12 Dietary Supplements That Can Massively Control Your Most Intense Carbohydrate Cravings.

chocolate croissant

On Wednesday's podcast episode “Skinny People Just Don't Get It”, I interviewed a bariatric surgeon about ways to control appetite cravings. He had some good advice, but frankly I was surprised that he didn't really talk about how effective nutrition supplements and dietary aids can be for for controlling appetite and carbohydrate cravings.

After all, I used to work in a French bakery in Moscow, Idaho (yes, paradoxical).

We served piping hot chocolate croissants every morning.

And homemade granola, fresh pizza for lunch, warm, salted baguettes, chewy sourdough, and basically the best-tasting carbohydrates you've ever had.

I wished I knew then what I reveal in this post, because I'm going to fill you in on 12 dietary supplements that can help to control carbohydrate cravings.

Whether you're trying to cut carbohydrates out of your diet completely…

…slightly lower your carbohydrate intake…

…shift your body into fat burning mode…

…ensure that the carbohydrates you eat do less damage…

…or simply reduce the urge to snack at night…

…these supplements are good tools to use.

Let's get started. If you have questions, just leave them below in the comments section – and please remember that none of this information is meant to be medical advice.

Carb Craving Supplement #1: Vitamin B. Inadequate utilization of the carbohydrates that you are eating can make you feel like you simply need to eat more carbohydrates, so you can take a Vitamin B complex to help with carbohydrate metabolism so you make better use of the carbs you do have. A fat soluble form of Vitamin B can work better than the typically sold water soluble form, and a fat soluble form would be the  vitamin B derivatives called allithiamine and benfotiamine. You can take about 100-250mg of these fat soluble forms daily. In addition, to stop the damaging “glycation” reactions that can take place when dietary carbohydrates react with proteins in the body, you can also take about 50-100mg daily of vitamin B6 pyridoxine, which most multi-vitamins contain (and meal replacement powders like LivingFuel SuperGreens).

Carb Craving Supplement #2: Resveratrol. You may be familiar with this as the component of red wine and grapes that has been proven to increase lifespan in laboratory mice, but it is less know for it's ability to improve insulin sensitivity, which means that your body is better able to upload glucose into muscle tissue for storage energy. To improve insulin sensitivity, you'd need about 100mg per day of resveratrol. To get my resveratrol hit, I personally mix Solar Synergy in a glass of water a few times a week. Be sure to get the “trans” form of resveratrol, which is the only truly effective form.

Carb Craving Supplement #3: CoEnzymeQ10. Also known as ubiquinone, this key component of your cell's energy producing powerhouses (the mitochondria) is critical to improving your carbohydrate utilization. Many multi-vitamins and supplements have this already added in, so check your labels. I personally take “Race Caps”, from Hammer Nutrition, which is a good, high quality form of CoQ10 (use 15% referral discount code 80244). Take about 80-300mg daily.

Carb Craving Supplement #4: Fish Oil. Similar to resveratrol, the way that a high quality fish oil will help with appetite or carbohydrate cravings is that it enhances insulin sensitivity. I highly recommend you choose a triglyceride form of fish oil, like Living Fuel Super Essentials Omega. The triglyceride form of fish oil is more expensive, but it is far more well-absorbed and better utilized compared to it's inferior “ethyl ester” form.

Carb Craving Supplement #5: Neurotransmitter and brain support supplements. So if you're highly stressed, you do a lot of emotional eating, and you find yourself chewing your fingernails to the bone because you're craving carbohydrates so badly at night, you likely need a bit of a brain fix. Supplements that literally tell your brain to settle down and quit craving carbohydrates include: L-glutamine (or you can just take a whole amino acid supplement like Master Amino Pattern), gamma-aminobutyric acid (also known as GABA), and D-phenylalanine. I'm a big fan of using Somnidren GH for the latter two (be sure to take it on an empty stomach before bed at night). Incidentally, these will also work pretty well for alcohol cravings.

Carb Craving Supplement #6: Gymnema Sylvestre. This stuff is pretty potent at reducing carbohydrate cravings. I am hesitant to recommend it to anyone with medical conditions, as I'm not certain of cross interactions with medications or medical conditions, but in a normal, healthy individual it will stop carb cravings in their tracks. If you put the powder on your tongue, it will make sugar taste like chalk. The only issue is that you need quite a bit to be effective, preferably about 4 GRAMS (not milligrams) three times per day.

