Safer Than Steroids? Your All-inclusive Guide To Gaining Muscle, Losing Fat & Much More With “SARMs”

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In the article “Why Steroids Will Slowly Kill You & 3 Safe Alternatives for Muscle Building, Speedy Recovery, Enhanced Drive and Beyond.” I taught you all about SARMs  – or Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators – therapeutic compounds that, according to the US Anti-Doping Association (USADA), mimic anabolic agents. USADA points out that the difference between the steroids and SARMs is that SARMs have fewer androgenic properties, which permits SARMs to target tissues much more directly and reduce the host of known negative side effects experienced with steroids.

So quite simply, SARMS provide the benefit of steroids without the dangerous and annoying mental and physical reactions to steroids.

If your goal is to shed holiday weight fast, to look in the mirror and see well-defined, big muscles or lean, striated muscles, or to repair a workout injury faster, or to increase endurance and simultaneously experience a burst of power and strength – your first thought may be to turn to steroids, since they can work with extreme efficacy for many of these goals. And sure, steroids have been proven to do all of those things, but as I’ve said before – steroids can kill you. And even if you’re one of the lucky ones and you don’t have any underlying cardiovascular abnormalities that could lead to cardiovascular problems and sudden death from steroid use, you’ll be faced with a long list of negative side effects, including (but definitely not limited to):

  • Increased risk for liver damage and tumors
  • Elevated blood pressure
  • Decreased sperm count
  • Impotence
  • Decreased testicular size
  • Increased risk of tendon tears
  • Baldness
  • Acne (kind of hard to feel good about your physique or body fat levels if you’ve got a face or back full of zits)

I’m just not convinced the goal of looking big and feeling strong is worth the sure occurrence of the side effects above, or the possibility of sudden death caused by anabolic-androgen steroid use. It’s really not going to matter if you’re buried six feet under, is it?

So that’s why I’m a fan of SARMs as a safe alternative to steroids that deliver many of the same positive benefits as steroids, including muscle building, prevention of muscle waste, faster recovery from injury, increased endurance, etc. but do not produce the same dangerous side effects as steroids.

In this article, I’m going to explore in greater detail a couple of SARMs I’ve written about before: LGD-4033 (also known as ligandrol) and GW 501516 (also known as cardarine). If you need a thorough review on SARMs, read that original article. But although I’ve been talking about SARMs for a while now, I still get comments and emails from many of you asking me what they are and asking me for clarification on how to use them. So in this article, you’ll discover how SARMs work, what they can do to your body and performance, and how to use them safely.

Disclaimer: SARMs are absolutely, 100% banned by USADA, WADA and most other global sporting organization for both in-competition and out-of-competition. You should NOT use tehse if you are competing in any such sanctioned sport as it definitely falls under the banned category of a prohibited class of anabolic agents.

Ligandrol (LGD-4033)

Ligandrol, or LGD-4033, is a nonsteroidal SARM that is taken orally (this should make all of you needle-shy folks happy). It was originally developed by Ligand Pharmaceuticals to prevent muscle wasting, increase lean muscle growth, fight cancer, and help people maintain strength and muscle tissue as they age. Because lean muscle burns more calories than fat during workouts, LGD-4033 can also help people reach their weight loss goals while simultaneously building larger or more defined muscles.

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The beauty of this non-steroid is that it binds to androgen receptors with very high selectivity. After it binds, it creates anabolic effects in the muscle and bone, effects which lead to growing more muscle (and strength) and experiencing fewer injuries in the process. And, since this isn’t a steroid, it means you don’t experience typical androgenic side effects like balding, acne, testicle shrinkage, or prostate issues.

In terms of research and safety, LGD-4033 is currently superior to all of the other SARMs, with a potency very close to that of steroids. I especially like that Ligandrol has gone through Phase I clinical trials, so people aren’t just blindly taking a research-void SARM and hoping for the best. Instead, healthy human volunteers have taken LGD-4033 in multiple, ascending doses to test the safety and identify any side effects. The National Institute of Health’s U.S. National Library of Medicine reported on study results that show humans can safely tolerate up to 22mg per day of LGD-4033 for 14 consecutive days. And these participants experienced a decrease in body fat while increasing their lean body mass, strength, and overall sense of well-being.

Another benefit of using LGD-4033 is that there is no water retention or bloating, so you can feel light on your feet, get more accurate scale measurements (if weighing yourself is your “thing”) and also look in the mirror and see the real gains without water retention hiding the visibility of the muscle.

LGD-4033 Dosing

LGD-4033 has a half-life of 24-36 hours, which means you can take it once per day and you don’t need to worry about any complex intra-week cycling protocol like you do with other SARMs (such as Andarine, another popular SARM). You can also take it on either an empty or full stomach and get the same results. The amount of LGD-4033 you should take will vary depending on your goals.

Here are the dosing guidelines for LGD-4033 based on examples of popular fitness goals:

Bulking (Muscle Gain) Goal – take 5 to 10mg per day for 8 weeks. And lift heavy stuff.

Cutting (Fat Loss) Goal – take 3 to 5mg per day for 8 weeks. If you want to stack LGD-4033 with other SARMs to reach your cutting goal, then Andarine, Cardarine, and/or Ostarine are your best options. In fact, LGD-4033 should really be taken with Cardarine (details on that SARM below) if you are looking to lose weight. LGD-4033 with Cardarine is probably the best power-duo in the SARM world for fast results. Of course, you must also incorporate exercise and diet protocols like this simultaneous to your SARMs use.

