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I recently went on a whirlwind tour of LA for my new book Boundless. I sat in on and hosted plenty of panels and Q&As—and recorded the best of the best of all of them for your listening and educational pleasure!

In the first part of this episode, you'll hear me on a panel with Dr. Darshan Shah of NextHealth, with whom I have collaborated on multiple podcasts, including:

After the panel with Dr. Shah—in which we discussed sleep, habits, routines, rituals, longevity, biohacking, parenting, spirituality and much more—you'll hear the Q&A we recorded at that same event.

In the second part of this episode, you'll hear a separate Q&A recorded at the second book launch party at The Bungalow, in which we cover deep sleep, REM sleep, sex hacking, plant medicine and psychedelics, NAD best practices, sirtuins, and a host of other interesting topics.

So sit back for a wild biohacking Boundless ride (and if you haven't yet purchased your copy of my new book Boundless, you can grab it here).

In this two-part episode, you'll discover:

Part 1: Panel and Q&A w/ Darshan Shah

-The process of writing Boundless…6:13

  • “I wanted a book I wanted to read”
  • Readwise app
  • Originally 10 chapters on brain, body, spirit

-Tips for biohacking your sleep…10:00

-How to personalize your diet…17:15

-The importance of spiritual connectedness…28:06

-How Ben helps mold the well-being of his two boys…31:34

-How to fight EMFs and hidden toxins in an urban environment…37:00

  • Calcium influx in the cell membrane
  • DNA and protein damage
  • Downregulation of NF-kB pathway (Fasting and ketosis upregulate NF-kB pathway)
    • Use Magnesium to offset calcium channel influx
  • NAD and sirtuins help repair DNA

-Audience Q&A…40:37

Part 2: Talk at The Bungalow in Santa Monica

-The 3 things that Ben uses at home every single day…1:02:33

-How to maximize deep sleep when everything else has failed…1:11:06

  • Pay attention to core temperature
  • Cold shower before bed
  • Warm socks in bed actually cool the body
  • Higher doses of CBD (300-600 mg)
  • High dose of melatonin (Dr. John Lieurance of Advanced Biome Corp.)

-Long-term effects of psychedelics…1:15:50

  • Serotonin imbalances, dopamine issues, etc.
  • Quarterly journey on psychedelics
  • Be aware of replenishment, and cautious with frequency of use
  • Limited alcohol and meat consumption prior to use
  • Socially acceptable, but overuse is a problem due to accessibility and lack of knowledge
  • Be aware of the effects it will have on your body
  • Pause meditation app

-Effectiveness of NAD…1:22:30

-Tips on improving fitful sleep…1:26:00

-How to help with bladder issues at night…1:29:10

-How to calculate proper protein absorption…1:32:10

  • Most people can absorb a max of 40 grams of protein in one sitting
  • On lower activity days, less protein and vice versa for higher activity

-How to lower A1C levels…

-Up and coming peptides to watch for…1:39:03

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-How to keep things hot in bed as you age…1:43:37

Click here for the full written transcript of this podcast episode.

Resources from this episode:

Rocky Roots Music

Beyond Training


Victory Belt Publishing

The Traveler's Guitar

GreenMed Info

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4 thoughts on “My Latest Sleep Biohacks, Habits, Routines, Rituals, Longevity Tips, Parenting Strategies, Spiritual Disciplines & More!

  1. Great content! But I am also interested in the answer to Trevor’s question.

  2. Megan says:

    What does your plant medicine ceremony entail?

  3. John says:

    Love your content, Ben! Quick question, I found this and would be grateful if your or anyone could comment on its use for making cocktails. Thanks!

  4. Trevor Hess says:

    Hi Ben,

    I noticed you don’t mention 5-HTP for sleep. Is there a reason for that?


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