Carb Craving Supplement #7: L-tryptophan. Steer clear of this stuff if you're taking antidepressants, but this is the same substance that is found in smaller quantities in turkey meat and milk, and makes you tired after a big meal. It can be helpful in reducing carbohydrate cravings, and would also be found in a whole amino acid supplement like Master Amino Pattern. To reduce carbohydrate cravings, you'd want to take about 500-1500mg per day.

Carb Craving Supplement #8: Lipase. Lipase, which is found in many digestive enzyme supplements, is a common deficiency in people who have blood sugar fluctuations, and it can also helps break down fat and burn fat as a fuel. Rather than just getting an isolated form of lipase, I recommend you simply use a good digestive enzyme supplement immediately prior to your 2 biggest meals of the day, like lunch and dinner. I'm a big fan of Caprazyme, which is made by the same company that makes the resveratrol containing Solar Synergy.

Carb Craving Supplement #9: L-carnosine. As mentioned earlier, when you consume carbohydrates, you create a lot of metabolically damaging compounds “advanced glycation end-products” (appropriately abbreviated “AGEs”), and especially if you're coming off a high carbohydrate diet, you should include supplements that keep any carbohydrates that you do take in from causing glycation. Take about 500-1000mg, 1-2x daily to stave off glycation.

Carb Craving Supplement #10: Acetyl-L-Carnitine. Not to be confused with L-carnosine, this is an acetylated form of L-Carnitine, which is formed by amino acids, and it is better utilized by your body than regular ol' L-Carnitine. It's role is to help transport fatty acids into your cell's mitochondria for energy use, so it can basically help you switch over to burning fats as a fuel. You'd want to take about 500-2000mg daily.

Carb Craving Supplement #11: Chromium. Chromium assists with glucose metabolism, which is how you use carbohydrates as a fuel. It may also help to improve your insulin sensitivity. My favorite source of it is in the supplement Thermofactor, which also contains vanadium, which acts similarly to chromium. You'd simply take 1-2 capsules of Thermofactor prior to lunch and 1-2 capsules prior to dinner.

Carb Craving Supplement #12: Lipoic Acid. Take Lipoic Acid to assist with blood sugar stabilization and also to speed up carbohydrate utilization. It is in most antioxidant supplements, and my favorite sources is the meal replacement powder LivingFuel SuperGreens or LivingFuel SuperBerry. You'd need about 50-250mg Lipoic Acid daily to control carbohydrate cravings.

That's about it.

Armed with this knowledge, you can now walk into your local bakery and laugh in the face of the chocolate croissants.

If you have questions, just leave them below in the comments section, and also be sure to check out these other articles:

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  1. How does the capsule form of Gymnema Sylvestre work? Any info you can give me would be great. Good or bad – dosage suggestions, etc

  2. Where can I purchase the products that u mentioned that u take…thank u very much for this information, I’v been fighting this battle for many years but just now thought to google it… Thank you, I’ll certainally give them a try….

  3. Hi there, LGlutamine wasnt mention, apparently this amino acid is crucial for sugar addiction. I eat great all day, but after 10pm i can consume 1 to 2 blocks of chocolate.

  4. Hello thanks for writting this informative article. My question is, are you to take all these supplements together or pick one or two to take? I struggle everyday with binge eating carbs or sugar! I can go all day with out any, but if I know there is ice cream in the fridge, cookies in the pantry, etc I gorge until I’m so full it hurts. I feel like eating disorders that do not fall under either Anorexia nervosa or bulimia it Is not given as much attention. I feel that binge eating, emotional eating, over eating and giving into food cravings, should be treated like the above disorders. They’re will be days where I may not have had any type of carb/sugar but then a craving hits and it’s all I can think about, it’s my every thought. I can’t concentrate cuz in thinking about that sundae in the freezer, or the chocolate cake in the break room. I turn into a fend withdrawing from heroine! My attitude changes, my family throws food at me to stop being B!tchy, and I’ll cry at night sometimes cuz i just want a cookie! Ahhhhh but some would say”them just eay the cookie?!” Not me, I can’t eat just the cookie, I eat the WHOLE box! I’ve tried everything! Currently I’m talking Adipex and I’ve lost 20lbs, but I’ve hit a plateau, I’m not gaining or losing. I will ruin everything I’ve lost this far if I continue to fight with my food cravings as I do. I wish they had a good rehab where they take ppl and detox them from sugar, fats, carbs, and restart them on a well balanced diet. Have them take classes on how to eat what to eat, how to buy food, how to eat out, what to do if your fall of the wagon, send you to therapy and put you through an exercise program and teach you how to continue on once your “90” days was up. Have a sponsor and a counselor for accountability, and make it affordable!!!!! Instead you have ppl like me who try evrry diet in history and fail, try every supplement and fail, try using a Trainor go broke even into debt and still fail, No one is given or taught the tools necessary for success unless you have money to spend. Let’s face it, the ppl who struggle the most have the least amount to spend. It’s frustrating to say the least

