A Little Known Vitamin That Could Save Your Life.

One of the most insightful and informative books that I read this month was “Vitamin K2 and the Calcium Paradox“. It was written by Kate Rhéaume-Bleue, N.D. (pictured below) , a naturopathic physician and Canadian expert in natural medicine.

Vitamin K2 was actually something I mentioned in “12 Mental Performance Hacks: A Cheat Sheet For Boosting Your Brain Power”.

I was so impressed by this vitamin's ability to do everything from improve bone density to reverse heart disease to cut off blood flow to cancerous tumors to increase VO2 max in athletes that I got Dr. Kate onto a call to talk about. During this audio interview, you'll find out:

Dr. Kate Rhéaume-BleueWhat is vitamin K2 and what does it do?

Is it common for people to be deficient in Vitamin K2?

How does Vitamin K2 interact with Vitamin D? How does Vitamin A sit into this scenario?

Is supplementation necessary, or can you get enough K2 from food?

If someone wants to buy a K2 supplement, what should they look for?

Could athletes benefit from supplementing or choosing K2-rich foods and if so, how?

I would highly recommend that if you want to find out more about Vitamin K2 that you read Dr. Kate's book: “Vitamin K2 and the Calcium Paradox“. It will tell you everything that you need to know about how to implement this very important vitamin into your diet or supplementation protocol, and multiple reasons to do so.

Vitamin K2 and the Calcium Paradox


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  1. Egg and milk are the best sources of Calcium. It is known for years and have been following in most of the houses. We used to provide milk and egg for small babies to have a better physique and health. Thanks for sharing the above article. It was well informative.

    1. I think that the point of the podcast is there are several minerals for bone health including calcium. Did you listen to the entire podcast?

  2. How important is Strontium to this mix ?
    This article from "Closely related to calcium, strontium is believed to stimulate bone cells to build new bone tissue, while inhibiting cells that break down bone tissue.† In fact, one form of strontium may lower risk fractures and increase bone density.†

    Other forms of strontium have rave reviews, too. Anti-aging expert Ward Dean, M.D., says strontium “appears to be one of the most effective substances since calcium and vitamin D for bone health.” Alan Gaby, M.D., author and specialist in nutrition and preventive medicine, agrees. “The evidence is clear that strontium supplementation can build better bone density,” he writes.†

    Back in 1959, Mayo Clinic researchers concluded that 84% of strontium lactate users maintained their bone health.† In 1985, Dr. Skoryna of McGill University conducted a study indicating that, after intakes of strontium, participants showed healthier, stronger bones.† Simply put, strontium stimulates bone cells called osteoblasts, while inhibiting the cells that break down bone tissue called osteoclasts.†

    Strontium can be found in many plant foods, dairy foods and Brazil nuts. It’s important to note, however, that most experts agree that food sources of strontium fall way short for supporting bone health.† They recommend supplementation for those looking to add more strontium to their diet.

    When supplementing, strontium should accompany calcium, although not at the same time. Take calcium in the morning and strontium in the evening or vice-versa. Either way, however, strontium is making quite a name for itself in bone health.†

  3. I remember reading, "Vitamin K: The Forgotten Vitamin." Well, yeah, I think that's true then. And honestly, before, I didn't know how wonderful this vitamin is, not until now. Hmm, is it okay to just settle for supplements?

  4. Glad to hear K2 on your podcast. This is a vitamin that is not just limited to the homeopathic circles of health care providers but is being aggressively studied in allopathic circles as well. A recent small trial on osteoporosis was very encouraging in regards to micronutrient supplementation (using 100 mcg MK7 in combination with other nutrients) doing as well if not better than bisphosphonates and in patients on hemodialysis, K2 may slow down/prevent vascular calcification. The doses of mk7 can be anywhere from 45-300 mcg (not mg.) Our gut bacteria actually makes K2 and also it can be ingested through fermeted foods and grain fed meats. Our understanding of the gut flora (bacteria) is in its infancy but through genomics more is being found that our intestines play a much larger role in disease processes and how we feel than we ever thought about before.

  5. I too have some concerns, and I am hoping someone can clear them up. The highest amount of K2 MK-7 I could find was 5mg, so did Dr. Kate really mean 100-200mg? I am asking because her math in the podcast was flawed. She stated the dosage of MK-4 was 45mcg or 4500mg. The math works out 45mcg is 0.045mg, so is it a math flaw or a deeper flaw?

  6. Just found some vids on utube by tolenio, apparently Termites good source
    Am quite skeptial of the book & videos this lady has done on utube;In 1 she is advertising her book & providing the cure in the background with numerous supplements
    She does have good complexion though

  7. I have to admit, I had not heard of K2 until this podcast, thanks for keeping us all well informed – I will be buying the book, again many thanks.

  8. Further to the my shoulder issue, thanks for alerting us to the study concerning unilateral exercise
    conferring bilateral benefit. I think it helped before surgery and am keen to get back to it when the surgeon again allows. I gave the abstract to my physio and she is working that idea into her practice.Frightening to see one's body parts atrophy. Yuck.

  9. Another great reason to live on an island where all the beef and lamb is pasture raised and finished. Our hens do pretty well out there as well. Thank girls.

    I am currently relying on k2 to help my supraspinatus reattach itself to the humurous (with the recent help of Mt Evison, thanks very much).

    Nice to hear your voice on the same podcast (JM's) as Mark Sisson. Might be a cood conversation if you recorded something.

  10. Great information! I am constantly looking for what can make my health and performance better (thats why I love and are thankful for what Ben does for all of us) so I really appreciated this podcast and will be reading Dr Kate's book.
    Thanks a lot.
    Ana Zepeda
    Mexico City , Mexico

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