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Resources & People Mentioned:

00:00:05 – The black ant powder Ben uses

00:00:44 – Ben talks about the Doctrine of Signatures

00:03:24 – Flower Checker app for plant identification

00:03:34 – Ouabain (e.g. the “insulin of the heart”) and Ben's article on it

00:03:42 – Podcast with Dr. Thomas Cowan about the heart not being a pump

00:03:45 – Dr. Thomas Cowan's book – Human Heart, Cosmic Heart 

00:05:56 Ben's fly-fishing trip (in which he got poisoned by “wild asparagus”)

00:06:26 – Why Ben drinks bone broth

00:07:45 – The Plant Snap Artificial Intelligence app

00:08:11 – What a “Reverse Google Image Search” is

00:10:57 – The Spartan races that Ben does

00:11:55 – Big Bear Snow Summit where they make “fake snow”

00:12:19 – The mall in Dubai with penguins and an indoor ski slope

00:14:36 – Train to Hunt bowhunting competition

00:17:27 – Food podcast of River and Terran Greenfield (called “Go Greenfields”)

00:18:04 – A-419 temperature controller for refrigerator

00:19:01 – Vacuum packer for sealing meat

00:19:28 – Dry aging fridge

00:21:03 – Mike Mew videos on facial / jaw strengthening

00:21:28 – Mastic gum for strengthening the jaw

00:22:25 – Books by Pavel Tsatsouline

00:22:58 – The kettlebells Ben uses

00:23:35 – Ben's podcast interview with Dean Karnazes

00:28:17 – Full Body Stem Cell Makover: Docere Clinic in Park City, Utah/ video – Full Body Stem Cell Makeover With Exosomes: Part 1  / video – Full Body Stem Cell Makeover With Exosomes: Part 2

00:29:54 – Rock Tape for kinesiotaping

00:35:10 – Ben's previous articles/podcasts on exogenous ketones

00:35:16 – The fish oil / DHA Ben uses

00:36:12 – The PulseCenters PEMF table Ben used for concussion/TBI

00:41:20 – The  fasting mimicking work of Dr. Valter Longo

00:42:54 – Ben's podcast with Dr. Dan Pompa

00:44:21 – The grass-fed, grass-finished rib-eye steaks Ben eats

00:46:33 – Dr. Shawn Baker's bloodwork

00:47:41 – Dr. Ron Rosedale video on excess protein

00:48:40 – Ben's podcast with Rich Roll

00:49:22 – Ben's podcast with Dr. Steven Gundry about lectins

00:54:09 – The full body infrared sauna Ben uses

00:54:54 – Ben's blood flow restriction devices

00:56:33 – Kopi luwak coffee

00:56:53 – Black Ivory coffee

01:00:01 – Colima sea salt

01:00:20 – Black Kona salt

01:03:46 – The Woodwind pellet grill

01:04:10 – The Traeger pellet grill

01:05:01 – Yeti coolers

01:08:39 – Quest Nutrition and Ron Penna

01:09:59 – Ben's podcast about Zevia soda

01:10:01 – San Pellegrino sparkling water

01:10:43 – Kill Cliff blood orange drink

01:11:09 – Onnit gut pack

01:12:36 – Ben's podcast on molecular hydrogen and hydrogen rich water

01:12:42 – Molecular Hydrogen Foundation

01:15:52 – Joe's podcast with Dr. Matthew Walker

01:16:23 – Ben's podcast with Dr. Nick Littlehales

01:17:32 – Ben's new, comprehensive sleep article

01:18:15 – Normatec gradated compression boots

01:18:24 – The Biomat

01:18:46 – The BrainFM app

01:19:24 – SleepMask and noise-canceling headphones

01:20:24 – The new Oura ring

01:24:33 – Vibration platform (for morning “movement”)

01:25:09 – Mini-trampoline (for morning “bouncing”)

01:25:22 – Triphala powder for bowel movements that Ben uses

01:25:30 – Omica Organics liquid stevia

01:25:29 – The Kion coffee Ben drinks

01:32:26 – The LEVL device for measuring breath ketones

01:35:06 – Ben's podcast about NAD injections

01:39:04 – Teloyears testing for longevity/anti-aging

01:40:49 – The Chlorella Ben uses for stem cells

01:40:51 – Kion Colostrum

01:40:56 – Coffee berry fruit extract

01:41:08 – Pau D'Arco bark tea recipe (Ben uses this as NAD precursor)

01:45:23 – Cyrex food allergy testing

01:48:00 – Coffee enema kit and Ben's article on how to do a coffee enema

01:49:39 – The Squatty Potty

01:51:08 – The essential amino acids Ben uses (combined with these exogenous ketones)

01:54:05 – In-ear light therapy with “The Human Charger”

01:54:18 – Dr. Satchin Panda circadian rhythm research

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