    1. Would love to schedule a consultation but that is not in my budget. I will try your supplements as suggested as see what happens. Thank you

  5. Hi, thanks for your interesting article. Could you give me some advice? I am a single full time working mum with hashimoto thyroid for the past ten years regulated with elteixin. I have managed my weight well with healthy eating and staying away from sweets and gluten. However past 8 months, I am giving in to chocolate cravings and have put more than seven kilos during this time and I don’t know why but I lost my willpower to resist tee cravings. Could you suggest something’s to stop my cravings as it has a bad effect on my health too. Thanks a lot.

  6. Hello, thanks for the article. I could really use some advice. I am a single mum of four and working full time and I have always kept my weight to a low.

    I have also managed with my Hashimoto thyroid for past ten years with Elteixin, but for the past 8 months, pressure has been too much with work and other and I started eating chocolate so much and have gained six kilos and can’t stop as I am craving it so much. Nothing helps. And it is getting worse. And I don’t want to let myself go. I need some help to curb my appetite please :-(

  7. I had knee replacement surgery May 2016 and prior to that my doctor suggested I have genetic testing done. (The only relief I get for any pain is massive doses of ibuprofen, no other pain meds work on me (hydrocodone, oxycontin, morphine, tramadol, etc. are ineffective). The pain meds the testing showed might possibly work on me were sedatives (Butrans, Suboxone, Nucynta) but all they did was cause heaviness of limbs and caused me to gasp for air (I have severe sleep apnea). The genetic testing also showed I was missing a folic acid gene so I have to take prescription strength L-Methylfola. I’m on Lisinopril, Spironolactone, Metformin, Wellbutrin (only the 150 mg works on me, anything higher causes bad side effects), and prescription strength Omeprazole due to having a hiatal hernia. Most OTC diet pills and prescription diet pills affect my heart (I have PVC’s). I’m unable to take antihistamines or steroids in any form because I’m allergic to them. What, if anything, could possibly help me with my cravings for carbs and sugar? I can’t use any artificial sweeteners, including Stevia, because they make me crave sugar and carbs even more.

    1. I am not a doctor and this is not to be taken, interpreted or construed as medical advice. Please talk with a licensed medical professional about this. These are just my own personal thoughts and not a prescription or a diagnosis or any form of health care whatsoever. I would highly, highly recommend that A) you watch this video: and B) know that in their pure and clean forms what you have listed does not appear in any research of which I'm aware to interfere with antidepressants.

    2. I am not a doctor and this is not to be taken, interpreted or construed as medical advice. Please talk with a licensed medical professional about this. These are just my own personal thoughts and not a prescription or a diagnosis or any form of health care whatsoever. I would highly, highly recommend that A) you watch this video: and B) know that in their pure and clean forms what you have listed does not appear in any research of which I'm aware to interfere with antidepressants.

  8. Also, ice cream…something about ice cream at night makes me feel happy…but not better.

    Those are the only sweets I crave.


  9. Hello Ben,

    I’ve read through the questions posted and didn’t see anything directly related to my situation so I’ll ask…I have a severe sugar addiction particularly in the form of Dr Pepper..I’m a very busy single mom…I work full time, attend grad school and do practicum on top of being a pretty involved mom. Somewhere along the way, I started supplementing dr pepper for meals…got the calories in and the sugar/caffeine boost. When I eat, I eat quality meals consisting of veggies and chicken, fruits and natural yogurts. But the soda plagues me. I’m about 140 pounds overweight and the doc tells me I’m prediabetic. I don’t like pills nor surgeries so I refuse to go that route. I was looking into the max100…its a bit pricey but if it helps me cut out soda, it would be worth it. What do you think? I also have some anxiety related to PTSD so I know my adrenals are whacked out and soda provides zero benefit there. I’ve tried so many things but can’t seem to shake the dr pepper monkey. Any advice is greatly appreciated.