Recomposition (Muscle Gain & Fat Loss) Goal – take 5-8mg per day for 8 weeks. If you want to stack with another SARM to improve your results, Cardarine is once again your best option. Adding muscle and losing fat at the same time is significantly accelerated with the combination of Cardarine and LGD-4033. But you’re also going to want to maintain a proper diet and make sure you are doing both weight training and cardio to get these results.

The recommended length of time for using LGD-4033 is between 8 and 12 weeks.  Don’t think you can just continue to use it beyond 12 weeks to increase your results. The positive benefits diminish after you’ve used it for about 12 weeks, so you will need to give your body a break and use it again at a later date to continue experiencing positive effects. In most cases, you’ll take anywhere from 4 to 12 weeks off after you’ve used it.

So what’s this Cardarine I keep mentioning? Let’s move on and find out.

Cardarine (GW-501516)

While it’s not technically a SARM, Cardarine (GW-501516) is often labeled as a SARM.

But it’s technically a selective activator that binds to PPARδ receptors instead of androgen receptors like a SARM normally would. Despite this difference, Cardarine offers results that are just as impressive as those you’d experience from SARMs because it activates AMPK, which is responsible for stimulating muscle glucose uptake, skeletal muscle tissue, and oxidizing fatty acids (and I don’t want to get lost in the semantic weeds by nitpicking on classification, so I’m going, for the purpose of this article, to continue to refer to Cardarine as a SARM). In addition to burning fat through the stimulation of fatty acid oxidation, GW-501516 can increase HDL cholesterol by an average of 79% while simultaneously decreasing LDL cholesterol.

Cardarine was developed in the 1990s as a way to prevent and cure tumors in the breasts, prostate, or colon. By the early 2000s, it was discovered that it can also help stop metabolic disorders including diabetes and obesity. When the fitness community caught wind of GW-501516 benefits, they quickly discovered it is also a potent endurance increasing supplement, and has been used by the athlete community for over 20 years with no reported harmful side effects.

Cardarine has also been used in research studies in obese, pre-diabetic men with metabolic syndrome, where it has been shown to be able to reverse metabolic abnormalities and help control obesity.

In laboratory studies on rats and monkeys, GW-501516 has been shown to burn fat and built muscle, while also eliminating type II diabetes, increasing HDL and lowering VLDL (primary study was “The effect of PPARδ agonists (HS00098) on serum lipid profiles in diet-induced obese rhesus monkeys“.)

While some early 1990 studies also show that Cardarine can cause cancer and tumor development with long term, high dose use, other studies completed more recently have shown not only is the chemical harmless under normal use, but it also offers many positive health benefits.

In the early studies, GW-501516 was shown to improve angiogenesis in the body, which is the ability to increase vascular blood supply to feed the body’s cells. However, improved angiogenesis is found in athletes and children as they move through adolescence, as well. With respect to cancer, some scientists and researchers feel that if there are already tumor cells within the body then the tumors could grow at a faster rate due to angiogenesis. But despite many experiments conducted since 2004 to try and prove that this type of increased angiogenesis can lead to cancer, none have been successful.

As a matter of fact, a study published in 2004 by the American Association of Cancer Research stated that PPAR agonists have “…shown to have no effect on the proliferation of colorectal cancer cells” and “…under normal culture conditions, PPAR activation has no effect on cell growth”.

Furthermore, in 2008, GW-501516 was studied for use on human breast cancer and colon cancer. These studies concluded that GW-501516 can inhibit the growth of cancer cells.

You may also see people reporting that GW-501516 causes liver damage, but this is also a common misconception. The chemical has actually been shown to promote both faster healing properties and healthy liver function.

Cardarine has also been shown in research to cause:

Increased endurance: for endurance, a 2015 study by Wei Chen, PhD discovered that increases in the PPAR gene (the one Cardarine activates) can cause muscle fibers to increase their use of oxygen. When muscle fibers use more oxygen, you have more endurance, so that’s the likely mechanism of action for most users reporting increased endurance when using Cardarine.

Decreased body fat: Cardarine is actually really amazing at helping get rid of extra fatty tissue. It works a lot like a growth hormone, controlling the formation of pro-inflammatory markers in tissue and decreasing the activity of the genes involved in lipogenesis (fat cell creation). GW-501516 also tricks your body into reacting as if it is in starvation. When a body is starving, it begins using stored body fat as energy, which is why people using Cardarine lose weight so effectively.

Decreased recovery time: In the study “A metabolomic study of the PPARδ agonist GW501516 for enhancing running endurance in Kunming mice”, it was reported that mice had a faster recovery process of muscle tissue and neurotransmitters. The mice lost weight even when eating a diet high in fat.

It can also protect the brain, benefit the heart, protect the kidneys, protect against liver damage, strengthen the immune system, heal skin disease, and provide many other benefits you can read about here.

Human studies on the effects of GW501516 include the following:

There were no side-effects reported in the human studies.

