    is it possible to get NAD intravenously in Australia?


    1. Alicia says:

      I also would like contact info for the doc in Louisiana.

    2. It’s not currently available in Australia. It’s not approved by the Australian government and importation is illegal. Hopefully, the Australian government will change that since Australia is leading some of the research in NAD⁺.

  40. Angela says:

    Hey Ben —

    Loved the podcast– really interesting stuff! The Dr’s mentioned in the podcast that there are some human clinical trials coming up testing the NAD infusions. It there more information about enrollment in those trials or where they may be held? I haven’t checked their websites yet so I’ll look there but I was just looking for a little more info . Thanks for all you do!! Love your show

    1. Clinical trials are in their early stages. The NAD Treatment Center will be involved in these studies. You can contact them at and leave them your contact information and they will contact you when clinical trials begin.

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