    1. Yes, MPX 100 would be a perfect choice for this I also recommend a really good gum like "simply gum" <a href="http:// (” target=”_blank”> <a href="http://(” target=”_blank”>( along with some really good sparkling water like Pellegrino or Perrier … That's how I weaned myself off of a diet soda addiction.

  10. I’ve been taking Kelp and let me say….it has worked for my overall appetite. I take one pill(600mg) in the afternoon around 2-3pm, only because I do great during the day, but nights, I’m the worst. It helps with my mental clarity as well. I use to say “ummm” every other word and would start a sentence and totally forget what I was even saying. Now I’m a lot sharper than I use to be. If anyone has any more info on this particular supplement, it is welcomed. Thanks!

  11. I am 53 and have always been some degree of overweight. I am disabled due to back issues, and diagnosed with BAD, but currently not medicated for it. I am an emotional eater, doesn’t have to be carbs, I need the chewing and the fullness. Feel like I have a chemical imbala6, looking for supplements to calm my brain and take away the cravings. Thougts,?

    1. Sorry, BPD-Bipolar Disorder. Also, I tend to eat pretty clean, try to keep carbs minimal, little if any processed food…exercise is a challenge, but I bike several times a week and go to the gym when I can. Thanks!

  12. Ben, do you have a suggestion for a product available commercially (e.g., brand of product and name of the product) that contains several (or all) of these supplements? It’s pretty daunting to try to purchase 8-10 supplements to take each day. Your advice is much appreciated.

  13. Ben- I was diagnosed with hyperthyroid issue. I have gained well over 20 pounds! I have carb and sugar cravings and loss of energy! I have always been overweight but could run 5k’s- since diagnoses with thyroid I lack energy and focus! I’m exasperated and frustrated- can you guide I. The right direction to get control back over my health? I need energy, help with cravings and help with losing weight and getting my focus back. I appreciate your help.

  14. Hi Ben. I have extremely high sugar/carb cravings. I am on Wellbutrin & Klonopin for anxiety. What vitamins/supplements can I take with my medications? I’ve had these intense cravings for years and my weight has skyrocketed :(

  15. Which Fish Oil supplement is least fishy tasting. I have reflux issues, and even my favorite brand now causes problems.

    Any tips?

  16. Hi Ben. I have read your article, questions and feedback. I have a urge to eat dry Oatmeal. I eat it by the Cupfull and sometimes after a meal. I also eat it as meal replacement sometimes. Unfortunately I have had undesired weight increase. I am also border line Anemic. I would like to know what supplement do you recommend to stop this crazing.

  17. Hi Ben. I have read your article and some of the questions and feedback. I know this sounds unusual but I have a Urge to eat dry Oatmeal by the Cupfull throughout the day and usually after my meals..I sometimes use this as a meal replacement. I have been doing this for about 5 years and unfortunately I have had weight gain as a result. I am borderline Anemia. I would like to know which supplement you recommend I take to curve the craving and how often.

  18. So I am a little confused, however are you saying we take everyone of these or choose the one that best fits you? Thanks , Brenda Wallace

  19. Hi Ben, I just read through all the comments. My problem is fat and high calorie food cravings, I got totally off of sugar a couple of years ago and eat a low carb diet. Only carbs are from vegetables and beans and nuts. No bread or gluten free stuff. If I do have any sugar or high glycemic food, I feel terrible so it is not hard for me to avoid. It seems the carb cravings have morphed into just craving high calorie fatty foods, for example eggs with cheese and bacon, or salmon covered with mayo, or a big pile of nuts.

    What would you suggest for this kind of craving?

  20. I am a mother of two young kids and am since the last baby have gained weight, I am trying to eat healthier but find no matter what I am craving something fried or sweet. I’m healthy, no medical conditions and I just want to put together supplements that will help stop the cravings and help burn some fat, which of these supplement(s) should I start with?