You can even read more about GW501516 from reputable resources, including a few of my favorites:

-Effects of GW50516 on metabolic syndrome:”Lipid effects of peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor-δ agonist GW501516 in subjects with low high-density lipoprotein cholesterol: characteristics of metabolic syndrome

-Effects of GW50516 on fatty acid oxidation and oxidative stress:”Activation of Peroxisome Proliferator–Activated Receptor (PPAR)δ Promotes Reversal of Multiple Metabolic Abnormalities, Reduces Oxidative Stress, and Increases Fatty Acid Oxidation in Moderately Obese Men

-Effects of GW 50516 on lipids: “Triglyceride:High-Density Lipoprotein Cholesterol Effects in Healthy Subjects Administered a Peroxisome Proliferator Activated Receptor δ Agonist.”

In summary, Cardarine is non-toxic. It doesn’t cause the typical side effects you’ll see with SARMs or steroids and doesn’t suppress key hormones. But when stacked with LGD-4033 it can be very, very potent for muscle gain and / or fat loss.

Cardarine Dosing

When it comes to Cardarine dosing, 10 mg per day for 8 weeks is effective for increasing anaerobic and aerobic endurance while also assisting with fat loss. The maximum recommended dose is 20 mg per day. If your goal is to increase endurance, you’ll likely want to start with 10 mg per day. If you’re looking for greater fat loss, go with 20 mg per day and for best results, take the dose an hour before exercise. As with any peptide or SARM, you will want to start with the minimum recommended dose and adjust according depending on how your body responds to it.

GW-501516 has a 16-24 hour half-life, so you can take a 10 mg dosage once per day, or if taking 20 mg per day then split your dose into two, taking one dose every 10-12 hours.

Interestingly, not only has GW-501516 been tested in healthy subjects with no negative side effects, but it has also been tested in subjects including alcohol drinkers, tobacco users, and stimulant narcotics users, all without side effects. Finally, for best results, it’s recommended that you use Cardarine with a ketogenic diet.

Where To Buy Cardarine and LGD-4033

If you want to give either or both of these SARMs a try, you can buy them pretty affordably from reputable United States suppliers online. I personally think it’s a good idea to buy from US websites as the purity level and quality can be higher. My recommended resource for quality SARMs is SARMs Warehouse.

LGD-4033: 10mg in a 30ml bottle is under $50 at Sarms

GW 501516: 10mg in a 30ml bottle is $55.99 at Sarms Warehouse. For this or for LGD, you can 10% discount code “bgvip10”, so that knocks a few more bucks off.

Not convinced you should be trying SARMs over steroids? Read my article about safe alternatives to steroids for more information and to help you make a more informed decision. And seriously, if you just want to keep everything legal, the main thing to know about SARMs is that, unlike steroids, they’re perfectly legal to consume and to travel with – unless you’re an athlete competing in a USADA or WADA sanctioned sport.

Finally, as much as you may be looking for the pot of gold under the rainbow or that mythical, magical unicorn that will allow you to simply suck down giant Jamba Juices, eat oodles of dark chocolate and sit for long periods of time at your desk or couch, you should know that SARMS can only do so much for you without diet and exercise. You still have to put the time and effort in if you want to really maximize the results these compounds provide for you.

Do you have questions, thoughts or feedback about SARMS? Leave your thoughts below and I will reply!

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  1. Luc says:

    Hi Ben,

    Thanks for a great article! Curious to know how you vetted your source?

    Thanks in advance!

  2. andy says:

    Ok ….does it CAUSE CANCER?!? ;(

    if this is asked before I did not see it. But this is my biggest fear. Mice with cancer in many organs!

    1. It does not appear that the doses in this article are carcinogenic. MASSIVE doses given to mice in carcinogen studies…

  3. john says:

    Ben, thanks for the information. Do you need to take any test booster post cycle?

  4. Carlos says:

    Are you sponsored by sarms warehouse?

    1. No. I can't. I am still competing in WADA and USADA sanctioned sports.

  5. annemarie says:

    Hi Ben – Thoughts on ostarine for women? I’ve read from a few different sources (although not necessarily reliable ones) that it can cause ovary damage and infertility in women, as it is a derivative of Bicalutamid. It does seem like the studies I am able to find on humans were done on postmenopausal women. I am assuming it would depend on the dosing, but just wondering if you had any insight on that! TIA!

    1. I have seen a lot of users reporting bloating and water retention with Ostarine which makes me think it may not be the best choice for a woman.

  6. Mick says:

    This may seem too easy a question for the math wizards, but I need help knowing how to measure 10mg. How many 10 mg doses are in one of the 30ML bottles?

    1. Theron James says:

      1ml = 10mg, so a full dropper is 10mg dose. Make sure the agitate the bottle first.

  7. Brad says:

    Great article Ben. I took a look at the different sites and sarms warehouse definitely has the cheapest prices but does that mean they lack quality? I read some reviews about sarmsx and sarms1 which seem to be the most recommended sites for sarms. What are your thoughts?

    1. I can only speak to SARMS Warehouse as that is the only one I vetted.

      1. brad says:

        Thanks Ben! You articles are very informative. I think i am going to give these 2 sarms a try. I have been strict with my diet for the last year and especially in the last few months. I have hit a fat loss plateau and i am going to give this a shot to see if it breaks through the plateau. Safer alternative it seems than the GP clan someone gave me that i have yet to use.

        Have a great weekend.