  21. Hi Ben,

    I just read all of the comments & replies ,and wrote down the 12 supplements to take for Carbohydrate Cravings.. I am 44yrs.old ,Full blooded Portuguese, A Single mom of two ,I have depression/anxiety and on “Prozac”, I had Gastric Bi-pass in 2005, lost 110lbs., I also have Chronic Anemia, I have had that since I was pregnant with my son in “98”,and in 2009 was diagnosed with “Crohn’s Disease”,I have very bad neck&back pain and Arthritis set in ,due to getting hit by 3 different drunk drivers in “1998,2003,2005”, Aug.2013 I was put on “Suboxone”(because I got dependent on pain med’s from so much abdominal pain and my neck&back pain) from taking “Suboxone” I have gained 45lbs, and I would love to stop taking “Suboxone”&”Prozac, I would love to take something to help with the depression and stop “Suboxone”, I want to stop my cravings for Carb’s & Sugar.. …. Sugar is so bad for your bones and I notice my neck and back ache more after sugar intake.. I really want to get and stay healthy ,I am upset about gaining weight, I’ve tried everything, and nothing works.. I really need help, just had a Double Mastectomy (both of my breasts removed)May 29,2015 and undergoing Re-Construction Surgery,just had implants put in Oct.23,2015 and probably have to have another re-construction surgery in 5months..( My mom had both of hers removed last year 2014 from cancer With-out re-construction),…. I rarely drink soda’s ,I drink A lot of Tea (Hot&Cold Tea) Everyday, I use Splenda in my Tea or Coffee, I crave pasta’s,snack’s, sweet’s .. I don’t want to crave these anymore! What should I take for Serotonin & Dopamine (because of depression) and is there anything herbal or vitamin supplement I can take instead of “Suboxone” ?? your advise and input would be appreciated & helpful, please! I don’t know how many of the different supplements I should take,and which ones would help? Thank You for reading,and I’m sorry it was a long message,

    1. Hey Lisa, this is a little too complex to do over the blog. If you want to go into detail feel free to book a consult at, choose 20 or 60 mins and we'll get you scheduled from there.

  22. Can you lay on a daily plan for taking all these supplements? My husband and I plan on going sugar free and cutting carbs. Thx!

  23. I have severe sweet sugar cravings, I would like to know what is safe for me, I have chronic kidney diease stage 3, I am doing great with controlling my diease but not great with sweet craving. Can you help me?

    Thank you

  24. I’m interested in your ideas of what would work best for me. I take seroquel at night and the last year I have put on about 30 or more pounds. The seroquel gives me extreme cravings for anything and everything. Most people would say to stop taking it but it works for me except for the weight gain. I def want a more natural approach for an appetite control. Thanks

  25. I’m allergic to iodine. My family has a history of thyroid issues and I’ve been borderline. Is there anything I can take to help a sluggish thyroid that doesn’t contain Iodine?

  26. Hi there , I’ve been taking the chromium and green tea diet pills , although I’m not on a diet it seems to work on not craving for any sugars and I’m goin for the healthier option on food aswell and you can get these from holland and Barrett .

  27. Can i take

    2 capsules of multi-vitamins

    1 capsule of L-carnitine

    3 capsules of garcinia cambognia every day?

    I have amino acids in

    My multi-vitamins


  28. Hi,

    I’m six months postpartum and depressed how I look. I have intense sugar and carb cravings that I give in to..I try to cook healthy but the cravings get the better of me. I’m still nursing and I take Zoloft for anxiety and depression. Of all these supplements, which would you suggest fory sugar and carb cravings??? Please help!!!! Thank you

  29. Hello I was diagnosed with wegeners and have been taking prednisone every single day. I have gained 30 pounds and am eating a lot during the day and I can’t seem to ever get full. Is there anything you recommend to stop these prednisone food cravings? Thank you

      1. Thanks for the reply, I went through it but he is talking about taking vitamin d3 and licorice for producing more mucus. I really just want to know what to take for the weight gain that will make me want to stop eating all the time. Thanks

  30. I am Unable to use Ginger, or anything that has Grales in it.

    Although healthy for some I Am Allergic to a point of near ddeath.

    I don’t want to Eliminate Carbs just Boost My Fat Burn.

    How Is that Possible??

    Any suggestions will be appreciated.