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    Hey Ben, just a quick question regarding Ostarine or MK-2866. I have read alot about it’s rejuvenating affects on tendons and joints not too mention lean mass gains so i am currently open to trying this. I know you mentioned Sarmswarehouse as a legit place to get sarms but i don’t see Ostarine on their website. Do you know another legit place to get Ostarine as from what i have heard it’s all about where you get these and I have heard about the side affects from bad or “non legit” batches and i wouldn’t mind avoiding those as i have enough problems as it is lol. Thanks again Ben and keep Rockin’

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    Hi Sam, thanks for the info. I live in Sydney Australia. Do you know if it’s legal to buy SARMS from SARMSWAREHOUSE and send them to Australia? Thanks Nate.

  11. Carson says:

    Hi Ben,

    I don’t see the mention of the cardarine liver fibrosis study

    I also see that the human study only dosed at 2.5 mg

    10-20mg is far more obviously.

  12. Jason Jones says:

    Hey Ben,

    I love this article. Looking to help my wife cut fat off. She has tried so many things and is super frustrated. Would you suggest both LGD-4033: 10mg and GW 501516: 10mg at the same time ???? Or one over the other? Thanks and always appreciate your feedback

    1. 10mg same time is a good cycle, yes. Stay tuned to podcast #371 next week as I take a deeper dive but for now she can start into that. I am not a doctor and this is not to be taken, interpreted or construed as medical advice. Please talk with a licensed medical professional about this. These are just my own personal thoughts and not a prescription or a diagnosis or any form of health care whatsoever.

  13. Brett says:

    Ive been doing some research on reputable sources to buy this stuff from online. In most of the meat head forums, everyone seems to be recommending sarms1, but GW is $150 on that website compared to $55 or whatever on sarms warehouse.

    Long question short, is the product from sarms warehouse what they say it is and how can we be sure? I assume you have done your research on product purity.

    Thanks Ben!

    1. I vetted the source that I recommend in the article and can vouch for their quality and efficacy, although I don't personally use SARMS as they are banned by WADA and USADA.

    2. Here you can see how low concentrations of calcium can decrease twitch tension:

  14. Emma says:

    Greetings from Sweden!

    Big fan of your podcast. I love this article and I have now purcased some LGD and GW.

    I have been weightlifting for 4 years and whant to take it to the next lvl.

    What dosage would you recommend for a 26 years old female that wants some gains and also a lower fat procent. Thanks!

  15. Geoff says:

    Hey Ben,

    I’m curious if LGD, RAD 140 or SARMS alike would cause a suppressed immune system? In nature they are anabolic, so I’m assuming they would have the same immune suppressing effects.

    Thanks for your response in advance!

  16. Marco Nunez says:

    That was some helpful information but I recently purchased capsules of osta sarm it is a 30 day cycle I’ve been taking them for 3 days now 2 capsules every morning 25mg dosage a day im trying to cut and build muscle at the same time and got told osta sarms were a good way to do it im just not sure if it is recommended to take them alone or is there other supplements I should add to my cycle or is there a PCT necessary I was told there wasn’t by the guy I bought them from ??

    1. There is a lot more in this article that you can be doing. Also next Monday I have another article coming on SARMS. In meantime, I'd be happy to help you via a personal one-on-one consult. Just go to… and then choose a 20 or 60 minute consult, whichever you'd prefer. I can schedule ASAP after you get that.

  17. Robert says:

    Ben, I was trying to understand how to compute the dosage. I have both SARMs recommended in the article (LGD 4033 and Cardarnine). The bottle reads 10MG, but I’m not sure how to measure what dosage equals 10MG? Does one drop equal 1MG or does a full dropper equals 10MG? Any clarification available? Thank you.

    1. Hey Robert, have a read through the comments here:… and also check out the calculator under dosing.. you will find everything you need.

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    Hi Ben,

    I want to test my T levels throughout the cycle of LGD. What is the best way to do this?

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    I have always been skeptical about SARMS but now I’ve read this I’m ready to take the leap. Thanks for your work, it has really positively impacted my health.

  19. John says:

    Hi Ben!

    First off thank you so much for all of the great content and information you put out. You have no idea how much myself, and I’m sure others, appreciate the level of detail you provide.

    I do have a quick question I was hoping you might be able to shed some light on.

    In your previous article on SARMs (safe alternatives to steroids) you mentioned peptideswarehouse as a quality source of product….a company I’ve used before and had great success with their products.

    In this article you mention sarmswarehouse, and I noticed the old article has now also been updated to reflect sarmswarehouse as your quality source of product.

    This struck me as a bit odd, and in reality I’m not concerned with any affiliations with either company, but am curious about the change. The companies are eerily similar regarding the SARMs they offer and some of the website content. They offer essentially the exact same product line at the exact same price points which I’ve come to find is very rare when it comes to SARMs/Peptides on-line.

    My first reaction is “They seem like the exact same company” except for the distinction that peptideswarehouse offers much more than SARMs.

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    Again, thank you so much for everything you do, and I look forward to hearing from you.


    1. It's because SARMS are not FDA approved for human consumption so the websites have to constantly change. Sad that these products aren't "allowed" by the FDA, but it's the reality.

  20. John says:

    What would be good for post cycle therapy after an 8 weeks cycle of lgd?

    1. Hey John, check out this guide to Post Cycle Therapy…this is exactly where I would start: Hope that helps!

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    Hey Ben,

    So I got two bottles of Cardarine. I’m a little over 2.5 months out from my first marathon and am curious when to start taking it. Do you recommend taking it up until the event or would it be fine to take it up until my taper period- about three weeks out? Thanks for your help.