    Thank You

  31. Dear,Ben I am writing to you in desperate need of help I am extremely over weight I have been taking super citrimax and l carnitine for only a couple of days it seems like it helps but my biggest problem is I work third shift and that is where my eating the wrong things fall into place I will just think of something to eat and if it’s in the house I’m eating it no matter if I’m hungry or not then when I’m done eating it I wanna cry cause I know I didn’t want that what can I take to help me thru the night with all the craving thank you so much

  32. I have a 10 year old daughter who is ADHD and wants food all the time, any recommendations? She’s about 8 lbs over weight right now, but I’m definitely worried about her future

  33. Hi Ben, just found your informative article while doing an internet search. I so need your help! I am overweight and a eat too many carbs (Italian!). In addition, I am always craving sweets. I have tried so many things, but sadly have not had much luck. Yes, I know I need the willpower and discipline, but I've been an emotional eater for so many years. I just need help getting started. I have tried many diet pills as well as diets. I am very interested in what you had written about L-carnosine. and thought I would try this. In addition to hopefully stopping my sugar/carb cravings, I like the comments that I have read of what it does to people's skin, memory, etc. I am a 55 year old woman and am on an antidepressant. I appreciate your recommendation. Thanks so much Ben! Have a blessed day.

  34. so if someone is already lean but only wants to lose few pounds (less than five) what would you recommend if they are already eating mostly clean and exercise? I heard Acetyl Glutathione is good. Do you agree? Thanks.

      1. I eat chocolate every meal and In between please help me stop the craving, if.I don’t have any chocolate I will eat.anything sweet

  35. Hi I can go all day without thinking about sugar but around 5-9 pm I go crazy with sugar cravings which of the 12 supplements would be good and how to take then

  36. Hi Ben, I stumbled on your website searching for some free advice on how to help myself stay off sugar. Would love to see our holistic Dr. but can't afford it right now. I've been trying off and on for ten years with no lasting success and have struggled with my blood sugar my whole life. Your advice goes beyond the typical advice I've read, so I'm curious to know what you'd recommend for me. I am looking at the Fat Loss pack you recommended for those struggling with carb cravings all day – which I do – but want to know what you'd recommend for someone with low energy and bouts of depression as well. I also don't handle stress very well. I'm almost 32 and still nursing my 1 year old a couple times a day. I'm taking vitamin D (5,000 IUs) and a thyroid supplement (Iodine, 30mg and L-Tyrosine 400mg/ day) which seems to help some but just not enough. Also, what's your opinion of Garcinia Cambogia? Nervous about taking while nursing but the few days I was on it seemed to help some – although I threw up after a rich dinner. Thanks so much!


  37. I have Vit B3,6 &12 defiencies. I was also told I am vitamin D deficient as well. I always eat sugar. Usually coffee with 3 teaspoons in each cup and snack on sugar coated cereals. I really need something that will help out. I am on the highest dose of wellbutrin and it has done nothing. Would you healthful information. Also I carry a lot of cellulite on my legs. I really enjoyed the article but I cannot take that many supplements in one day. I usually only eat once a day and I am never thirsty.

  38. Hello, I’m training for a IFBB bikini competition and I’m not over weight but I do need to lose like 10-15 lbs of fat. I am having horrible craving, what can I take? thank you:)

  39. Cynthia, my heart goes out to you, because i have a similar complex of problems, i have Crohns, which is also an immune disorder, complicated by chronic infections (which were worsened by Remicade infusions) They surgically removed my terminal ileum removing my b12 receptor and bile reuptake receptor, the disease destroyed my gall bladder and i have a chronic bile problem, which makes for a chronic nausea problem. I take small sips of coke throughout the day, but due to the severity of the fatigue, arthritis, fibromyalgia and orthostatic intolerance, at times i can barely stand, constantly dizzy and weak. I try everything, but i can only take zofran for nausea occasionally, so the coke calories can add up, plus i often eat little due to the Crohns and it's hard to budge when chronically going in and out of starvation modes to rest digestive organs when inflamed & damaged. I am on pain meds but there is no desire on my part to keep increasing the dosage. I feel trapped. I have recently lost 20 lbs, and hope to keep going, but with all my problems its seems impossible to get guidance with such complex, chronic health issues. Let us know how you're doing, ok? It's important that we just don't give up.

    1. you don’t think all your suffering is because of the chemical crap you put in your body on a daily basis ? side effects + those chemical pills are never checked how to interact with other crap… chron’s, IBS, etc… => gluten intollerance or sensitivity… l-glutamine, probiotics, aloe vera to help heal the gut… nauseau ? low stomic acid ( like 99% of the world are too low, not to high) => ginger tablets, just my 2 cents

  40. ps this is cynthia again i am unable to do much exercise due to chronic pain in legs from m/s & also my back is messed up & chronic pain there ive had lots of injections & burned nerves thru radio frequency , i was brutally attacked in feb & my back was re injured at that time

    i can barely get around on sm days i just wanted to add this to my other comment im 42 with m/s & chronic pain