    I’ve been following your marathon training schedule for people with busy schedules and your race-day nutrition plan. Love them both!


    1. I'd take it all the way up to the marathon. You can do a 12 week cycle. :)

  22. Gerald says:

    Hi Ben,

    Some quick questions,

    I’m looking to do an 8-12wk lean bulk to prepare for the summer season. I’m currently 11-13% bf but would like to be around 9-10% while adding 10-15lbs of lean muscle and the strength gains that would accompany lifting heavy weight on this stack. I’m wondering if this LGD-carderine stack would work for this goal of dropping a few body fat % and gaining some lean mass, or is cardarine something you would tend to recommend to people looking to lose weight coming from a higher body fat %? I have trouble gaining body fat due to being blessed with great mesmomorphic genetics and a maintaining pretty solid nutrition/supplementation so I’m not worried about any unwanted fat gain as I gain weight with LGD. Just curious about whether the cardarine is recommended for someone in my position.

    Do you recommend only doing an 8wk cycle or could 12 work?

    Also, would a daily regimen of 3ish grams of D-Aspartic acid be a good idea during the latter weeks of the cycle?

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    1. This plan would work on a 12 week cycle but there is plenty more that you could do. A lot more actually! To take a deep dive, I'd be happy to help you via a personal one-on-one consult. Just go to… and then choose a 20 or 60 minute consult, whichever you'd prefer. I can schedule ASAP after you get that.

  23. Shawn Schofield says:


    I have a question but first i would like to say Thank you. I have been listening for 3-4 years now and you have had a huge positive influence on myself and my family. Thanks for all the info!

    I recently tried LGD 4033 and Caradine and it did not go to well. My first and last dose was one a week ago and im just now starting to feel normal again. I took 5mg of LGD 4033 and 10mg of Caradine. Five drops of 4033 and ten drops of Caradine. I took them at about 530am because i workout in the morning. I do my workouts fasted but this morning i had two cups of black coffee. After i headed to work with a big cup of coffee with coconut milk, mct and great lakes gelatin but no food. I usually don’t eat until ten or so. Around 830 i started to have high anxiety and the chills. Then i started feeling nauseous and just over all not myself. First day was rough and then each day after got a little better. Where did i go wrong? Way to much coffee and no food after a workout? Did i get the dose wrong? I know your not a doctor but i was hoping you might have a few idea where i went wrong.


    1. Sounds to me like you had WAY to much caffeine!!! But to really dig into details, I'd be happy to help you via a personal one-on-one consult. Just go to… and then choose a 20 or 60 minute consult, whichever you'd prefer. I can schedule ASAP after you get that.

    2. warj1990 says:

      Think of this as a natural reaction to a new product. As an example when people first start smoking the body rejects it. They cough, can’t hardly breath, etc… then feel the receptors activated and become dizzy. As they become more used to the dizzy feeling the sides are reduced until the habit is formed… After time the “dizzy” feeling goes away as the receptors are flooded and never reset (congratulations to your addiction now). Same with drinking. Both these examples are killing your body in one way or another.

      Now SARMS… your first few uses: Your activating more receptors in your brain than ever before! Your body will initially attempt balance…you feel light headed, sweat, shaky, etc… Just keep the dose low and give your body a few days to balance to the demand (receptor activation to build muscle/burn fat). It is kind of like blind siding your body…all is going well, then the flood of receptors are activated and tell your body a great demand to do “whatever” welcome to SARMS.

  24. Tim says:

    Any chance that Cardarine use lowers testosterone levels? I started Cardarine 1 month ago and noticed my drive dropped like a rock a few weeks later. I just had my testosterone level checked and it dropped drastically since the last check.

    1. possible. But remember, you need to support your T levels with strategies like this:

    2. warj1990 says:

      This is highly unlikely the cause. No one can pinpoint exactly the issue here. I will say the more you stress your body (in weight lifting) the more Test you produce. You are using a product that extends your ability by a large margin…so to stress yourself you need to push yourself more.

      The greatest, simple Test booster is eggs. Test is based on cholesterol and 2 eggs am and 2 before bed will give a wonderful boost.

  25. kayne says:

    Hi Ben,

    Thanks for all the info….I am really tempted to try sarms out, according to this article:… , they have little to none side effects, but I have been doing my research and seeing a lot of mix reviews about them, which sarms do you think is the safest among all that you will recommend a newbie like me to try out?

    Any advice from you is MUCH appreciated!!



    1. It would depend on a lot of things, to start with what you are planning on using them for. If you go to <a href="” target=”_blank”> and choose 20 or 60 minutes we can get you scheduled for a Skype consult to go into detail over there.

  26. Jocko says:

    Hey Ben, awesome article, please do some more like this on SARMS. Thanks for the recommendation of where to buy from. As it’s really hard to find a reputable company…Testing time will be 8 weeks. I got my LGD-4033 and Cardarine(GW50516) in for my (49 yrs old) 250 lbs test rat 2 weeks ago. Dosing 10mg LGD and 10mg GW a day and other then an energy boost I’ve noticed no adverse effects. The endurance and recovery time really surprised me, I believe that by being able to work out longer and more frequently has contributed to a slight mass gain…. as far as dosing goes, for those who are having trouble. Go to your kitchen or Buy a 1ml measuring spoon, use your dropper and fill to the brim, that will accurately give you your 10mg, buy a 0.5 ml measuring spoon fill it to the brim and you will have your 5mg. Problem solved… Thank you Ben for all of your hard work, looking forward to reading more on this subject. “Peace”

  27. Alex says:

    Ben, do you think it would be beneficial to take sarms with grapefruit extract to increase the absorption? Or would that lead to negative side effects?

    1. I wouldn't recommend this since grapefruit juice can increase the metabolism of many compounds. I haven't seen much research showing that it would improve efficacy either so I wouldn't do this.

  28. dave A says:

    Guys check out and if you are dosing SARMS, record your jourey so everyone including yourself can keep track of side effects/effectiveness etc. It’s free and it will build more anecdotal evidence or reports of some kind until there is more clinical reserach published. Just my 2cents

  29. Margaret says:

    Ben, can you recommend a reputable Canadian vendor?

    1. I have only looked deeply into Sarms warehouse – but I'm sure they ship to Canada

    2. Ivan says:

      Margaret, from a reputable source in real life bodybuilding circles, I came across:

      Feel free to check these out. Be careful with LGD and do your research before starting out with any of these, especially as a woman. Ostarine and Cardarine should be OK!

  30. Hi Ben – I wrote an article on my use of LGD-4033, it’s posted here. I am not selling anything in the article and I link back to your SARMS articles on your website. It’s purely informational on my experience using SARMS from peptides warehouse based on your article. I used them over a 3 month cycle including pictures and DEXA scans of my results.

    1. Awesome. Gonna check it out!

  31. dash says:

    “There was a dose-dependent suppression of total testosterone and sex hormone–binding globulin levels from baseline to day 21 (Figure 2). Free testosterone suppression was noted at the 1.0-mg dose only.”

    That’s at a 1 mg dose. How do you avoid that supression. It must be significantly supressed at a 5 or 10 mg dose.

    1. Post cycle therapy! aka pct…

      1. dash says:

        If you don’t want to wait weeks for PCT, anbody have any thoughts regarding on cycle therapy to boost testosterone/decrease estrogen during the SARM cycle? Bulbine natalensis for example.

  32. Andy says:

    Blake (from a question higher up the thread but unable to reply below it for some reason).

    From the previous stack completed – I know SARMS are effective – so Following my personal research I’m just trying a slightly different stack.

    I wanted to look at healing and recovery (fast approaching 40 but still a avid CrossFit’er) – and the MK SARMS were engineered for this very purpose.

    For me the research for LGD and GW is extensive, so I chose to add the MK to these and see.

    I’m also going to run for 8 weeks and not 4 this time. After 4 weeks on the previous stack my hormones remained the same. I don’t like the standard PCTs used but will use Calcium D-Glucarate to remove excess estrogen – alongside other detox benefits.

  33. HiPer4m says:

    Hey Ben – based on your article I tried out the LGD-4033. I cycled 1 month on, 1 month off, 1 month on at 5mg per day. Maybe I should have used 10mg or eaten way more. I didnt get the muscle gain I had hoped for, but I did get a huge increase in bone density and healing of a nagging injury. I also looked far better, based on the photos I took, but the DEXA before and after only showed the increase in bone density and no gain in total muscle mass. Would appreciate any recommendations on how others have gained muscle – higher dose or more food?

  34. Mohammad says:

    Hello Ben,

    Since I am trying SARMs for the first time and can”t purchase SERMs (Clomid and Nolvadex) as they are illegal without prescription where I come from, I am opting to go for a short cycle without PCT. Any recommended OCT supplements for PCT?

    Would 10mg of LGD and 10mg of GW produce noticible effects in 1 month or is it just not worth it?


  35. Dan Webster says:

    Hey Ben…if I am doing the stacked LGD-4033 and Cardarine cycle, do you take both together 60 minutes before workout? Is there a proper time to take these? On days I don’t workout does it matter when I take them?



    1. yep, pre workout is best. Just follow instructions in the article!

  36. Natrone Kemp says:

    Hi Ben. Interested in trying SARMS but does any of the above help in healing tendon injuries? If not the above, which one do you recommend?

    1. Natrone Kemp says:

      For the recommended SARM, what is the suggested dosing? Can I combine it with LGD-4033?

      1. If you read the article, you will find your answer.

    2. Start here:… and let me know if you have any more questions.

    3. warj1990 says:

      All will “help” as they direct your body to build more. MK-2866 is most noted for healing. I will add none will be a perfect solution. These SARMs get the nagging feeling (and needing advil) to subside. Some users state after the cycle the pain returns, some are healed and good to go.

  37. Andy says:

    Hi Ben

    Have you had any experience or exposure to the MK SARMS as of yet?

    I know most SARMS have a degree of healing within their efficacy – but 677 and 2866 have this as a primary right?



    1. I have not yet used those. I may do a future article on them.

      1. Andrew says:

        Thanks Ben.

        Based on personal experience – your article(s) on SARMS and their effects and benefits are on the money.

  38. Steven says:


    I’m currently taking 240 mg of testosterone propionate per week. Can I stack Cardarine and LGD-4033, while on cycle with testosterone propionate?

    Thank you.