  41. i have multiple sclerosis chronic pain , i am on prozac & pain med , i am over weight not a diabetic yet thankfully i am at my all time hi wt

    i crave rice pasta , cake cookies fruit snacks & canned mandrian oranges i eat chicken & rice almost daily please advise what to take my mother passed 23 months ago & i weighed less then ive got to lose weight & stop sugar / carb cravings please help / advise

    im not a chocolate eater i want sm thing sugary after each mail & in between i get nauseated if i do not eat every few meals this is wen

    i tend to reach for sugar stuff & wen i read or watch tv i like to have a snack i do not have teeth & i am allergic to all nuts & soy & corn &

    wheat makes it difficult i gained 10 pds in 3 wks eating these cookies usually i stay still wt wise i tend to get addicted to 1 sugary snack

    like this it used to be welches fruit snacks ive only ben on prozac for 1 month please help thanks

    1. Magnesium. Magnesium. Not magnesium oratate (low absorption). not crazy about magnesium citrate (more poop than anything else). But any other combo. I think we are ALL horribly low on magnesium and it helps depression, energy, heart, nerves, etc. There is a book called; The Magnesium Miracle that has good information. For me, any carbs over like 50 a day and I am a carb monster…right now a FAT one :) I

  42. I am confused as to which supplements to buy and take? I have strong urges to eat breads, pastas, chips and candy? Which supplements do you suggest that I take and how any times a day?

      1. Thank you for the information. I agree. Confused on what to take. I crave sweets. Cookies, ice cream, candy, pancakes, etc. i also suffer from depression/anxiety. What do you suggest I take?

        1. There could be a million different things going on here – better to do it over a consult. Go to and choose 20 or 60 mins and we'll get you scheduled!

  43. I am new to your site and I am staring the process to lose weight. I have been trying for a long time with no results after some testing I found out I was insulin resistant. I have no clue with it meant at the time and understand now why I was craving carbs so much. What I wanted to know was how are the pills to be taken? Do they have to be taken an a certain way to be more effective?, Should they be taken at before lunch when you wake up. Thanks

    1. NICO —

      In my experience, B vitamins (6, 12, complex) really don’t do much to alleviate depression symptoms; I have anxiety & depression (battling both for 15 years due to genetic chemical imbalance & life itself) in combination with an antidepressant/antianxiety medication prescribed by a physician, it can help, but not definitive for all people. REMEMBER: Everyone is chemically different and results vary.

      A natural & OTC (over-the-counter) antidepressant, if you are interested in this route, other than pharmaceuticals is “Saint John’s Wart” BUT it can have adverse side effects when combined with other supplements, medications, vitamins, or OTC medications; so Always check! If the medication will react badly it will usually say it on the label.

      Hope this Helps :-)

  44. Hey Ben Greenfield,
    I want to start taking a B Vitamin to help me get rid of my intense carb cravings, which I think are caused by low serotonin and dopamine levels which I have(I have depression/anxiety). So I want to ask you if I should take Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, or a Vitamin B complex to reduce carb cravings and depression/anxiety. Which is better? I bought some Vitamin B12, but it's 1000 mcg, and it seems that's too much.
    Also, what do you think of the sublingual form taken under the tongue? Methylcobalamin I think it's called.
    This is what I bought. Is it safe and is it effective?
    Thank you!

  45. Hi Ben,
    I tried the Gymnema s. and it works like a charm on the tongue to kill sugar taste. I'm not sure how to make it work in a real life setting. In other words, is that 4g. supposed to be taken orally and swallowed, or just placed on the tongue? If it has to be placed on the tongue before eating a high sweet food, it's probably too easy to "avoid" that step. But if it were in my bloodstream, I think it would work better. Could you pls. clarify? Thanks, Tony

  46. If I so wished, would I be able to take more than one of these supplements at a time? Eg, Chromium and L-Carnosine?

  47. Vitamin B complex, omega-3's, L-glutamine, lipase, L-carnosine, Acetyl L-carnitine, and lipoic acid can all be had from a diet that includes plenty of healthy meat and liver (grass fed of course). L-tryptophan can be found in seafood, as can chromium. Liver is also a rich source of chromium. Why buy expensive supps when you can just eat em! YUM! You'll also be getting your healthy fats and tons of other vital nutrients at the same time.

    1. Some of us don’t think that’s yum at all. It sounds horrible to me. That was my genuine answer to your question as to why we turn to supps.

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