    1. warj1990 says:

      Yes. I know people on TRT and taking sarms with no issues. TEST is stronger than SARMs so most people find no need to overlap. Since your “on cycle” and have your Test levels way above TRT levels you have no real reason to run them both at the same time. Save the SARMs for the end of the cycle and add in before PCT.

  39. Erik Wilson says:

    Should you take LGD-4033 and cardarine daily or on days you train? I lift 4 days per week and HIIT one, with weekends completely off.

    1. warj1990 says:

      Daily. You want this to be stable in your body and keep the receptors flooded, keep your body in a muscle building state. Your off days is when you get bigger (build). Your workout days are when you get smaller (tear down).

  40. Dan Webster says:

    Hey Ben…love your podcasts. Have you read this about SARMS? It is a scary caution and mentions other studies about the side effects of SARMS? Who am I to believe?



    1. If you follow the moderate dosing instructions I've listed in the article and don't go overboard, these should not be an issue. I am not a doctor and this is not to be taken, interpreted or construed as medical advice. Please talk with a licensed medical professional about this. These are just my own personal thoughts and not a prescription or a diagnosis or any form of health care whatsoever.

  41. Sven says:

    Another question I’d love to have your answer for.

    If it were you doing the stacked LGD-4033 and Cardarine cycle, would you, for PCT, just follow a low carb diet and supplementing with a multivitamin/mineral, things like milk thistle and testosterone boosting and estrogen-lowering supplements?

    I’d appreciate it if you could elaborate on what exactly YOU would do on a PCT.


    1. Man, oh man. This is a loaded question. In short, yes you'd want to do what you just outlined, but there's more to it. I'd be happy to help you via a personal one-on-one consult. Just go to… and then choose a 20 or 60 minute consult, whichever you'd prefer. I can schedule ASAP after you get that.

  42. Sven says:

    Hi Ben,

    Great article! Just wondering whether this is safe for a 19 year old? Or should I stay away from it for now?


    1. Safe, but I still HIGHLY recommend TESTING hormones before and after a cycle, and I am not a doctor and this is not to be taken, interpreted or construed as medical advice. Please talk with a licensed medical professional about this. These are just my own personal thoughts and not a prescription or a diagnosis or any form of health care whatsoever.

      1. Sven Gevers says:

        Thanks Ben! I’ll definitely do the testing.

  43. Jeff Armantrout says:

    In the intro, one of the objectives you mentioned was “repair a workout injury faster”. Under neither of the two did you list that as a benefit. What is the story there? Are you assuming that injury recovery is a potential byproduct of angiogenesis? Do these two not address repair?

      1. Andrew says:

        Hi Ben

        Great follow up detail from the last article.

        I personally found significant results using the 3 SARM stack you discussed in that previous article.

        A question on the video above:

        The guy was discussed in the question thread of the last article with not much good to be said about the value of his posts.

        Has your opinion now changed?

        1. Meh…it's still good info in the video. I think it's a bit funny in these comments how folks look for excuses NOT to try it. Just give it a go and see how you look, feel and perform, and test your hormones too before and after ideally.

          1. Andrew says:

            No excuses from me Ben.

            Just noticed and asked the question.

            As said – I’ve tried and it’s worked. No noticeable changes to post-hormone levels either. This running ALL three SARMS discussed in the first article.

            Just about to start the second cycle. This time replacing SR9009 with MK677.

            Keep the great information coming.

          2. Blake says:

            Hi Andrew,

            I am curious to know why have you decided to replace SR9009 with MK677? What makes this stack better?


  44. Kristin says:

    What is exactly in it though? There is nothing saying what the ingredients are.

    1. Do you mean what is in GW501516? That is the ingredient is:

  45. Jordan says:

    Hi Ben – in your earlier article on SARMs, you recommended cycling periods of 4 weeks followed by 4 weeks off. In this article you’ve increased the cycling to up to 8 weeks on.

    Have you become more comfortable with longer usage periods without incurring side effects?


    1. Yes, been researching a bit since original article.

  46. Mark says:

    Jeremy – Thanks for the info. Do you have any opinion on another reputable place to try? I haven’t purchased any SARMS in over a year now, and places I previously used are no longer in business.

  47. Mark says:

    What is wrong with Sarms Warehouse with regard to Pennsylvania?

    There is no way to select that state from the menu so you can’t complete the order.

    Anyone in PA ever received anything from them?

    1. Jeremy says:

      Mark – I also live in PA, and unfortunately Sarms Warehouse does not ship here. :( I’ve contacted customer support about it, and they told me “their licensing does not permit shipping to PA.”

      I have no f’ing idea what that means, but it’s frustrating. To date, I’ve not found anything regarding legal issues with Sarms and PA. So basically, you have two options. 1. Buy them from somewhere else. 2. Order, and have them shipped to a friend or family member that lives in another state, and have them forwarded to you.

    2. They unfortunately do not sell or ship to PA.

  48. Carl says:

    Yep, beating the dead horse. Just trying to understand dosage, one drop is 1mg so 5 drops per day for a 5mg daily dose correct ? Or 10 drops per day for 30 days per bottle i.e. the reason for stating the 10 mg/ml 30ml?


    1. mike says:

      I skipped science class when they were doing conversions.

      10 mg/ml means a 10 mg daily dose would be a 1ml dose.

      The google machine says 1 ml=20 drops.

      which is it? 10 drops or 20 drops for a 10mg/dose?

  49. Ed O'Dell says:

    Ben- Where are you getting the dosing data you recommend in the article? I read your reference and they used 0.1, 0.3 and 1.0 mg daily dosing, SIGNIFICANTLY less than your recommendation. In addition, the data shows both total and free testosterone suppression at the 1.0 mg dose yet you feel post cycle therapy is unnecessary. That advice may be a bit dangerous based on the reference in your article. Any thoughts? Thanks for all of the great info you provide. As a physician I’m just a bit geeky and love to read original sources!

    1. Check this out: Some evidence that *could* occur.. – and if that is the case you can use PCT (post cycle therapy) details here:

  50. Scott Estes says:

    Thanks, Ben. Great article. I, too, was confused on the dosing. It really looks like it’s around $50 per day for each option.

    1. The way it is written is confusing– so the bottle is 10mg/mL x 30mL – that means in EACH ML- there is 10MG– the bottle has 30ML– so that means about $50 for the month…

      1. Robert says:

        I emailed Sarms about the same issue, below was their response regarding what constituted a 10MG dosage:

        1ml = 10mg

        The dropper entirely filled is equal to 1ml

        36 drops also equals 1ml

  51. Jill says:

    Are these appropriate for women?


    1. Yep, both men and women can use them.

  52. Jimbo says:

    How do you get the multi bottle discount at It does not seem to work for me.

    1. They took down multi bottle discount but set up 10% discount "bgvip10".

  53. Robert says:


    Thank you all of the great information you deliver.

    After taking the last dosage, how long will you test positive?

    1. Usually about a two week washout period is the general rule for most things like this…

  54. Medick says:

    Don’t feel obligated to post this shit…

    Just a heads up


  55. Jeremy says:

    Great follow up to your first article on this topic, Ben. I have a question on the suppressive nature of LGD. I’ve read that it can (and will) suppress testosterone when used in excess of 6 weeks. In the article linked above in regard to the Phase 1 clinical trials, it states the following: “free testosterone showed significant suppression at 1.0-mg dose only.”

    So, we’re talking about taking LDG at a dose of 5-8 mg over 8 weeks. Do I understand this correctly that LGD will suppress free test at a dose of only 1mg?

    1. Some evidence that *could* occur.. <a href="http:// .“ target=”_blank”> <a href="http://.” target=”_blank”>. – and if that is the case you can use PCT (post cycle therapy) details here:

      1. Jose Garcia says:

        The study linked showed shutdown at 1mg a day, significantly less than your’e recommending, and anecdotal reports online verify this.

        1. Seems to vary quite a bit…for example, read this:

          What I'd recommend is that you TEST your free and total T before and after a 2-4 week trial to see how *your* body responds…

  56. Geo says:

    I haven’t gone back to read your first article on LGD-4033 since it first came out but I don’t remember interpreting the dosage like I do in this article . Maybe I’m confused but you say that the dose for bulking is 5 to 10 mg per day for 8 weeks. Then in the where to buy section it looks like a 30 ml bottle contains 10 mg at a cost of $50.00. Does this mean that at the high end of dosing it’s advisable to take a 30 ml bottle per day at a cost of $50.00 per day?

    1. Geo says:

      Replying to myself. It is what I originally thought, 10 mg/ml or 300 mg per bottle is correct according to the website. But not at all obvious on the bottle label. Ben, why did you switch from Peptide Warehouse to Sarms Warehouse?

      1. When you get it that is 0.3mg per 1 mil. So basically one 30ml bottle will last 30 days!

        …and SARMS Warehouse is just a new version of Peptide Warehouse…

    2. When you get it that is 0.3mg per 1 mil. So basically one 30ml bottle will last 30 days!

  57. Brett says:


    How long do these bottles last at 10 mg per serving? Having trouble figuring out how many servings there are per bottle.

    1. About a month's worth…

  58. Casey says:


    Are both taken orally? Do you just squirt the dropper for correct dosing in your mouth? I am just wondering how absorption works on these.

    Thank you for the article! Great stuff!

    1. These are oral. Read the article. ;)

      1. Casey says:

        I did! I saw it said oral for LGD but didn’t see it for cardarine. Do I just take dropper and then swig water or something? Does it taste nasty?

        1. The best way to use SARMS is via oral intake. Such as…

          Option 1: Squirt the liquid SARMS into your mouth and chase it down with some water or juice.
          Option 2: Mix the SARMS with water or juice or your favorite drink and down it as a cocktail.
          Option 3: Drink the SARMS straight up (squirt into mouth like Option 1) and eat a piece of fruit or other palate cleanser.

      2. Medick says:

        You didn’t answer any of his questions in reply or the article

        Said 4033 was oral & talked about w/ or w/out food, but it doesn’t sound like it even makes it to your GI tract.

        Had me sold until the price, unless your dosing is messed up (hopefully)?

        Take a full 10mg/ 30ml bottle everyday?

        So $100 a day for both?????

        I know cancer is probably expensive, but dang.

        I’m spending half that on EVERYTHING else.

        1. Totally absorbable orally and one bottle lasts you a full month.

      3. Medick says:

        Ok, looks like they are 10mg/ml in a 30ml bottle

        That’s better

        Thank you

  59. christian birkedal says:

    Do you personally use either LGD 4033 or Caradine?

    What results have you seen?

    1. I do not because I compete in WADA sanctioned sports but I have several clients who *do* and it significantly speeds up results!

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